Kelly Samm Adams

Q1. We would like to ask a short introduction about you, your company, and your website .
A1. In early 2006, Kelly Samm Adams began a long and unsuccessful search to find perfect wedding invitations for her upcoming nuptials -invitations that would absolutely “ for something that was non-traditional, yet elegant; unusual, but not “over the top”. She had the concept of what she wanted but was simply unable to find the perfect invitations. So instead of settling for someone else’s idea of her ideal invitations, she decided to create her own. At that moment, Kelly wasn't aware that her creativity and passion for creating her own unique and inspiring design would lead to the birth of 'RSVP to me'.  To Kelly’s surprise, she received many compliments from her wedding guests on the invitations and “day of” stationery. Her guests were equally surprised when they learned that Kelly had created all of the beautiful stationery herself. Kelly loved creating her own invitations and everyone seemed to love her designs, so she began offering her services to friends and family. After completing a few small orders, the word of her beautiful work started to spread and her phone started ringing with more orders. Now it wasn’t just friends and family, but their friends and family as well. In just a few short months, Kelly's budding venture rapidly evolved into a small and thriving business.  After the birth of her son in 2008, Kelly chose to leave her profession as a Speech-Language Pathologist and concentrate on her new-found career as a self-taught invitation/graphic designer and entrepreneur. Today, Kelly’s company, “RSVP to me”, has become a highly sought provider of unique, custom wedding and special occasion stationery. Her work has appeared in numerous magazines and on television, including four episodes of David Tutera’s “My Fair Wedding”.  Her success can be attributed to her passion for what she does and the personal approach that she extends to every client. Kelly works directly with each client to ensure that every detail of their stationery fits their personal style and vision of the event. With that knowledge, the invitations and stationery are custom designed and assembled, with every detail taken into consideration. Kelly understands that the invitation sets the stage for the event, and she aims to bring the event to the guests even before they arrive. This is why Kelly doesn’t ever use prefabricated books or pre-made templates. To Kelly, it’s personal and the designs are as well.  'RSVP to me' has continued to grow over the years and Kelly continues to bring her personal service and a contemporary, sophisticated style to her clients’ special occasions.

Q2. What would be the most prevalent trend in events and wedding decoration for this year? (Particularly colors, design, themes, etc)
A2. The biggest trends we have seen this year are the “vintage” or “shabby chic” wedding styles – lots of lace, jute twine, bur and more “casual” scripts. Popular colors...still every shade of purple!! And of course...mixes of champagne, blush pink and gold! Making glitter paper a HUGE hit with all styles of weddings!

Q3. What’s your dream or favorite event/wedding decoration idea for 2015?
A3. My favorite decoration idea for ANY LIGHTS! I LOVE the stringed lights going across/over the dinner tables...perfect in a barn setting. AND, for a more formal setting, the lights with draping across the ceiling...stunning!

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