New Cupcake Wedding Cake Stands for Decoration Ideas

Can you imagine a wedding without a wedding cake? Absolutely, No. It’s one of the “unofficial” main attractions of any matrimonial ceremony regardless of the theme. Admit it or not, it says a lot about a couple and almost everyone would notice it at the wedding reception. It is said to be a symbol of fertility and prosperity while the slicing a piece from of it represents the newlywed’s first task together.

As time goes by, styles and types of wedding cakes evolve. The “wedding cakes” are now considered as too ‘mainstream’. And if you’re the type of person who always openly welcomes changes, today, cupcakes are seen as a fresh breath of air that replaces the traditional wedding cakes as wedding centrepiece. Yes, cupcakes definitely are a great “replacement” for cakes if you want to see something different on your wedding day!

But cupcakes alone are not enough to achieve the theme and style you want to emphasize at your wedding reception. If you want to take it a notch higher and pull elegance off especially on your centrepiece, you need to have a superb cupcake stand that will complement your wedding cupcakes. Cupcake wedding stands serve as stage to let your wedding cupcakes shine. Whatever the theme you want, an awesome and stylish stand will highlight the cupcakes and your chosen wedding theme.

Here’s a list of cake or cupcake wedding stands to choose from whether to offer something new for your visitors or complement your decoration.

  1. Single Tier Cake Stands

If you’re planning for a modern vintage and intimate wedding, single tier and white cupcake or cake stand is a great pick for you. White cake stand can add appeal and style on your centrepiece plus, it can highlight the glamour of vintage floral wedding cupcakes. Since white cake stands are plain and simple, these will match cupcakes with pastel colours and creative designs like flowers and ribbons. It can easily be paired with any design of cupcakes.

White stands that are single tier are also ideal for a unique contemporary themed wedding. Arrange the white cupcake weddings with edible pearl on the stand, set up votive candles around it and you’ll be overwhelmed by its simplicity and effect. Make it more exquisite with the help of table cloth that complements to the colour of your cupcakes.

Meanwhile, you may also use it for a Bohemian themed wedding to balance the simplicity of the atmosphere especially for rustic coloured-cupcakes. Just put petals, flowers or leaves around the stand to the centrepiece to emphasize the light and free atmosphere of the venue.

  1. Single Tier Glass or Crystal Cupcake Stands

A modern and elegant themed wedding can be highlighted by crystals and glass. These decorations simply add sophistication to the theme. So if you’re looking for a secret weapon that will amaze your guests, never forget to display a crystal cupcake stand. The crystals hanging around the stand will highlight the timelessness and romantic effect of the venue.

If you want a fairytale themed wedding for your big day, a glass cupcake stand is a great addition to your wedding decorations. Like tall crystal cake or cupcake stand, it can be paired with white, purple or pink rose cupcakes to enhance the drama and whimsical ambiance of the venue.

Glass cupcake stands are also ideal for modern rustic themed wedding. You can incorporate its sophistication with nature decorations like hydrangeas, roses and twigs. No matter how many cupcakes you want, as long as you combine it with red and gold wedding cupcakes (especially floral cupcakes), you will definitely nail a unique decoration.

  1. Two-Tier Cupcakes Stands

A two-tier cupcake stand can be one of your most stylish decorations at your wedding reception. Why not? It can be a stunning decor as your centrepiece! For example for a rose-themed wedding, a two tier clear glass cupcake stand can simply enhance the romantic and intimate touch of the theme. It also strengthens the formal atmosphere, depending on the colour of cupcakes and kinds of roses.

Make a more amazing centrepiece for a Victorian vintage wedding through a two-tier cupcake stand. The stand may be a glass top white or silver to radiate the nostalgic and elegant ambiance of the venue. With the help of floral cupcakes, flowers and velvet fabrics, you’ll have an elegant yet classic centrepiece.

A two-tier crystal cupcake stand is also ideal for a “starry starry night wedding theme”. Place it amidst the centrepiece with black and white cupcakes with gold glitters and ribbons to recreate and capture the essence of celestial marriage celebration. The stand will effortlessly shine through the reflection of lights and votive candles especially since weddings like these are usually done at night and indoor.

  1. Three-Tier Cupcakes Stand

Make your grand wedding celebration lovelier by showcasing the beauty of your centrepiece. If you’re planning for a winter themed wedding, make it pure, white, ice blue, and fun by using a 3-tier cupcake stand and fill it with attractive blue and white cupcakes sprinkled with edible glitters. To add elegance, put heart shaped crystal cupcake/cake holder on both sides of the cupcake stands. This will definitely add effect on clear crystal theme.

For wedding with summer theme, feel free to pop the bright and pastel colours with the help of a 3-tier cupcake stand. You may use three white cake or cupcake stands with different sizes and just cover its base with white fabric. It will effortlessly show the beauty of pastel-coloured cupcakes incorporated with seashells or starfish and tropical flowers. Aside from the beauty and coolness accentuated by the stand, it also brings the sense of elegance and fun on the centrepiece.

Meanwhile, most of weddings with shabby chic theme use 3-tier wire and metal cupcake stand. It’s because this kind of stand add the antique effect on the theme. Pair it with vintage chandeliers and linens to bring romantic style on the couple’s table. Better yet, you may display white cake stands on each guest’s table with pastel-coloured cupcakes to emphasize the minimalistic, vintage and comfortableness of the atmosphere.

  1. Multi Tier Cupcake Stands

Multi tier cupcake stands are commonly used in grand weddings with hundreds of guests. So if you’re planning to invite a lot of guests in your ethnic or multicultural theme, pull off a vibrant centrepiece through crystal glass silver cake/cupcake stand with different sizes. All you need is to combine four different sizes of said stand (can be two smalls, one medium and a larger one depending on your own preferences). Place the tallest in the centre of the table and the other stands around it. Cover the stands’ bases with ethnic fabric and flowers. Add small lamps or votive candles in a glass to pull off a very stylish effect.

If you’re having a hard time to choose between a feminine theme and an elegant style, why not combine it together? A combination of chic and elegant is a great pick if you are planning a beautiful backyard wedding reception or a grand and elaborate ballroom wedding. But don’t forget to make your reception area more amazing by combining four or five different sizes of crystal cake/cupcake stand. Just put the stands closer and cover its bases with pink and white flowers or cloth. Your purple, pink and white wedding cupcakes will definitely shine through the elegant style of the crystal cake/cupcake stand.

Choosing the best wedding cupcake/cake stand is a fun experience to plan a wedding. No matter what wedding theme you choose, you can make it more memorable, stylish and fashionable with the right cupcake/cake stand. Just consider the suggestions mentioned above and don’t forget to use your creativity. Presto! You’ll surely have the best wedding you’ve dreamed of.