Top 20 Home Decor Ideas We Love

From nautical displays and beach-inspired decor to elegant table centerpieces and rustic wall decorations, home decor ideas online are countless! To give you a gist on what’s out there, here are but a few of our favorites.

For the Kitchen and Dining Area

Fruit Decor

Porcelain fruit displays look elegant on kitchen counter tops or dining tables. Arrange black or golden apples on a white porcelain bowl or in a clear cylinder vase.

Floral Vases

Fresh flowers are classic dining table centerpieces. Make them more alluring by displaying long-stemmed varieties like hydragea and roses in twig vases or tall glass vases.

Mini Zen Garden

Stray from the typical floral centerpiece with a mini terrarium. Create your own mini garden by placing sand, rocks, and miniature plants in a fish bowl.

    Table Runner

    Add sparkle and a personal touch to your dining table with a glitter burlap table runner or a custom table runner.

      Seat Stool

      Brighten up your otherwise plain wooden stools with coils of nylon or rock-climbing rope. The nylon rope is stain- and water-resistant, so these tightly braided rope seat stools are ideal for breakfast at the kitchen counter. They can also double as seats for a backyard barbecue. Choose a dynamic swirl of color using shades of taupe and orange.

      For the Bathroom

        Rope Towel Holder

        More than a nautical decorative accent, rope is a utilitarian necessity. Nevertheless, its rough-hewn texture and nautical heritage can really amplify a room in many ways. Rope is the perfect decor to use to channel a cozy, beach house feel. With basic knot-tying knowledge, you can create a simple rope towel holder yourself. All you need are some large screw eyes and thick fiber rope and you’re all set!

          Sea Glass Decor

          If you are fond of keeping shells, ceramic fragments, sea-glass pieces and other beach finds as souvenirs, why not create something beautiful out of them? Instead of simply stocking or piling them up in a jar, create a sea-glass mobile. Arrange these little trinkets vertically to make several nautical garlands. Tie them up to a twig and hang the decor by your bathroom window to produce a charming effect.

            Soap Cubes

            Got extra time on your hands? Make sea glass-inspired soap cubes. These teal cubes in a lovely clear glass lid jar are all the decor you need on your bathroom counter.

              Bathroom Caddy

              A craft enthusiast would love this rope caddy idea for a bathroom decor. Organize all your bath essentials on a wood bathroom caddy. With stenciled letters, and tied rope handles, this stylish DIY organizer offers a laid-back, nautical feel.

                Candle-filled Shells

                A collection of shell candles brings natural charm to the bath and creates an intimate ambiance. Make wax candles with deep shells such as clams, scallops, and quahogs. They usually burn the longest. For a glamorous look, coat or spray the shells with metallic paint.

                For the Bedroom

                  Pillow Cases

                  Pillows with nice printed or embroidered cases add to a bedroom’s decor. Buy linens with iconic shapes or make a couple on your own. Play with different patterns, and mix dark and light impressions to create inspired pillow cases.

                    Shell Vase

                    Many of the things we collect from our travels can be more than just a reminder of our recent getaways. If used cleverly, these things can have many practical purposes around our home. Use that wide-mouth, spiral nautilus shell you got from a summer vacation as a beautiful home decor. This pearlescent shell can double as a vase for bouquets of pastel-colored blooms set beside your lampshade.

                      Vintage Reclaimed Wood Art

                      Reclaimed wood and pallets, as well as driftwood would make stunning bedroom wall decorations. Put together pieces of wood and randomly paint the planks with complimenting colors to produce a rustic wood art. Hang it above your bed in place of a headboard, or display it on top of your cabinet drawer.

                        Seashell Night Light

                        Sand dollars, scallops, sea biscuits, and other shells with flat surfaces can be a lovely replacement for the usual plastic night lamp shade. But before gluing one on a night light clip, be sure to rinse or soak the shell in a water-bleach mixture, so it would turn white. Once the shell dries completely, stick it to the light clip, and come nightfall, you’ll have a very quirky night lamp.

                          Mirror Decor

                          Glam up your bedroom wall using miniature mirror tiles. Line the tiles on a maple plywood before hanging them up on your wall to create a high-end, glamorous look. A mirrored screen that allows light to reflect would also make a chic wall decor for your bedroom.

                          For the Living Room

                            Cherry Blossom Decor

                            White cherry blossoms displayed in a tall rustic twine vase transforms a plain-looking room into an elegant space. Make one of it yourself using artificial cherry blossom spray, cylinder glass vase, burlap ribbon, and some clear vase fillers.

                              Amaranthus Decor

                              Using Amaranthus centerpieces is another great way to liven up your living room. Fill a tall, slim glass vase with cork fillers to keep the Amaranthus in place.

                                Candle Holders

                                Light up a coffee table with this rocks and candle home decor. Place an LED candle light at the center of a wide-mouthed vase and keep it in place using river stone rocks of varying sizes. You can also make a romantic decor with slender candles and a tall rectangular vase. Pour a few inches of sand into the vase. Then, secure the candles to small flat shells using candle adhesive before arranging them on top of the sand.

                                  Peony Home Decor

                                  Long-stemmed peonies look lovely when displayed in a clear cylinder vase. Carefully fill about a quarter of the vase with wood balls or cork fillers for a rustic, earthy quality.

                                    Rope Lamp

                                    Rope can add texture and interest into a variety of home decor. Coil a burlap or nylon rope around the base of a table lamp to make the piece stand out.

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