Lisa Hurley

Q1. We would like to ask a short introduction about you, your company, and your website .
A1.  Special Events was founded in 1982, making it the oldest publication in special events. People who were in the industry in those days have told me since that the founders of Special Events "Got it", that is, they understood that this was a true profession in its own right.  The Special Event Show launched in 1985, and it was at the Special Event 1987 that the International Special Events Society was formed. I joined Special Events in 1999 as editor and have enjoyed every moment since. We now offer a print magazine, trade show, weekly e-newsletter and website. 

Q2. What would be the most prevalent trend in events and wedding decoration for this year? (Particularly colors, design, themes, etc)
A2. The majority of event and wedding planners that Special Events interviews say that sleek, 1990's minimalism is gone. Instead, clients want a sense of history, of provence at their events. We see this in two big trends: Rustic and Vintage. Rustic brings the authentic, homespun look of wooden tables, mason jars and wild flowers. Vintage brings the rich look of history - antique silver, floral pattern china, rich floral. Think Downtown Abbey! While this is the dominant look, we still see clients who demand an all white wedding with touches of bling. 

Q3. What’s your dream or favorite event/wedding decoration idea for 2015?
A3. Gorgeous vessels for floral will make a wonderful statement in 2015. These pieces can be perfect focal points for a table setting.

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