DIY Burlap Twine Pen


it’s so funny how our internet age has forced us to be our own spokespeople. it seems we all changed overnight into tweeting, and facebooking madmen. it’s almost as if we don’t exist if we don’t have a digital presence. With that said, I wanted to take this platform and start sharing some of our DIY ideas for your craft projects, events, weddings, and party.  Here is a simple DIY projects for anyone with a rustic style wedding and party events:

  • Burlap Twine - 4-6 yards per pen
  • Pen - 1

Just wrap up the pen with the 1/8" jute rope or 1/16" burlap string and make sure that the jute is nice and close together so that the pen underneath cannot be seen. Handmade burlap pen can be used for wedding guestbook and rustic themed party.