Rachel Havel

Q1. Thank you so much for chatting with us! To start off, would you mind sharing a brief introduction about you, your company and what you do?
A1. My name is Rachel Havel and I photograph weddings for natural and heartfelt couples who believe in living life adventurously and loving deeply.  Based out of Colorado, I photograph mountain and private estate weddings throughout the entire state and accept a few destination weddings per year. 

Q2. What inspired you to start a photography business?
A2. Honestly, my business sort of formed organically.  It started simply with a passion for documenting life.  In 2008, my husband gifted me a camera and said go for it.  I didn’t know where photography would take me, but I always thought it would be a dream to photograph weddings.  In 2012, I made the switch to take only weddings, and it’s been amazing.  There’s something incredible about being invited into such an intimate part of a couples life, and getting to document a piece of their history and love.  I feel so honored to do what I do and that couple’s place so much trust in me and my work.  

Q3. What would be the most prevalent trend in event and wedding decorations for this year? (Particularly colors, design, themes, etc)
A3. I can’t really say there’s a prevalent trend emerging.  What I can speak to, is that I think couples are tired of seeing the same thing.  I find more and more couples are really seeking to make their wedding more personal to them.  It’s less about a certain production or style, and more about including elements that are a reflection of who they are and what they love, and creating a welcoming and warm experience for their guests.

Q4. If you could shoot any one style of wedding in 2015, what would it be? (Think event style, location, etc)
A4. There’s something about being surrounded breathtaking views that makes me come alive.  Whether that be in the mountains, by the ocean, or a chateau in France.  I am an explorer and adventurer at heart, so I love getting to photograph all over Colorado.  When it comes to style, I love a timeless and elegant affair.  I believe beauty is found in simplicity and understated elegance, and flowers. You cannot go wrong with an organic display of flowers. 

Visit her site for beautiful images: www.rachelhavel.com
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