Teardrop Clear Diamond Gems

  • Large clear teardrop shape acrylic gems weigh approximately 16oz (appx. the size of a regular water bottle) per bag. 
  • Vase fillers are great ways to add the accents to your floral designs and floral arrangements.
  • Also available in different colors and sizes: Vase Gem Fillers & Acrylic Ice Diamond

    teardrop pearl beads +
    1300 Teardrop Pearl Beads $10.99 $16.00 V260081-IV
    loose pearl beads +
    Pearl Vase Fillers $10.99 $16.00 V260080-IV
    pearl beads +
    12mm Ivory Pearl Beads $10.99 $16.00 V260053-IV
    ivory loose pearls +
    14mm Ivory Loose Pearls $10.99 $16.00 V260054-IV