Black Diamond Mesh Roll with Silver Bling

  • Black mesh wrap measures 4.75" wide x 10 yards with 24 rows of simulated rhinestones across.
  • There is no stones in diamond mesh wrap. The indentation gives the appearance of a rhinestone.
  • Diamond wrap is easy to cut to fit into any shapes and sizes.
  • Perfect for decorating vases, candles, craft projects, floral designs, and other floral design ideas.
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    Diamond Mesh Wraps

    Black Curly Ting Ting


    Silver Diamond Mesh Wrap +
    Silver Diamond Mesh Wrap $14.99 $40.00 D124-SL
    Black Diamond Mesh Roll +
    Black Diamond Mesh Roll $14.99 $40.00 D124-BK
    white diamond mesh roll +
    White Diamond Mesh Roll with Silver Bling $14.99 $40.00 D124-WHS
    Blue Diamond Mesh Roll +
    Blue Diamond Mesh Roll $14.99 $40.00 D124-BL