Shafonne Myers

Q1. We would like to ask a short introduction about you, your company, and your website .
A1.  Shafonne Myers, owner of Pretty Pear Bride the world's only magazine for plus size brides. We strive to bring bridal inspiration to plus size brides because everyone wants to see bridal imagery that looks like them.

Q2. What would be the most prevalent trend in events and wedding decoration for this year? (Particularly colors, design, themes, etc)
A2. I love simply understated elegance. I love the little touches, the personal elements that make a wedding or event unique. I love the thought that guests leave an event knowing they were at an event specifically created by a couple because of the personal elements added. Color wise, I love the combination of soft colors with a splash of boldness.

Q3. What’s your dream or favorite event/wedding decoration idea for 2015?
A3. I love statement pieces, one or two single pieces at an event that embody the feeling of the host or wedding couple. From there it's then about the simple touches and elements that support those statement pieces.

Visit their site here for more information: Pretty Pear Bride

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