7 Inches Cream Rose Flower

  • Cream rose flower measures about 7 inches in diameter.  It has a round flat holder on bottom with a loop where you may use pins or double-sided tape to attach flowers to surface.  Unlike the paper flower, this one is made out of foam so it is more resilient and long-lasting.  Mix and match it with other flower blooms to create a stunning flower wall for your next party and special events.  Click on the link below for flower wall supplies.
Flower Wall Supplies

    bloom box +
    12 Inch Rose Acrylic Box $49.95 $120.00 5571LW-CL
    10 inch clear bloom box +
    10 Inch Clear Bloom Box $39.95 $80.00 6571LW-CL
    bloom box +
    7 Inch Flower Gift Box $29.95 $80.00 7571LW-CL
    rose gold square beaded cake stands +
    Rose Gold Square Beaded Cake Stands $395.00 $650.00 CTSQ161-RG