Trendy Wedding Ceremony Ideas Today

Matrimonial ceremonies are meant to be special and as perfect as possible. As weddings are stamps of couple’s new chapter in life as husband and wife, it’s a must to make the celebration memorable and unique in many ways. The keywords here are “memorable” and “unique” which might stress you a little and pry your creativity. The good news is, wedding just like the fashion industry; follows trends and fads which are meant to guide us (not pressure us to comply).

If you think wedding ideas or themes are just caprice for a wedding ceremony, definitely you’re wrong. The theme will set as your guide on decorating the venue, cake, centrepiece, gown and even giveaways.

So if you’re planning to exchange vows this year, make sure you have clear ideas on what you really want to happen to your big day. To give you suggestions for your 2015 “I do” ceremony, we offer you trendy wedding ideas today. Well, the themes and ideas haven’t really changed much for this year. It’s up to you on how you can make it your own!

  1. Before Sunset Wedding

When planning your wedding, you must ask yourself and your partner if when is the best time of the day to get married. Wedding ceremonies are most often scheduled in the morning, so why not make it unique by tying the knot while waiting for the sun to set? Isn’t it romantic to witness sunset especially for a garden or beach wedding? Match the theme with any of peach, yellow, orange and red colour motif. You can use orange flower kissing balls as decorations to add elegance to the venue. Kids and bridesmaids may bring it too while walking the aisle. Add candles in the table and presto! You can have now a romantic wedding you’ve dreamed of.

  1. British Invasion

Wedding ceremony with royalty effect is still trendy this year. Well, thanks to Downton Abbey for bringing fresh idea on how to upgrade vintage themed weddings especially for a mid-afternoon and garden celebration. And since we’re talking about royal vintage theme here, why not make your wedding more special by feeling like a king and queen? Embellish the chairs (for the two of you) to play-up like regal couples. You may also use modern high-back chairs for the guests to exude the royal effect. Don’t forget to use chandeliers (especially for indoor ceremony) and crystal candelabra to add elegance to your special day.

  1. Bohemian Romance

A Bohemian themed wedding is still a great idea for this year. The interest with floral, laces, ruffles and garlands is still strong that’s why Boho theme is still in demand. Aside from bringing relax and hippy aura to any wedding ceremony, bohemian weddings can be set in any location. Just don’t forget to display nature and white decorations. To add something different in the ceremony, you and your partner (and even the guests) can go barefooted. Let your feet feel the presence of nature element. You may also fill the venue with flowers, twigs and green foliage to achieve the hippie vibe.

  1. Whimsical Wedding

Pulling off whimsical style for your big day is still effective to “wow” your guests. Isn’t it romantic to fill the venue with love amid dreamy and classic ambiance? Let the venue shine with spread lights and candles. Instead of small lights (like the usual Christmas lights), try to use glass candle holder and hang it on trees while arrange votive candles on tables to exude the dreamy vibe in the venue. Dare to feel that these lights are like fireflies witnessing the love in the air. Well, this idea is not just for a night wedding ceremony but also for indoor nuptial rites.

  1. Going Nature and Green

Let the nature witness your “I do” ceremony! Outdoor wedding ceremonies are so “in” today that’s why a garden wedding is a fantastic pick. Aside from refreshing and eco-friendly, a green surrounding creates cheerful ambiance. You don’t even have to put a lot of effort because the trees, plants, flowers and grass will naturally exude the cool aura in your venue. Meanwhile, you don’t have to worry if you’re planning for an indoor wedding ceremony with an eco-friendly appeal. You can re-read our article on how to bring outdoor wedding ideas indoor. You will need boxwood materials like artificial boxwood balls to achieve this theme in a closed-door venue.

  1. Wild West Wedding

Combine elegance and fun on your special day with Western-inspired wedding. This is one is the hottest trend this year since it has unique appeal. Aside from making you feel you’re in a movie scene, the texture of relaxed ranch venue also gives nostalgic gist like spending summer in a farm when you were a kid. This theme can be achieved using animal and scenery motifs like horseshoes, wood, antler, cacti and pomanders with nature element colour.

  1. Quirky and Theatrical Wedding

Couples usually end up as husband and wife because of same interest and favourites. You have your favourite movie, superhero, TV series, sports and games. Why not use these as your wedding theme to make your big day unforgettable and extra special? Aside from sharing your interests with families and friends, this theme can make your wedding meaningful. You can even personalize decorations; arrange flowers and candles to highlight the romantic aura.

  1. Be Colourful and Retro

Let your wedding shine with colours and fun music! Well, we usually see weddings that are too formal (that make them boring actually) which make couples and guests fail to enjoy the ceremony. This time, liven up your wedding by cool music and colourful decorations. You can use paper lanterns to add bright vibe in the venue. Flowers must be colourful too and even the simple decorations in the chairs and centrepiece. You can also start your wedding with groove and happiness by adding gimmick like dancing to retro music while walking down the aisle.

  1. Gold and Elegant

A totally elegant wedding will still be popular this year. For couples who love sophistication, you can incorporate gold as your colour motif. It’s like bringing precious decorations in a precious moment of your life. Let the venue glitter with gorgeous gold-coloured chairs, vase, utensils and candle holders. You can even pair gold with other colours like purple, teal, peach and navy blue. You can also use gold pomander balls in the aisle for more elegant appeal. Don’t forget to use candles and lights (especially for an indoor wedding ceremony) to make it more romantic and intimate.

Don’t be afraid to add something new in your special day, its 2015 anyway. Remember, your wedding day must be memorable. You have every right to do everything to make it extra special.

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