7 Unique Ideas for DIY Terrariums

If you’re that type of person who admires the presence of trees and plants at home, terrarium can be a good idea for you. Terrarium is like a small garden or diorama of an ecosystem in a glass container. If you love green designs, adding a terrarium in a space is a must-have. It keeps plants and even small animals to live inside a glass. It can be an additional display in your desks, room tables, well-lit spots and centrepieces.

Terrariums do not require a lot of maintenance that’s why these are ideal not just as home decorations but gifts too.

While these are meant to add beauty at home, these offer health benefits too. Terrariums simply improve the quality of air inside your house. Its indoor greenery presence also helps to lessen people’s stress and foster mental rejuvenation.

You may think that terrariums are quite expensive but hey, you can have your own miniature ecosystem at home without spending a fortune! Terrariums are easy to make. Read these seven unique ideas for adorable do-it-yourself (DIY) terrariums for your home:

  1. Jar and Syrup Dispenser Terrarium

Jars and syrup dispensers are great containers for your terrariums. Stuff like this can easily be found in your house so you don’t have to worry how and where to find one. Aside from jar and old syrup dispensers you will need charcoal, pebbles, soil and your little plants.

Here’s how to make a jar and syrup dispenser terrarium:

  • Wash and clean your syrup dispenser or Mason Jar Terrarium.
  • Cover the bottom with an inch-thick layer of pebbles. This will create a false drainage system for the plants’ roots.
  • Add a bit of charcoal to keep the water fresh. It also helps in preventing mold and bacteria inside your terrarium.
  • Add a layer of potting soil.
  • Place the plants in terrarium. Be sure to start with the largest plant first. You may also use moss instead of plants.
  1. Succulent Sea Terrarium

Succulent sea terrariums can also be a cool decoration and gift during occasions particularly for a mermaid themed-party. To create your own succulent sea terrarium, you need to have a glass globe container (like 5" Mini Hanging Terrarium), succulents, coarse sand, cactus soil and pebbles or shells. Below are the directions on how to do it.

  • Succulents do not survive in pure sand so you need to have organic rich soil. For your succulents to live, create a sandy bottom with a little crater inside the glass globe container.
  • Once you’ve laid out the sandy bottom, add soil in the middle/crater.
  • Plant the succulents. If you think your plant is too large, you can trim it since their shallow root can survive as long as there is soil.
  • After planting, gently add sand around the succulents to cover the soil.
  • Add some pebbles or shells to complete the beauty of your seascape.

In order to maintain the freshness and beauty of your succulents, you need to add drips of water maybe twice a week.

  1. Light Bulb Terrarium

Making light bulb terrariums is quite challenging since these are too small but, you’ll be amazed with your final product. You only need simple materials like light bulbs (don’t use the soft white bulb), sand or small pebbles, air plants, preserved moss (instead of live moss) and stones like vase fillers pebbles. Meanwhile, to prepare the bulb (as your glass container), you need few tools like pliers, scissors, flathead screwdriver, and goggles.

Here are the instructions in making your light bulb terrariums:

  • Wear your goggles to protect your eyes. Remove the metal tip from the bottom of the bulb using pliers. Remove the black glass. Firmly twist it with pliers to snap the glass.
  • When you finally see the interior parts of the light bulb, snap the interior tube using flathead screwdriver.
  • Twist carefully the screwdriver to smash the remaining tube inside the bulb. Pull remaining wires inside the bulb.
  • Since it is finally empty, put some tablespoons of sand into the light bulb.
  • Add the moss and air plants. You may arrange the plants’ position using chopsticks or tweezers.
  • Add vase fillers pebbles to make your terrarium look nicer.
  1. Sand Art Terrarium

Make your house decoration more colourful by adding a twist in your terrariums. Instead of the usual plant-sand-pebble terrarium, try a rainbow terrarium. Sand art terrariums can be a great gift too for your children’s friends especially during occasions.

To have an awesome sand art terrarium, you’ll need different colours of sand, tiny plants you prefer, clear bowl like an 8” hanging glass terrarium, pebbles and stick.

Here’s how you do it:

  • Fill the bottom of the glass container with layer of rocks or pebbles.
  • Pour the sand layer by layer. You may choose whatever colour you pour first.
  • Add your plant like succulent in the sand. Push its roots down using the stick so it will be covered by sand.
  • Pour another layer of sand again to make sure the roots are properly hidden.
  • Add pebbles or cute toys inside to make it look more awesome.
  1. Tea Cup Terrarium

Teacups are not just used in drinking your favourite tea or coffee. Now, it can be your most loved container for your favourite terrarium! It’s so easy to use yet so perfect as a display in your dining room and kitchen. Find out below how to create a cool tea cup terrarium:

  • Pour a little amount of sand (about 500 mm) in the tea cup.
  • Add soil and push it down. Just make sure not to fill the cup.
  • Put the moss (without dirt or soil) and plant your tiny plants. Make sure there’s no damage in the roots.
  • Add twigs, little figurines or Fountain Stones Rocks Vase Fillers Pebbles around the plant.
  1. Capsule Terrarium

Add a natural element in your house or office by hanging capsule terrariums. Aside from adding fresh touch in your place, it will also help you to lessen the stress whenever you are bombarded with paper works! Like other terrarium materials, you will need sand, Small Capsule Container plant (like tiny Aloe Vera), soil, moss and pebbles.

How to do it?

  • Simply pour about 500 mm sand in the small capsule container.
  • Add soil and plant your tiny plants. Put the moss on the other side of the plant.
  • Arrange pebbles around the plant.
  • You may use burlap thick rope to hang your capsule terrariums.
  1. Mini Greenhouse Terrarium

It’s about time to create something new by creating a unique terrarium using old picture frames. Mini greenhouse terrarium is like giving your ferns and orchids a lovely little home plus, it also accentuates a Victorian-style decoration. To achieve this awesome mini greenhouse terrarium, here are the instructions on how to do it:

  • Remove the backs and glass from eight picture frames.
  • Align and drill a hole near the top and near bottom of each frame. Screw it together.
  • Assemble and attach the frames by using screw.
  • Attach corner bracket inside the end of two combined frames which will be used as roof of the greenhouse.
  • Fit and cut wood into each end of roof.
  • Place hot glue in each corner of the mini greenhouse and paste the glass.
  • Once finished covering the mini greenhouse with glass, place it in the table or place where you want it to be displayed.
  • Put some Fountain Stones Rocks Vase Fillers Pebbles inside the mini greenhouse.
  • Arrange your favourite tiny plants (with pots) inside.

Having cool and fresh decorations at home or for any occasion can be easy if you’ll just open your mind with creativity and ideas. Aside from the fact that these are simple to make, terrariums will not require you to spend too much. How about you? What unique idea of terrariums are you planning right now?