24" Twig Wreath

  •  We use this twig wreath to create a greenery chandelier, filled with flowers.  All you need is this wreath, fresh or artificial greenery, and choose one of our burlap strings for easy hanging.  Wreath measures 24" in diameter and 2" thick.  Please note that as in nature, each piece is unique and the appearance of the moss ball along with the size and color may vary slightly from photos.

gold metal lantern +
Gold Metal Lantern $29.95 $45.00 300-GD2
gold metal lantern with bird +
Gold Bird Metal Lantern $29.95 $45.00 300-GD1
shabby chic Mr & Mrs white sign +
Shabby Chic Mr & Mrs Sign $24.95 $40.00 S200-SWH
shabby chic Mr & Mrs wedding sign +
Shabby Chic Mr & Mrs Wedding Sign $44.95 $80.00 S200-WH