7 Unique Cake Stands for Wedding Events

Who doesn’t love cake stands? They are such a simple yet gorgeous way to jazz up appetizers, desserts, and even dinner rolls during nuptial celebrations and other special affairs. Lately, there have been so many cake stand DIYs sprouting on the web. From using crafting materials to utilizing items you can find in your local hardware, there are an abundance of ways to make your very own cake stand.

Dress up a momentous occasion with a beautiful cake stand or two. Here are a few creative cake stands to get you inspired.

Mirror Cake Stand

Who would have guessed simple items on hardware stores and craft stores can create a pretty unique cake stand? Bonus: Not only is it easy to construct, but this mirror cake stand also looks better than most store-bought cake stands on the market.

All you need are octagonal mirrors in graduated sizes, E6000 glue, and crystal candlesticks and you are all set! And if you want an interchangeable base for your cake plate (just because it seems cooler), add Fimo dough and super strong magnet discs to the list.

To make, flip the mirror over and mark the center. Glue the magnet onto it and set aside to dry. Next fill the candle holder with Fimo clay just high enough so that when you glue the magnet onto it, it will touch the other magnet you placed on the mirror. Note that the Fimo clay needs to be baked and cooled off first before you permanently attach it to the candle holder. Also, make sure the magnets are glued the right side up so they would not repel each other. Let the glue dry overnight before assembling the parts together.

This absolutely elegant cake stand is perfect for formal nuptials and other similar affairs.

Pedestal Cake Stand

Versatile and dainty, pedestal cake stands can be a great kitchen decor as well as a stunning accessory to an intimate wedding. Using permanent glass glue, attach a glass candle holder onto the underside of a clear glass plate. Make sure the surfaces are clean so the glue sets evenly and firmly. Let it dry overnight before using.

For a quirky twist on the traditional, use ceramic plate instead of glass.

Wood Cake Stand

Create a wooden cake stand and customize it according to the wedding’s color pallet. They can be made of various wood supplies and sizes from the hardware and craft store. For this project, varying sizes table legs, some square cut pines, plywood, and trim were used.

What you need to do is to first assemble and attach the parts together with screw and some wood glue. The pine goes at the base, the table legs define the height, and the plywood goes on top. The trim is glued to the sides of the plywood for decoration. You can also use a rustic tree disc for the cake plate instead of plywood for a rustic appeal. Once firmly assembled, paint the cake stand with whatever color you like.

Chandelier Cake Stand

One way of fancying up a wedding is by adding a standout decor piece to the celebration. And what’s more unique than a repurposed chandelier cake stand?

You can find old chandeliers in thrift shops. If you have one, even better! To construct, you have to snip off all the wires from the old chandelier first. Once the wires are all gone, glue metal or wooden plates onto the top (the area where the handle used to be), and onto its legs (the parts where the bulbs were once attached). Since you’ll be displaying small treats onto the side and the cake on top, the plates on the legs would be better off smaller than the one in the middle. Let it dry before spray painting with your desired color.

Votive Cake Stand

Dollar stores are a great place to discover cheap quirky finds that would be perfect for making re-purposed projects and crafts such as a cute votive cake stand. Look for a vintage old metal charger plate and some votive holders to make this project.

Simply glue the bases of two votive holders together and then stick one end of it onto the underside of the charger plate. Once dry, spray paint the stand to unify its look. For something more beautiful, pick votive holders that have nice side patterns. This would be a perfect decor for weddings!

Pizza Tray Cake Stand

Who knew pizza trays can look this lovely? For a shabby chic wedding, layer pizza trays to make an adorable cake stand. You can find loads of these at your local dollar store. Prior to putting them together, you can design them if you like. Use paper strips with different patterns and Mod Podge to make a bright and fun cake stand out of it. Use scrapbooking paper or strips of paper stickers to give it color. Or you can spray paint it with whatever color you like.

Chalkboard paint is also a nifty one to try. Leave its edges silver and just spray the center with chalkboard paint. Then, attach a silver candlestick holder between the two trays using glue to finish it off.

Vintage Cake Stand

Create a stunning and one-of-a-kind cake stand using antiques, vintage pieces, and heirlooms. Many fancy collecting antique china and glasses, but most of the time they are left dusting on the display cabinet. If you have some yourself, why don’t you try making something new out of those porcelain china, crystals, and wine glasses?

A cake stand such as these lovely vintage pedestals are all kinds of wonderful. It would be a great addition to your kitchen decor. Plus, it makes a gorgeous cake stand for vintage-themed weddings, don’t you think? Use porcelain plates, tea cups, wine glasses, and crystals in various sizes and different colors. The more random the pieces are, the better!