10 Unique DIY Wedding Ideas

Planning a romantic and unforgettable wedding? Here are 10 quirky but budget-friendly DIY wedding ideas that are borderline genius. Most of the projects are pretty simple, you won’t believe how easy they are to make!

Nautical Vases

If your wedding has a nautical theme, you can recycle wine bottles and tin cans for some easy DIY vases. Simply wrap a rope around the bottle or can, while securing it with hot glue as you go along. You can play with the colors of the rope and can even paint them if you like.

These nautical rope vases look stunning as centerpieces at the reception with plain white hydrangeas, or bright colored roses or tulips. Place a glass jar inside each can for the flowers to prevent it from leaking and rusting.

Pom Pom Vines

Put a twist on a pom pom garland by vertically stringing them with paper leaves using twine. This project would look nice outdoors when hung from trees, or indoors when tied to a strand across the ceiling. To create the pom pom vines, you will need a cutting mat, scissors, craft paper, twine, assorted colored tissue paper and floral wire.

To make the pom poms, accordion fold seven sheets of tissue paper seven times, then wrap a floral wire around the center of the stack. Carefully fan out each sides and pull out each layer until you have a ball. Make as many as you need. Set them aside and proceed with making the leaves.

Cut the craft paper in a bow tie silhouette and fold it in the center. Punch a hole or make an “x” incision into the middle of the fold. To give it shape, fold a crease through both sides. Again, cut out as many leaves as needed.

Now you can put them all together. Using the wire, attach the pom poms to the twine, then insert the twine through the leaves and tie a knot underneath to prevent them from sliding. Arrange the pom poms and leaves in your liking to get the look you are going for.

Ribbon Backdrop

To make a ribbon backdrop, you need assorted ribbons, twist ties, a wooden dowel about 4ft in length, and scissors.

Cut the ribbons into 4ft strips. To attach them to the dowel, fold about 2 inches over and then secure it with the twist tie. Make sure the twist tie and the ribbon is flat. Repeat the process until the dowel is full.

Hanging Tin Cans

Another lovely backdrop that would look perfect for a wedding are flowered tin cans. Drill two holes opposite each other near its opening. You can either use rope or chains to hang them. Be sure to put a glass jar inside each can before filling it with flowers.

You do not have to decorate the cans as it already looks beautiful bare, although you can add a silk ribbon that compliments the motif for extra color.

Mason Jar Lanterns

In the crafting world, mason jars have an endless amount of use. During a wedding you can turn them into sparkling lanterns!

Place LED tea lights in the mason jars and make them table centerpieces or hang them along pathways. To hang the jars, simply tie twine around its neck. The jars can be displayed as is or you can decorate them with some twine or ribbons, and pearls.

Moss Terrarium

Moss terrariums would be great as rustic wedding centerpieces. To make, put together a terrarium garden in small glass orbs using moss and fountain stone rocks. It’s that easy!

Burlap Tassle Garland

For a rustic burlap garland, you will need some burlap strings, scissors, and hot glue. To start off, measure the string starting from the tip of your fingers until the elbow. Double it up till it reaches your desired thickness.

Line up the strings and leave about an inch of space at the top, before tying the strings together to create a knot-like shape at one end. On the other end of the tassle, cut all the loops individually. Make sure to cut them so that the strings have equal lengths. Do the same for the rest of the tassles.

Finally, cut a string long enough to accomodate all the tassles you made. Slide them onto the string to finish your very own burlap tassle garland.

Kissing Balls

These can be used as a nice backdrop or for your flower girls to carry up the aisle. To get started, use hot glue to stick the silk flowers onto the Styrofoam balls. Make sure the stem sticks to the ball. Do the same for the rest until they cover the entire ball. For a good contrast, place darker shades of flowers around the ball before attaching the lighter ones.

Next, measure the ribbon from your finger tips until your elbow, then double it up. Stick the folded part of the ribbon to the ball between the flowers and tie the loose ends to finish.

Aisle Runner

Most weddings have a red or white carpet, or a personalized aisle runner, but why not take it up a notch and let your guests write messages along the aisle? Other things you may write about are lyrics to a special song, a passage, a poem, or something cute and funny.

If you are interested to try this project out, try to use chalk pens and an adhesive chalkboard roll, instead of black cloth and some paint to avoid the mess. If the venue does not allow it, stick the chalkboard roll onto a cardboard so it won’t leave sticky marks on the floor.

Also, make certain to test it before the actual ceremony. Nobody wants anyone slipping during the wedding!

Book Table Numbers

This would be a brilliant idea for the book-loving couple. Not only does it look unique and a great alternative to conventional vases, it is also super easy to create! You can find vintage hardbound books at used bookstores.

When you have all the books you need, lightly sketch a number onto each. Then, trace those with washi tape. Layer it with one or two more washi tape in different colors or shades. If you’re happy with the layers of colors, simply trim the loose edges and you’re done! If you’d like, style it with a few stacks of books and an empty ink bottle filled with flowers.

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