Clear Base

  •  You can use this clear base with one of our clear tubes and make a pedestal stand for tabletop chandelier decor.  The tube is available in 14", 21", and 30" sizes. The clear plastic base measures 3.75" in diameter.  We suggest using two of these clear bases on the top and the bottom for creating tabletop chandeliers.

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gold metal lantern +
Gold Metal Lantern $29.95 $45.00 300-GD2
gold metal lantern with bird +
Gold Bird Metal Lantern $29.95 $45.00 300-GD1
shabby chic Mr & Mrs white sign +
Shabby Chic Mr & Mrs Sign $24.95 $40.00 S200-SWH
shabby chic Mr & Mrs wedding sign +
Shabby Chic Mr & Mrs Wedding Sign $44.95 $80.00 S200-WH