Top 8 DIY Centrepiece Ideas for 2015 (Infographic)

It may not be the most important part in your wedding reception venue but centrepieces should be perfectly prepared. Why not? Centrepiece adds colour and beauty to any reception venues. It creates mood and sets scene in the celebration of your big day.

Since centrepieces are meant to be stylish to emphasize the wedding theme, it may require you to spend a lot. This may cause dilemma especially if you’re sticking to a particular budget. You can’t avail to sacrifice some of your budget that is intended to other wedding aspects.

There are other ways to make your centrepieces wonderful and inexpensive. You don’t have to focus on floral arrangement alone because there are ideas that you can try to have beautiful and fun centrepieces without breaking the bank. Try to display something new this year using decorations that are far from the usual wedding reception you’ve seen. Well, here are eight do-it-yourself (DIY) centrepiece ideas you can apply in your wedding this year:

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