Top 10 Church Wedding Decorations (Infographic)

Traditional church weddings are one of the best and most beautiful events people go to that they’d remember all their lives, most specially if involves the union of two of their friends or their most beloved ones. If you’re planning for a grand church wedding, you should plan to make this very special day a very unique one with your added special touch.

However, you need to take into consideration the existing design and décor of the church, which can range from the simple and rustic, to the more dramatic and elaborate that exudes the grandeur of the traditional past and the modern present.

Whatever options are there available for you church wedding decorations, you can surely arrange for décor that would fit perfectly well, whatever your locations may be, considering both the piousness and aesthetic beauty of the church of your choice.

1. Floral Arrangements 

Flowers are staples for church wedding decorations. Floral arrangements can be as simple as a few sprays of your flower choices placed on baskets or crystal vases and placed on various strategic locations that could enhance the ceremony. They can also be as elaborate as large cascading bouquets placed in equally large containers or pedestals, elegantly designed by professional florists or wedding decorators. It will all depend on how much you are willing to invest and the extent or magnitude of decorations you are allowed within your church venue.

If you’re working on a limited budget for your decorations, you can go for the DIY route for your floral arrangements. There are lots of floral supplies and accessories like beads, foam, moss, greeneries and other decorative materials that you can use for your setups. Artificial flowers can do just fine but if you want them to be real flowers, you can maintain their freshness ‘til the big day by soaking your florist foam in nutrient-enriched water. Doing so will allow you to prepare your DIY floral arrangements a few days ahead of the actual wedding date.

2. Flower Garlands 

If large flower arrangements are not possible due to resources, venue or whatever limitations you may have, you can opt for floral garlands instead. Whether you go for fresh flowers or opt for silk artificial flowers instead, you can create beautiful garlands that you can drape or decorate on pews, chairs, doorways, windows, archways or whatever area inside your church venue where you can hang these gorgeous arrangements.

The choice of flowers is all up to you, but it would be best to choose flowers with colors that will match your overall motif. If you’re going for fresh flowers, it would be more economical to choose flowers that are in bloom. You can however still go for flowers that look like the real roses, peonies, hydrangeas, tulips, calla lilies, daisies, orchids or whatever flowers that may have special meaning to the couple.

3. Standing Displays 

Larger church wedding venues allow the addition of decorative elements that can take up some space but would not disrupt the current configuration and décor of the church interiors and ceremonial areas. You can make use of large standing displays for this purpose and add elaborate decorative elements of your choosing that could transform each unit like a standalone centerpiece fit for any wedding.

Standing displays can be made from any materials that you fancy. You can go for the more expensive crystal or metalwork arrangements, to terra cotta pots and woven wicker works, or you can go for materials indigenous to your areas but would equally create the same marvelous effect that would truly amaze all your wedding guests whatever age or demographic they may be.

4. Aisle Runners 

One of the most important areas in the church from a visual perspective is the aisle where the entourage and ultimately the gorgeous bride will march down on towards the altar for the actual wedding ceremony. Your aisle runners and decorations should be distinct to provide a greater visual focus on this pathway for the ceremony where practically all the guests await the most. A good thing about a church venue is the availability of pews or chairs where you can easily set up your aisle runner decorations.

You can go for an elaborate red carpet affair with crystal or metal stands with floral arrangements serving as your aisle runners. Or you can use the pews or chairs, decorate them with your choice of décor or floral garlands, and interconnect each with tulle, ribbons, beads, burlap or whatever materials you would like to use.

5. Pew Decorations 

Pew decorations can be integrated with your aisle decorations or they can actually double as your aisle runners as well, particularly for smaller church venues. On some larger church buildings, aisle runners can be set up separately from the pews requiring you to install pew décor separately. The key here is that your pew décor should have a theme or a design that is consistent with your aisle and other décor to further enhance the overall aesthetic value of your church wedding decorations.

Pew décor can of course be of a more floral nature but you can also go for non-traditional stuff like horseshoe and burlap bag motifs for a rustic, country-style setting, or go for the more elaborate golden apple and other fruit décor on crystal stands that symbolize prosperity for the couple in the days and years ahead. You can even go for your not-so-typical starfish or seashell décor, particularly if you’re planning for a beach or a summer themed reception. The choice is yours depending on your preference and available resources.

6. Seating Areas 

Seating areas can also be decorated separately from you aisle runners. Elongated pews can be well decorated with floral and greenery elements, beads, ribbons and other materials that suit your fancy. Chairs can each be decorated separately, usually at the back of individual chairs, using your choice of ribbons, tulle, mesh wraps, burlap and other materials of your choice.

7. Church Door Decorations 

Church doors and entryways are the first areas your guests will gaze upon arrival at the wedding venue, so it is but appropriate that you creatively decorate these areas and wow them all even before they enter the church interiors. Usual decorative elements that you can add to doors and entryways are of course floral arrangements. You can go for simple garlands that you can hang on the door surface, or you can go for elaborate floral arrangements that would truly amaze your guests upon entry.

While floral bouquets are good and logical choices for church door decorations, they are not the only options that you can choose from to decorate these entryways. You can go for fabrics, ribbons, mesh wraps, boxwood and burlap materials. You can also add fruit elements or even wheat that is a traditional symbol for many weddings that promises a fertile and prosperous union between the couple. Other décors that you can add are floral and greenery wreaths as well as welcome banners made from unique materials of your choice and preference.

8. Walls and Ceilings 

Depending on the extent of the leeway or permission allotted to you by your church venue, you can even decorate the walls and ceilings of the church building to whatever would match your theme. From flowers to greeneries and other decorative materials that you can use, you can add unique décor and visual elements to these walls and ceilings provided that you go within the extent and areas you are allowed to decorate without disrupting the solemnity and sanctity of the church. You can also add LED lights to the ceiling and wall décor that would truly create an amazing and magical effect that would truly enhance the overall look and feel of your wedding ceremony.

9. Candelabras 

Candles are very important and meaningful elements in a church wedding so it is but appropriate that you make use of appropriate decorative elements to enhance the visual properties of the candelabras and other candle holders used during the ceremony and other areas of the church. You can go for large ceremonial candles that you can dress ups with garlands, flowers, beads and crystals. You can opt for LED votive candles to decorate your aisle that would truly create that amazingly magical but solemn look to the pathway where the bride will walk down through towards her awaiting destiny.

10. Arch and Altar 

The altar can be allowed to be decorated to some extent depending on what the church will allow you to execute. Florals like white roses, orchids and lilies are great for altar décor, but you can really go overboard and make an elegant arch at the altar where the exchange of vows can take place and seal the union. It all depends though if the church will allow you to create such arch, but if they do – it would truly be spectacular.

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