Top 5 Kissing Balls for Wedding Ideas in 2015

Wedding is one of the most memorable events in a woman’s life. It is the moment where she can finally say “I do” to a lifetime commitment with the man she wished for. This is the reason why women deserve to be at their best when walking down that wedding aisle.

If you’re starting to plan your wedding this year (particularly your wedding’s theme), why not make it the most memorable day in your life by choosing the perfect kissing ball?

Kissing ball or pomander is usually held by brides during weddings that add accent to beauty, freshness, and elegance. It has recently become the most favourite alternative to the traditional type of bouquet whether for outdoor or indoor wedding. It can also be carried by bridesmaids and cute flower girls. Meanwhile, kissing balls can also be hung from the ceiling as a decoration and on the table to highlight the beauty of a centrepiece.

If you can’t still decide what kissing ball you will use for your wedding’s theme, why not consider these top 5 kissing balls? Hopefully, these would complement the theme of your big day.

  1. White Kissing Ball

White kissing balls originally started as Christmas decoration. It is because of the traditional kissing of couples under the mistletoe hung from a doorway during Christmas.

These kissing balls are best for wedding with winter and fairytale-like theme. These can be made of white roses and white satin ribbon. The white rose flower ball is a good alternative to flower girl’s basket and can be carried by the bridesmaid. If you are also planning for an outdoor wedding, the smaller white kissing ball can be hung on standing Shepherds Hook to make it magical, charming and classic.

White kissing balls will also work for a “starry night” theme wedding venue. Yes, it is seldom used as wedding themes because weddings are commonly held in daytime. But this theme will definitely look great for night wedding if you will incorporate the vintage style and lights throughout the space. In the centrepiece and tablescape, arrange the 4’5” white kissing ball around the votive candles. You may add white orchids or roses petals as finishing touches to make it more stylish.

  1. Burgundy Kissing Balls

Burgundy is a fantastic colour if want to have an autumn theme wedding. Isn’t it lovely to see the bridesmaid in burgundy dress contrasting to your white gown? Meanwhile, the burgundy pomander ball of the bride will surely highlight the theme while she’s walking down the aisle. This can be made of burgundy rose with hanging ribbon.

Aside from the bride, flower girls and bridesmaid can also carry a burgundy kissing ball. You may also use it as decoration in the aisle like hanging them on the standing Shepherd’s Hooks.

In the reception area particularly for the centrepiece, just place the burgundy pomander ball in a carved pumpkin with bold black and white tablecloth. Add antique metal lanterns and votive candles to play the autumn’s rich hues.

Burgundy kissing ball is also a great choice for a Gothic Victorian-inspired wedding. It can be an awesome alternative for the traditional bouquet to exude the theme’s essence. By incorporating burgundy roses, purple calla lilies and black feathers or laces, the theme will vibrantly work especially for an indoor wedding. Meanwhile, make the reception venue classic and elegant with candelabra centrepieces. Just use a candelabra dripping in crystals with burgundy roses kissing ball and place the candles around it.

  1. Dark Purple Kissing Ball

The accent of dark purple colour can add magic and glamour to your big day! It has always been one of the most favourite colour motifs by couples in United Kingdom.

If you’re planning to have a combination of vintage and elegant rustic theme wedding, then dark purple colour is a great pick. A dark purple kissing ball for bride will exude the elegance of the theme while she’s walking down the aisle. This will also set the tone of your long white gown and the bridesmaid’s purple gown. Even the flower girls will look fabulous too if they’ll carry a smaller size of it.

To make the wedding area more classic, use purple kissing balls as decoration. You can hang it on Shepherd’s Hooks on both sides of the wedding aisle with white curtains! Meanwhile for your centrepiece during the reception, place it in a tall vase with branches of Manzanita or woodsy element.

  1. Coral Kissing Ball

One of the most popular colours during 2014 weddings is coral. Though 2014 is over, it’s still a great motif for your “I Do” ceremony this 2015!

If you want to have a fun and fresh yet sophisticated theme, try to decorate the aisle and reception venue with coral pomander ball. It’s perfect for spring or summer outdoor wedding. While hanging the kissing balls in standing Shepherd’s hook, pair it with gray cloth to highlight a pure and whimsical ambiance. The bride may add little white roses to her coral pomander ball to make it look more feminine.

Meanwhile, for a wedding that has a romantic and timeless theme, choose kissing balls with bright hue of coral. Pair it with white cloth to make your wedding look playful and exciting.

Coral kissing balls are also ideal for beach wedding. The earthy tones from the beach will effortlessly highlight the decorations’ colour. You may add a little shade of tangerine, peach or orange and you’ll definitely make your wedding more special.

  1. Teal Kissing Ball

Teal colour has been one of the most chosen colour motif for wedding. It is said to be a symbol of devotion and trustworthiness that adds meaning to any wedding ceremony. It also conveys the warmth, fun and casual side of the event.

Try to use Teal Silk Rose Pomander Kissing Balls to emphasize your ocean theme wedding. Whether you’re in a beach or landlocked room, you can achieve this theme by hanging teal-coloured kissing balls on the ceiling or on standing Shepherd’s Hooks. Style your arrangement with leaves and white flowers sprinkled with glitters to make it look livelier.

For a sweet and sentimental theme wedding, you can use light teal pomander balls. You can also emphasize the elegant look in the centrepiece if you’ll combine it with teal grosgrain ribbon, white vase, and teal-sea glass. Just cover the table with white cloth, add hydrangeas and lisianthus on it and spread fresh white petals around the vase.

The possibilities are endless if you choose to use one of these five kissing balls for your wedding. Kissing balls serve a lot of purpose in making your theme shine. Whatever theme you choose, trust pomander balls’ appeal and you’ll surely achieve the wedding you dream of. All you need to do is to explore your creativity and follow the suggestions mentioned.

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