1300 Teardrop Pearl Beads

  • This teardrop shaped ivory pearl beads can be used as the vase fillers. It has a hole where you can string pearls together. The bead measures about 13mm (0.51") tall and they are sold in bags of about 1300 beads which is about 16oz. 
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loose pearl beads +
Pearl Vase Fillers $10.99 $16.00 V260080-IV
pearl beads +
12mm Ivory Pearl Beads $10.99 $16.00 V260053-IV
ivory loose pearls +
14mm Ivory Loose Pearls $10.99 $16.00 V260054-IV
half cut pearl beads +
15mm Ivory Half Cut Pearl Beads $11.99 $16.00 V260086-IV