We Can Package: Top 10 Crystal Items for Table Decoration Ideas

Crystal decorations and items create an enchanting ambiance for wedding receptions. Add a pinch of glitter or a massive dose of glamour on a very special day with crystal chandeliers, crystal garlands, diamond accents, crystal tower centerpieces, crystal wishing trees, and other crystal items of all forms, shapes and sizes.

    1. Crystal Ornaments

      Crystal ornaments like drop hangers, spear cut glass, rhinestones, crystal prisms and other hanging ornaments can be designed to make small crystal wedding chandeliers that are hung from across tables during reception.

      Aside from making crystal chandeliers, crystal ornaments such as this one can be used to accessorize candelabras and floral vases.

        2. Diamond Scatter Crystals

          Sparkly table accents such as acrylic diamond scatter crystals bring a touch of glamour and elegance to any celebration table. Each crystal has a multi-faceted top and pointed chaton back to appear like real diamonds. The design also ensures that light beautifully reflects through them.

          Diamond scatter crystals are typically sprinkled on tables, but they can also be used in a lot of different ways. You can add them to floral displays, table centerpieces, and around candles.

          A simple but stunning table decoration idea that involves the use of scatter crystals is a flower centerpiece. On this project, you will need fresh or artificial flowers such as roses, daisies, or sunflowers, mini fish bowls, and some diamond scatter crystals. Put a couple dozens of crystals into the bowl. That will serve as the bed for the flower. Then, pick two or three flowers to place on top of the crystals. Make sure to cut the stems before arranging them in the bowl. The colors of the flowers and the crystals may depend on the motif of the celebration.

            3. Crystal Garlands

              Garlands always add a nice touch in events and occasions, what more if they are made from crystals? We’re sure you and your guests would love the added sparkle. Crystal garlands can be made of glass crystals, lead crystals, ice crystals, moondrop pendants, and basically any kind of crystals, provided they have holes to be able to attach them together with rings, wires, or strings.

              Crystal garlands are great for decorating table centerpieces such as wishing trees, Manzanita wedding trees, tall candelabras, flower vases, and even chandeliers. It would also look gorgeous when used to hang terrarium or teardrop glass orbs above the reception table, decorated with fresh flower garlands or vines.

                4. Crystal Balls

                  Crystal balls come in a array of shapes and sizes from small, clear ones to big, rhinestone-studded balls. These kinds of crystal can enhance a venue’s decor by adding a decorative glam and sophistication to the space. While some people use crystal balls to transmute energy, others use them as table decorations.

                  You can make crystal ball wedding decorations by gluing rhinestones to polystyrene craft balls using epoxy glue. To hang them from pews or above tables, attach a ribbon or crystal garland onto them. Choose the colors of ribbons, crystals and rhinestones based on the wedding motif to create a stunning style statement.

                    5. Crystal Goblets

                      Crystals, or lead crystals, are types of glass made from lead oxide, silica, potash or soda, and other additives. In Europe, a glass is crystal if its lead content is between 10 and 30 percent. In the U.S., on the contrary, a glass containing one percent of lead monoxide is already considered a crystal.

                      Lead crystal is not only prized for its durability, but for its decorative properties as well. These goblets are the type most popularly used for wine. They are also great table decorations during special occasions and events.

                        6. Crystal Vases

                          Decorative crystal vases make a great addition to any decor. These elegant table decorations can create irreplaceable mementos for dining tables and mantles from traditional accent pieces to modern decorative ones.

                            7. Crystal Fibers

                              Crystal fibers are holographic shreds of crystals. Typically, these iridescent fibers are used to hide battery packs when using LED lights in glass jars and vases. In addition, crystal fibers can be placed in containers such as mason jars, and glass vases to illuminate a shimmering glow as the shiny tinsel crystal strands reflect light.

                              Fill vases, jars, wine glasses, fish bowls, and martini glasses centerpieces, or simply scatter the fibers around the table centerpiece for display. This vase and jar filler is a very popular crystal decor option for special events like weddings. For an optimal glowing effect, use these iridescent crystal fibers with battery operated LED lights.

                              For a nice centerpiece, place a handful of crystal fibers in a fish bowl half-full of water. On top of it, put a round submersible LED light to complete the display. Or why don’t you fancy up a bird cage centerpiece and add crystal fibers around the LED Pillar candles?

                                8. Crystal Pins

                                  While crystal pins are usually used to style and hold hair in place, some types of crystal pins have other decorative purposes as well. During weddings, It can be used for corsages, wedding bouquets, and flower arrangements for table decor.

                                  For an easy rustic table decoration, use crystal pins as the main accent of a burlap fabric wrapped mason jar such as this one. You can add decorative laces and ribbons, too, for a more stunning centerpiece.

                                    9. Crystal Bead Spray

                                      Using crystal bead sprays is a great way to celebrate your wedding at a low cost. Crystal sprays can be applied to artificial or paper flowers, or even sprayed onto candelabras, table centerpieces and vases to create faux crystal decorations in an instant.

                                      10. Water Crystals

                                        Water crystals are water absorbent polymer beads. They are light weight, so they can be great alternatives to heavy pebbles, marbles, and glass stones used in bowls, vases, and other decorations.

                                        Decorative water crystals can instantly enhance any table centerpiece, flower vase, and craft candle. Since they are non-flammable, these crystal water gel beads can be used to float candles on fish bowls, or tall glass vases. Plus, they make stunning art pieces, when arranged with water submersible LED lights.