Top 8 Ideas to Bring Outdoor Wedding Ideas Indoor

Wedding is a special moment that would be cherished for lifetime. It is meant to be memorable and meaningful especially for couples who truly love each other. But aside from the love, “I dos”, and vows that make the nuptial ceremony romantic and unforgettable, there is something that you should put your effort into – and that is preparing the nuptial celebration venue.

Why not? The reception venue is the first place where you will celebrate your life’s new chapter as husband and wife. It is where you will open a new door with your families and friends.

But what if some factors affect your wedding celebration, like the weather? You’re planned outdoor wedding celebration can be jeopardized. Instead of stressing yourself of a bad weather potentially ruining your biggest day, why not bring the outdoor venue into an indoor area? It might sound confusing but actually, an outdoor theme can be possibly experienced in a closed door hall.

Here are the ideas on how to bring outdoor wedding indoor:

  1. Welcome Your Guest With an Entrance Arch

It’s important that in the entrance, you give your guests the idea of your reception venue theme. Accentuate you entrance arch with grapevine, leaves and roses. You can use boxwood garland to exude rustic yet elegant wood archway. Add blush hydrangeas and garden roses to make your guests feel that they are entering a magical garden. You can also put some plants in the arch’s bases to create a stunning entrance to the ceremony.

  1. Make your Centrepiece Fresh and Whimsical

Amaze your guests with a nature-themed centrepiece especially for a beach or forest wedding theme. Using artificial boxwood ball as kissing ball paired with LED lights is a great option. It will surely highlight the natural and subtle ambiance of an indoor forest wedding theme. You may put these kissing balls in stands, use boxwood garland as table runner and add flowers.

For a summer themed wedding, don’t forget to use shells as decoration and display some glass bowls filled with sand. Meanwhile, using glass stand with boxwood ball, flowers and twigs is a cool idea too for your centrepiece. Just arrange some candles and terrariums around the stand and you’ll be astonished by its effect.

  1. Fill your Chandeliers with Leaf Stems

Chandeliers displayed in any wedding ceremonies are really elegant. But you can make it more stunning by adding leaf stems. Arrange star leaf stems and boxwood garland into huge chandeliers to make a hanging-garden-of-Babylon-effect. You may also add flowers (and other decorations that complement with the theme) to exude the garden effect in the venue.

  1. Use Natural Elements as Table Decorations

To sustain the green themed wedding (or any motif that requires outdoor effect), tables should be decorated with natural elements too. This table setting could be a stunning view and can be enjoyed by your guests. You can use artificial boxwood ball and place it in white vases. You can also put twig grass runner and flowers in a clear tall glass vase to add elegance without eliminating the realistic effect. Adding terrariums around the vases is a great idea too. Remember that a combination of white, green, and glass decorations on tables is stunning and overwhelming for the eyes.

Another way of using natural element as decorations on table is by highlighting your candles. Instead of glass and coloured candle holders, try to use flower candle ring. It will absolutely create a natural look on your table.

  1. Let your Chairs Complement with the Theme

All chairs in the nuptial celebration venue must be attention-catcher too. Like the tables, try to decorate your chairs with a complementing accent. Just use fresh or artificial leaves, white flowers and satin ribbons (colour must match the motif). You may decorate it at the back of chairs (edge to edge) maybe slanting or horizontal. You can also cover chairs with green leaves and flowers to look like guests are sitting in vines and plants.

  1. Let your Ceiling Be Refreshing

You can’t be successful in achieving an outdoor look in a closed door reception venue if you fail to prepare the ceiling. It may take some time preparing the ceiling to make it look like natural inside the hall but it’s all worth it. Cover the ceiling with white cloth, leaves (particularly vines), and flowers with colour matching the wedding theme. Just make sure that the plants or leaves will look like hanging vines in a forest. You can also add twigs and candles with glass candle holder to emphasize the rustic and sophisticated ambiance.

  1. Choose the Right Cake and Cake Stand

One thing that you should never take for granted in the reception venue is the cake. It’s one of the centrepieces of your wedding. If you really want to be consistent with your wedding’s theme, choose a wedding cake that has woodland forest appeal; preferably with ferns, leaves, twigs and flowers. Place your cake on a white cake stand then cover the stand’s base with leaf stems. You can add flowers around the cake stand and even small terrariums to highlight the nature element.

  1. Consider Other Stuff to Be Consistent with the Theme

Yes, you’re done preparing the ceiling, cakes, tables and other decorations. The reception venue perfectly looks like a forest, beach or garden where in fact, you’re celebrating the matrimonial ceremony in a simple hall. But there are tiny details that you should consider too to be consistent with the wedding theme- and these are the placemat, vase fillers and hall way. You can use thin circle woods as place mat. Your guests will surely be amazed by this unique stuff that they don’t usually see in any nuptial celebration.

You can also improve your vase by accentuating it with wood slices vase fillers to complement the natural and rustic effect of your theme. You may use other resources like white sand or shells (for beach wedding) and fruits (for summer wedding). With regards to your hall way, don’t forget to use green decorations like boxwood ball and flowers like white cherry blossom.

Choosing the reception venue for your special day is not that easy. There are uncontrollable situations that may come which can be addressed before the wedding day. Hopefully, the suggestions above would help you make a unique, fresh, and superb venue far from the usual matrimonial celebrations. Isn’t it cool to feel like you’re in a real garden or forest but you’re actually celebrating the occasion in a hall?