Black Geometric Terrarium

  • Lovely tiny black geometric terrarium is like a Wardian case but very modern.  It measures about 6" wide and 8" tall.  It can be used to create an indoor garden with houseplants.  It has a loop at the top for hanging and a flat bottom on the terrarium allows for easy use on any flat surface.
  • The opening is 6" bottom x 2" top x 4.5" height.

Artificial Ivory Flower Panel +
Artificial Ivory Flower Panel $14.95 $30.00 WCP31435-IV
blush pink flower panel +
Artificial Blush Pink Flower Panel $14.95 $30.00 WCP31435-BP
Large Mr & Mrs Sign with LED Light +
Large Mr & Mrs Sign with LED Light $98.95 $130.00 S165-WH
gold metal lantern +
Gold Metal Lantern $29.95 $45.00 300-GD2