Insiders: Stephanie Martin of One Fine Day Events

Q1. We would like to ask a short introduction about you, your company, and your website .

A1. I am the founder of Tahoe Unveiled, an online resource for tahoe­bound brides and grooms, as well as One Fine Day Events, a planning, design, and production company focused on custom events at private estates and outdoor venues in Lake Tahoe.

Q2. What would be the most prevalent trend in events and wedding decoration for this year? (Particularly colors, design, themes, etc)
A2. Lighting! It has morphed from a basic necessity to one of the top focal points. From reclaimed wooden chandeliers to bare bulb creations and delicate gold fixtures, there are so many amazing things you can do to provide the perfect glow. We spend a lot of time designing unique lighting that not only compliments the rest of the design but also makes a statement.

Q3. What’s your dream or favorite event/wedding decoration idea for 2015?
A3. Anything custom! I love taking a simple concept and creating something that has never been done before...or even taking something old and giving it a brand new life with a twist. For instance, we used our old fence to build this awesome backdrop at our clients event; we took a beat up wooden box and created a hanging living wall for the escort cards; and we are currently working on gathering all sorts of natural branches from our neighborhood forest to create an entry piece for our client's aisle.

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