Cherry Blossom Table Decorations

Cherry blossom table decorations are inspired by Japanese Hanami (it means "cherry blossom flower viewing"), which involves a picnic party to enjoy cherry blossom as well as drinks and food.  Just look it up the word, "Hanami" on Google images and you will see some beautiful pictures.  I wanted to take that moment and recreate the scene on this table decor.  You can get all the supplies on our site. Click on the items below for purchase:

10" Rose Gold Kissing Ball +
10" Rose Gold Kissing Ball $24.95 $60.00 B120-RG
7" Rose Gold Flower Ball +
7" Rose Gold Flower Ball $7.99 $16.00 B107-RG
Brilliant Gold Metal Lanterns +
Brilliant Gold Metal Lanterns $129.75 $180.00 L423-GD
Artificial Ivory Flower Panel +
Artificial Ivory Flower Panel $14.95 $30.00 WCP31435-IV