Serena Waller

Q1. We would like to ask a short introduction about you, your company, and your website .
A1.  We are a wedding and special event media with it's sole focus on elevating the vendor/client relationship. We don't promote DIY or how to negotiate with vendors... instead we bring light to the talented people and the amazing places that make weddings (and parties) wonderful everyday. We're an exclusive community of talented event vendors and beautiful event venues with one common thread...a passion for celebrating. Brought together by our team of curators across the country who are particular on style and look with a discerning eye for honest to goodness great ideas, great places and great people. We put a face with a business name and story behind a company slogan so brides, moms and party planners can hire with confidence. You don’t have to do it yourself and you certainly don’t have to hire a stranger. You can meet them here.

Q2. What would be the most prevalent trend in events and wedding decoration for this year? (Particularly colors, design, themes, etc)
A2. I think across the board, people are opting for something more luxurious, ethereal and glamorous than in the past. With bright pops of color here, as well as metallic (mostly gold) accents. We're seeing more use of specialty lighting, as well as a focus on personalized details. We work with vendors who see the value of teamwork, which is leading to much more cohesive event planning and the end result is producing the dream event for the client. Much like the expression it takes a village, we believe that it takes a team effort and a lot of collaboration to pull off any memorable event!

Q3. What’s your dream or favorite event/wedding decoration idea for 2015?
A3. I would love to see a "floating" party­ something done entirely on water (but not in a boat)! I know it can be done, but I haven't actually seen it in person here is in the Southeast.

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