2.5 Inches Hanging Glass Orbs

  • Our 2.5 inches hanging glass orbs are just a little bit small to place the standard tealights or votive candles.  However, this little glass globe can hold flowers, succulents, and so much more! You can use one of our crystal glass garlands to suspend glass orbs for an elegant touch. Flat bottom on the glass orb allows for easy use on any flat surface. 
  • Hanging glass orbs measures 2.5 inches in diameter with 1.5" opening.
  • Sold in packs of 12.

2 inches hanging terrarium +
Mini Hanging Terrarium $11.99 $25.00 C202350
2 inches hanging glass orbs +
2" Hanging Terrarium Orbs $13.99 $22.00 C203-2CL
3 inches hanging glass orb +
3 Inches Hanging Glass Orbs $11.99 $20.00 C203-3CL
3 inches hanging glass balls +
3" Hanging Glass Balls with Hook $13.99 $30.00 C203-3HCL