Wedding Centerpiece Ideas

Your wedding reception tables will look stunning with our gorgeous wedding centerpiece ideas. Brighten up the tables with crafted or floral table toppers which are exquisite to look at, and are super easy to make. The best thing is, you don't have to burn a hole in your pocket to make your reception tables match the splendor of the rest of the ceremony. With cheap centerpiece ideas from We Can Package, you can have beautiful wedding reception tables that the bride and groom, and guests will enjoy throughout the time.

There are literally hundreds of reception table ideas that you can customize to match your theme and decor. A simple idea could be to set a handful of rose petal flowers on table scape along with some floating candles in a gorgeous bowl. This is an easy to do centerpiece which can be made to suit any budget. Or why not cut out large leaves and colorful flowers, and tie them to vases with glitter ribbons? Or you could even have simple paper centerpieces which can be made using easy cut and fold shapes. Use solid or patterned paper in colors that match your wedding theme for a coherent, fresh, and fun look. No matter what type of wedding table centerpieces you are looking for, We Can Package has a wide selection for you to choose from. Whether you want votive cups, lace table runners, terrarium orbs, rose petals, LED candles, or candle holders, we have them all for you.

All our centerpiece ideas can be created at affordable prices. If you want to build your own paper flowers or paper lanterns, you can choose the materials from our DIY section. Our DIY disco balls centerpiece decoration will create a glittering, smashing impression on your guests. Your wedding day must make a statement about who you are. We Can Package will provide all the accessories you need for that.

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large white candle lantern +
Large White Candle Lantern $59.95 $110.00 LT705-W
large brass candle lantern +
Large Brass Candle Lantern $59.95 $110.00 LT705-B
gold square cake stands +
Metallic Gold Square Cake Stands $99.95 $190.00 CKK8-GD
blush pink vase acrylic rocks +
Blush Pink Vase Acrylic Rocks $4.49 $7.00 V1075-BP

blush pink flower mat +
Blush Pink Flower Mat $29.95 $60.00 WCP31407-BP
bloom box +
12 Inch Rose Acrylic Box $49.95 $120.00 5571LW-CL
10 inch clear bloom box +
10 Inch Clear Bloom Box $39.95 $80.00 6571LW-CL
bloom box +
7 Inch Flower Gift Box $29.95 $80.00 7571LW-CL

rose gold square beaded cake stands +
Rose Gold Square Beaded Cake Stands $395.00 $650.00 CTSQ161-RG
rose gold round beaded cake stands +
Rose Gold Round Beaded Cake Stands $495.00 $790.00 CTRD161-RG
bohemian decor +
Bohemian Wedding Decor Call to Order DIY-1053
gold wreath stand holder +
Gold Wreath Stand Holder $29.95 $60.00 01050

silver flower glass charger plates +
Silver Flower Charger Plates $79.95 $150.00 PS53C3-SL
black flower glass charger plates +
Black Flower Charger Plates $79.95 $150.00 PS53C3-BK
rose gold flower glass charger plates +
Rose Gold Flower Charger Plates $79.95 $150.00 PS53C3-RGD
gold flower glass charger plates +
Gold Flower Charger Plates $79.95 $150.00 PS53C3-GD

truffle brown flower charger plates +
Truffle Brown Flower Charger Plates $79.95 $150.00 PS53C3-BW
champagne flower glass charger plates +
Champagne Flower Charger Plates $79.95 $150.00 PS53C3-CH
12 inch hydrangea flower ball +
12" Hydrangea Flower Ball $24.95 $40.00 B31412-BLP
10 inch hydrangea pomander ball +
10" Hydrangea Pomander Ball $14.95 $25.00 B31411-BLP

8 Inch hydrangea kissing ball +
8" Hydrangea Kissing Ball $7.95 $15.00 B31410-BLP
blush pink pearl vase filler +
Blush Pink Pearl Beads $6.99 $9.00 V2831-BLP
1.5" blush pink satin ribbon +
1.5" Blush Pink Satin Ribbon $11.95 $23.00 R150-BLP
7/8" blush pink satin ribbon +
7/8" Blush Pink Satin Ribbon $11.95 $23.00 R070-BLP

3/8" blush pink satin ribbon +
3/8" Blush Pink Satin Ribbon $8.50 $21.00 R030-BLP
coral baker's twine +
Coral Baker's Twine $4.95 $8.00 TCP-CL
lemon yellow baker's twine +
Lemon Yellow Baker's Twine $4.95 $8.00 TCP-YL
kiwi green baker's twine +
Kiwi Green Baker's Twine $4.95 $8.00 TCP-KW

jade baker's twine +
Jade Baker's Twine $4.95 $8.00 TCP-JD
lavender baker's twine +
Lavender Baker's Twine $4.95 $8.00 TCP-LV
purple baker's twine +
Purple Baker's Twine $4.95 $8.00 TCP-PL
royal blue baker's twine +
Royal Blue Baker's Twine $4.95 $8.00 TCP-RB

true blue baker's twine +
True Blue Baker's Twine $4.95 $8.00 TCP-TB
baby blue baker's twine +
Baby Blue Baker's Twine $4.95 $8.00 TCP-BB
baby pink baker's twine +
Baby Pink Baker's Twine $4.95 $8.00 TCP-BP
fuchsia baker twine +
Fuchsia Baker's Twine $4.95 $8.00 TCP-FC

classic baker twine +
Red Baker's Twine $4.95 $8.00 TCP-RD
black and white baker twine +
Black Baker's Twine $4.95 $8.00 TCP-BK
copper baker's twine +
Copper Baker's Twine $4.95 $8.00 TCP-CO
6 inch tree slice +
6 Inch Tree Slice $4.99 $7.00 36MD0191

rose gold metal lanterns +
Rose Gold Metal Lanterns $99.75 $150.00 L423-RG
black metal lanterns +
Black Metal Lanterns $99.75 $150.00 L423-B
nautical decorative fishnet cover +
Nautical Fishnet Cover $10.95 $15.00 913157
copper mercury votive holders +
Copper Mercury Votive Holders $8.99 $16.00 50253-CO

burlap flowers +
Burlap Flowers $5.95 $10.00 XYHD2
burlap rose flower +
Burlap Rose Flowers $3.50 $10.00 XYHD1
large burlap flowers +
Large Burlap Flowers $5.95 $11.00 XYHD6
small burlap flowers +
Small Burlap Flowers $7.95 $10.00 XYHD3

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