Top 21 Wedding Ideas for Summer

There’s a million and one ideas… or probably even more…. that couples can get as inspiration for a beautiful summer wedding. You can hear great stories and suggestions from friends and family, or you can read more about it from real summer brides featured at Wedding Ideas Mag.

Here are some tips and suggestions to get you to a good start – and help you plan and prepare for a magical and unforgettable summer wedding your guests, families and loved ones will cherish for a long, long time.  

1. Wild Garden

Flowers are obviously standard elements in any wedding theme and are sort of the main items most people would expect to see in a wedding. Make your summer wedding is unique by making use of fresh wild garden flowers and blooms. There are different types of wildflowers in various hues and colors. From your aisles to centerpieces, make your wild garden theme explode in bright colors by mixing and matching multi-colored blooms in awesome-looking shades.  

2. Vineyard

An outdoor wedding is a perfect choice for summer but you can make your very special day even more wonderful by having your reception help in a local vineyard if that would be possible. If a real vineyard would not be possible, you can still transform any location into Tuscan or bohemian-looking venue. You can make use of lots of wine bottles that would serve as both refreshments and venue décor. Make invites and take-away favors using eco-friendly materials for an awesome and unforgettable summer wedding.

3. Beach

One of the grandest dream weddings many couples wish for in a summer wedding is a grand wedding day at the beach. It would be perfect if you could bring your whole entourage and guest to a real beach wedding venue for both your ceremony and reception.

If you’re landlocked and real beach wedding is not possible, then go for the next best thing and have a beach-themed wedding at any venue of your choice. You can decorate your bouquets and centerpieces with rope wrappings or nautical ribbons. Add wildflower décor that’s made to appear like corals then add other beach-themed elements like sand, pebbles, starfish and a wide variety of seashells.

4. Traditional Blooms

If you find yourself having a hard time deciding on summer wedding ideas, you can never go wrong by choosing traditional blooms for that classic and clear touch to your wedding. Choose wildflowers and blooms in classic white or ivory. A bouquet of simple but brightly colored sunflowers would create an awesome and bold impact on your guests. You can even go for a more colorful route by making use of tropical bouquets made from bright-colored roses and gerbera daisies.

5. Potted Florals

While floral bouquets are amazing elements to any wedding, they may look common particularly if the designs and configurations chosen are traditional. Make your summer wedding one of a kind by making use of potted poppy florals of bright colors and vibrant hues that’s perfect for centerpieces, ceremony décor and even take-away favors for guests.

    6. Hanging Blooms and Botanicals 

    If you have an outdoor setting for your summer wedding, transform your venue into a truly magical place by decorating them with hanging blooms, gorgeous wreaths, statement trees and other decorative botanicals that you can hang from trees and shepherd hooks or install onto chairs.

      7. Romantic Luxe

      An outdoor summer wedding can be a real dream wedding by choosing a romantic luxe theme for your aisle, altar and table decorations. Go overboard with luxurious wedding flowers for a luxe theme is all about filling your ceremony and reception venue with lots and lots of flowers as possible.

        8. Copper

        Copper décor is fast becoming a metallic theme of choice over the usual gold and silver themes and décor that dominated luxe weddings last year and previous years. A copper themed wedding can make use of this elegant color for invitations, centerpieces, and every other elements in your summer wedding for a vintage and yet very elegant look that’s fit for any venue

          9. Festival of Lights

          Lights are essential elements in any wedding particularly if the ceremonies or reception start or extend ‘til evening. Lights can set the mood as well as enhance the natural beauty of any venue no matter how plain it may look before the lights are turned on. Good lighting – from tiny fairy-looking lights, lanterns hanging from trees, or floating candles can give a solemn and romantic look and feel to your summer wedding evening. To cap the festive mood everyone should be feeling, send off lanterns into the clear night sky as a wondrous testament of the couple’s union to the universe.  

            10. Rustic and Vintage

            Summer weddings can also take on that informal, bohemian, rustic and vintage look and feel that’s sure to be trending this 2015. Flowers can be placed in mason jars or re-imagined wine bottles accented with burlap mesh wraps or ribbons for a shabby chic and vintage theme that would delight any guest. Use vintage or even mismatched cutlery and crockery with additional antique or vintage elements that would further enhance your theme and settings. To add a bit of nostalgic feeling, throw in a cotton candy cart, reminiscent of old summer carnivals that would truly delight both old and young alike.

              11. Umbrellas

              If there’s one word to describe summer, it could only be – hot. Keep your summer wedding guests cool by providing them with umbrellas and parasols neatly decorated according to your overall theme and décor settings. These can be placed strategically at the entrance of your venue or bigger versions can already be setup where people will sit to add some shade and protection from the sun.

                12. Colorful Bridesmaids’ Dresses

                The dresses worn by your bridesmaids should be cheerful, colorful, vibrant and full of life like the joys of summer. They can be patterned with a summer look or printed with floral designs accented with equally colorful bouquets and other accessories. You can also go for single-colored dress combinations like a chic grey and yellow color palette. You can complement these bright colored summer dresses with naturally colored accessories like wedges or flat shoes that won’t sink into the grass or sand.

                  13. Flip Flops

                  Flip flops are colorful accessories particularly in an outdoor or beach summer wedding. They are a bit informal but they can be perfect for these types of outdoor weddings. These are also colorful enough to match dresses as well as your chosen décor.

                    14. Sunglasses

                    Give some added protection – and a touch of creativity as well – to your guests by providing them with wedding sunglasses that they can wear throughout the ceremonies or reception. Wedding sunglasses can be customized or personalized to add the couple’s names or initials as well as other design elements that complement the overall theme for the wedding.

                      15. Fans

                      In summer weddings where outdoor venues can be a bit hot particularly if the wedding is held during the daytime, you can keep your guests cool with specially created fans. These can be handmade and personalized with the couple’s names and other wedding theme elements. Programs can double as such fans or specially created floral paper fans can be distributed to keep your guest from overheating. Martha Stewart Weddings gave some instructions on how to create beautiful DIY fans using only card or paper materials, or you can follow other designs that would suit your theme and style.

                        16. Chilled Drinks

                        Another way to prevent guests from overheating is to keep them cool with chilled drinks. You can be creative with such drinks beyond simple chilled bottled water that you can hand out. You can infuse cold water with fruit or you can go for fancy tropical drinks that your guests would definitely delight in. Drinks can have a bit of alcohol like Mojitos, Margaritas and other fancy cocktails, or you can go for alcohol-free Guava Spritzers complete with fancy flowered ice which you can make yourself, courtesy of Martha Stewart Weddings.

                          17. Bubbles

                          Bring out the child in you by passing out bubble makers to guests and have them blow bubbles everywhere particularly when the newly married couple comes out of the ceremony areas. Bubbles can be your central theme which you can further enhance with the addition of oversized balloons or lighted paper lanterns that would work wonders in your summer wedding ceremony or reception areas.

                            18. Fruits

                            Sometimes people associate summer with seasonal fruits and you can do the same for your wedding, with fruits symbolizing prosperity and wealth for the couple. You can use real fruits in season like peach, pears, apples and oranges and place them in neat-looking baskets made from natural materials.

                              19. Groomsmen and Ring Bearers 

                              Groomsmen need not be too formal looking in summer weddings, particularly if you’re going for an outdoor or beach setting. They can wear khaki shorts with matching loafers and pastel button-down shirts. Ring bearers can also wear the same and these kids will surely like the idea better than wearing a very hot formal suit.

                                20. Groom’s Attire

                                Of course, the groom should stand out from what the groomsmen are wearing and he can wear all white to fit perfectly for the occasion. Add some highlights and accents like throwing in striped ties in navy blue and white or bright yellow accessories matched with bright blue undershirts or ties to give that nautical look and feel to the groom’s attire.

                                  21. Wedding Gown

                                  Finally, in any wedding, whether it’s a winter evening affair or an outdoor summer getaway, the bride’s wedding gown should definitely stand out. You can go for the traditional all white or ivory dress or you can go off the mainstream and use bold bright summer colors. Accentuate with a complementary colored floral bouquet that would really make the bride stand out.

                                  There are still literally hundreds or even thousands of summer wedding ideas that you can use for the big day. These 21 top tips are just a few of what’s available and you can go for some of the more interesting suggestions here or research new ones on your own. Whatever choices you make, you can still have the final say of what your summer wedding will look and feel.

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