DIY Wedding Centerpieces

Every bride wants her wedding to look like it can be featured in a bridal magazine. But you may not have that kind of budget for a fancy wedding. As a bride, you know how all those little expenses of the wedding – table décor, favors, centrepieces and other things – can add up quickly.  Wedding centerpieces DIY are ideal for brides who are conscious of the budget. We Can Package offers you a wide range of DIY selections that you can transform into gorgeous centrepieces. With a little bit of imagination and some accessories from our store, your wedding day can be gorgeous without being over the top expensive.

You can create the wedding of your dreams with DIY wedding centerpieces. Be your own florist with DIY centerpieces, and even if you do not want to use flowers, there are still many ideas that you can use to liven up your wedding reception tables using other elements like terrarium orbs, balloon decorations, bird cages, and vase fillers.

If you want a real wedding pizzazz in a budget, you have come to the right place. Get creative and crafty with the items that we have available in our DIY section. Choose a few inexpensive and simple items, throw in a ton of fabulous creativity and good old elbow grease. And voila, you will have a set of gorgeous decorations, centerpieces, and table décor to dress up your space without having to bust your bank.

You can also make inexpensive personalized favors with things that are seemingly ordinary. We have hundreds of items that brides simply cannot get enough of for their quality, elegance, and affordability. Frugal weddings need not be frumpy. You can still have the wedding day of your dreams if you can use your imagination to create stunning centerpieces and other accessories to liven up the space. Your wedding day will be one that your guests enjoy and remember fondly.

bohemian decor +
Bohemian Wedding Decor DIY-1053
blush pink sweetheart table +
Blush Pink Sweetheart Table DIY-1052
geometric terrarium decor +
Greenery Geometric Terrariums DIY-1051
cherry blossom table decorations +
Cherry Blossom Table Decorations DIY-1050

gold kissing balls decor +
DIY Gold Decoration Ideas DIY-1037
rose gold wedding +
Rose Gold Wedding DIY-1048
terrarium decor +
Terrarium Decor DIY-1049
natural centerpiece +
Green Centerpiece Idea DIY-1040

purple centerpieces +
DIY Purple Centerpieces DIY-1046
diy pomander balls +
DIY Pomander Balls DIY-1043
Hanging Terrarium DIY +
Hanging Terrarium DIY DIY-1008
giant balloon with leaf garland +
Big Balloon with Leaf Garland DIY-1047

diy charger plates +
DIY Charger Plates DIY-1044
jute tassel party garland +
DIY Burlap Tassel Banner DIY-1042
rose balls banner +
DIY Kissing Ball Banner DIY-1037
DIY Cherry Blossom Wedding Centerpiece +
DIY Cherry Blossom Wedding Centerpiece DIY-1001

party disco balls +
DIY Disco Balls Centerpiece Decorations DIY-1036
burlap wrapped mason jar +
Burlap Wrapped Mason Jar DIY-1038
Custom Embroidered Washcloth +
Custom Embroidered Washcloth $19.99 $30.00 WCP02-WH
DIY Vase Fillers Ideas +
DIY Vase Fillers Ideas DIY-1027

Calla Lily Centerpieces Ideas +
Calla Lily Centerpieces Ideas DIY-1022
diy balloon decoration +
DIY Leaf Balloon Decoration DIY-1045
DIY Bird Cage Centerpieces Decoration +
DIY Bird Cage Centerpieces Decoration DIY-1033
DIY Chandelier Wedding Centerpiece +
DIY Chandelier Wedding Centerpiece DIY-1004

Custom Embroidered Bath Towels +
Custom Embroidered Bath Towels $24.99 $34.99 WCP01-WH
DIY Gold Apple Wedding Decorations +
DIY Gold Apple Wedding Decorations DIY-1013
DIY Kissing Ball Centerpiece +
DIY Kissing Ball Centerpiece DIY-1031
hanging boxwood ball +
DIY Boxwood Kissing Ball DIY-1039

DIY Moss Terrarium +
DIY Moss Terrarium DIY-1010
Custom Embroidered Aprons +
Custom Embroidered Aprons $34.99 $60.00 WCP05-GD
diy black apples +
DIY Black Apple DIY-1029
DIY Terrarium Plant Zen Garden +
DIY Terrarium Plant Zen Garden DIY-1007

diy burlap decor +
DIY Burlap Rosettes DIY-1041
DIY Boxwood Kissing Ball Centerpieces +
DIY Boxwood Kissing Ball Centerpieces DIY-1035
DIY Terrarium House Plants +
DIY Terrarium House Plants DIY-1015
DIY Kissing Pomander Balls Wedding Centerpiece +
DIY Kissing Pomander Balls Wedding Centerpiece DIY-1005

DIY Crystal Wedding Centerpiece Decoration +
DIY Crystal Wedding Centerpiece Decoration DIY-1003
Origami Heart in a Bottle. +
Origami Heart in a Bottle.
DIY Hanging Terrarium +
DIY Hanging Terrarium DIY-1017
DIY Capsule Indoor Terrarium +
DIY Capsule Indoor Terrarium DIY-1018

DIY Gold Strawberries Decoration +
DIY Gold Strawberries Decoration DIY-1014
DIY Terrarium Mason Jar +
DIY Terrarium Mason Jar DIY-1019
DIY Floating Pearl Centerpiece +
DIY Floating Pearl Centerpiece DIY-1002
Personalized Pillow Case +
Personalized Pillow Case $29.99 $50.00 WCP04-WH

DIY Silver Apple Decoration +
DIY Silver Apple Decoration DIY-1030
DIY Cactus Terrarium +
DIY Cactus Terrarium DIY-1016
Succulent Terrarium DIY +
Succulent Terrarium DIY DIY-1011
Personalized Kitchen Towel +
Personalized Kitchen Towel $22.99 $35.00 WCP06-GN