Rose Gold Round Beaded Cake Stands

  • We have created this gorgeous beaded cake stands in our staple rose gold color.  This is for a set of 5 cake stands.  Each stand includes 7 rows of acrylic beads that look just like the crystals!  You can also add one of our LED lights inside the stand to glow the stand at night for the magical look. This is a must have item for today's special events.
  • All stands measure 7" tall.
  • Platter measures 10", 12", 14", 16", 18".

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Cupcake Stands

bloom box +
12 Inch Rose Acrylic Box $49.95 $120.00 5571LW-CL
10 inch clear bloom box +
10 Inch Clear Bloom Box $39.95 $80.00 6571LW-CL
bloom box +
7 Inch Flower Gift Box $29.95 $80.00 7571LW-CL
rose gold square beaded cake stands +
Rose Gold Square Beaded Cake Stands $395.00 $650.00 CTSQ161-RG