21 Simple Centrepieces Ideas for Weddings and Parties

Parties and wedding ceremonies without centrepieces are like bulbs without light. Centrepiece is an important display that brings the feeling of amazement and wonder to the event venue. It simply adds colour and fun to a boring and plain table because it completes the theme of a celebration.

However, the beauty of a centrepiece won’t work without proper style and creativity. It has to “connect” to the overall venue theme because centrepieces are one of the most seen objects in events. So if you’re planning to throw a party soon, why not transform your boring table into an awesome one using centrepieces? You don’t have to think too much about spending a lot. Just read first these 21 simple centrepieces ideas for weddings and events.

    1. Floating Flowers and Candles

      If you think you’re out of budget for a large party, your centrepiece will never go wrong with floating flowers and candles. Flowers and candles will never be out of style in any occasion since these simply exude elegance, comfort and beauty to any venue.

      All you need is rounded clear-glass container, flower, gems, water and candles like the yellow tea light candle. Let the flowers float in the water. Add gems to create crystal effect at the bottom of the container and lit the candle. If you choose to use LED candles, use small glass orbs to protect it from water. Make sure that the candles fit to the colour motif of the event.

        2. Mini Balloons

          Make your centrepiece fun and colourful with balloons. Well, balloons may look festive but just put it inside a Clear Cylinder Glass Vase With Bubble Bottom and see how mini balloons will add colour to your party. You may add mini balloons around the place to make it look more relax and fun. This centrepiece is ideal for a party with a chic and sassy theme.

            3. Pretty Basket

              If you’re planning for a simple and exclusive wedding, a pretty basket centrepiece is a great choice. Choose a basket that is wide rather than tall. Arrange the flowers inside the basket. You may use paper flowers so it won’t wilt while the party is ongoing. Cover the basket handle with ribbon so it will look more fashionable and formal.

                4. Wrapped Vase

                  For a vintage themed occasion, try to use a wrapped vase centrepiece with a large ribbon tied around it. Use a short yet wide vase and cover it with fabric that jives into the event’s theme. Arrange your preferred flowers with twigs. Tie the ribbon around the vase and create a bow. Use a dark-coloured ribbon like black to highlight the light colour of flowers.

                    5. Paper Flower

                      Make your centrepiece simple yet cool by using paper flowers. It’s a great way to emphasize a whimsical ambiance without spending too much. Creating a paper flower centrepiece is easy too since you only need to cut papers and form it into flowers. You may put pearl gems in the centre of the flower to highlight an elegant effect. It’s also up to you if you’ll add twigs and put it on a vase or form it like a kissing ball.

                        6. Floating Pearl

                          If you want to make an elegant impression yet you’re out of budget, try the floating pearl centrepiece. Use a white or light-coloured pearl bead, clear jelly water, clear floral vase and floating candle. It’s easy to do but your guests will surely be amazed by charisma of your centrepiece.

                            7. Candlelight and Gems

                              Surround your candles with crushed acrylic gems to have a cool yet elegant candlelight and gems centrepiece. Choose gems that are related with the event’s colour motif and place your candles in clear glass candleholders. Arrange the candles and gems in a clear glass tray. If you want an elegant yet chic themed wedding, this one will work as your centrepiece.

                                8. Birdcage and Flowers

                                  Birdcage centrepieces can be your ultimate decoration for a vintage themed party. It’s simple and easy to create since you don’t need to add a lot of details. Simply arrange the flowers inside and outside the birdcage. Another option is putting giant votive candle inside the cage and scatter flower petals around it.

                                    9. Personalized Photo

                                      Add a personal touch on your event decoration by putting pictures on the centrepiece. Arrange twigs and flowers in a clear glass vase for your personalized photo centrepiece. Create a hole in your photos, tie it using a ribbon and hang it in the twigs. For a vintage themed event, you may use black and white photos.

                                        10. Cotton Candy

                                          Make your occasion sweeter with cotton candy centrepieces. Yes, cotton candies are not just for your sweet cravings but for a cool decoration. Add a stem in your cotton candies and place it in a Clear Cylinder Glass Vase. You may add colourful gems in the vase’s bottom to create a stylish effect.

                                            11. Pomander Ball and Lemon

                                              Inject a unique touch in your centrepiece by using lemons and pomander ball or flowers . Let the lemons float in a tall clear glass cylinder vase and put the yellow pomander ball on top. This centrepiece will surely work for a summer themed wedding or party.

                                                12. Classic Candy

                                                  Kiddie birthday parties will never be the same without sweets like candies. So, why not make your centrepiece fun and colourful with classic candy centrepiece? Just pour some small candies inside a champagne glass and put the classic candies.

                                                    13. Pebbles and Candle

                                                      Add a natural element in your parties and wedding celebrations through pebbles and candle centrepiece. Pour some pebbles in a cylinder glass container and put the candles in it. You may add some petals inside or around the glass container to make it look classic.

                                                        14. Seashells and Sand

                                                          Highlight your beach and summer themed party by displaying a unique seashells and sand centrepiece. Pour some sand in a glass bowl and arrange seashells too. Put a candle in the middle and presto! You have now an effortlessly breezy and cute centrepiece.

                                                            15. Wine Bottles

                                                              Bottles are not just for liquors. You can now use it as a weapon for a unique centrepiece. You may wrap your bottle with burlap twine rope and put flowers to make a rustic themed bottle centrepiece. Meanwhile, you can also cut the battle to create a wine bottle lantern.

                                                                16. Cowboy Boots

                                                                  Create a unique and cool style of celebration tables using cowboy boot centrepiece. Choose a cool cowboy boot (well, that must be cleaned first) and put flowers in it. You may tie the boots with Brown Wired Jute Rope to add rustic effect.

                                                                    17. Book and Camera

                                                                      If you’re a couple who loves to read, old books can be an exquisite centrepiece. Just arrange your old or new books and tie it with burlap rope. Put the camera (a vintage one is a great option) and add some flowers like the ivory paper flowers.

                                                                        18. Globe and Map

                                                                          Do you love travelling? Why not make it a theme in your wedding or party? And to make the theme more real and fun, save your centrepiece for vintage globe and map. No flowers needed but you can display some votive candles around but use Clear Pedestal Glass Vase.

                                                                            19. Feathers and Calla Lily

                                                                              Combining feathers and calla lilies is a great idea for a simple yet exquisite centrepiece. Just arrange the calla lilies and feathers in a Silver Pomanders Ball Stand. Just make sure that the feathers’ colour will complement the event’s colour motif.

                                                                                20. Corn and Candles

                                                                                  For a Thanksgiving party, use inexpensive decorations like a combining corn and candle. Pour some corn bits in a Clear Rectangular Glass then add the votive candle in the middle.

                                                                                    21. Paper Lanterns

                                                                                      Paper lanterns will never fail you in your dreamed centrepiece. Aside from this kind of centrepiece is unique and simple, you can highlight a romantic theme too. You may simply hang it in the ceiling or use some twigs and hang these paper lanterns in a tall vase with flowers.

                                                                                      Make your party and wedding ceremony unique with creative centrepiece. Get out from the “common” decorations and make your special day more memorable through the ideas mentioned above.