Top 7 Wedding Table Decoration Ideas

Planning a wedding is exciting and exhilarating, but at the same time it can be quite tedious and cumbersome, what with all the extra attention to details required in the preparation, coordination and all things needed in between for your special day. Planning things perfectly will save you from all the hassle, and potentially disastrous rushing of things, leaving you with great peace of mind until the big day arrives.

One of the most important undertakings in line with your wedding preparation is the reception table decoration. There are several options and themes available: from luxe themes to whimsical arrangements. It all depends on the preference of the couple getting married. Get inspiration from the following top wedding decoration ideas categorized according to the main design element central to a particular theme – and you’re on your way to awesome table décor that would wow friends, relatives and guests alike.

  1. Florals

Of course, what would a wedding be without a single floral element in the décor? Florals and blooms are perfect for almost any centerpiece theme. You can go for rose and hydrangea centerpieces where you can mix blooms of your chosen colors and hues then have them arranged on crystal floral vases filled with wood balls vase fillers and fountain stones rocks. Or you can go for a more colorful theme and choose peony centerpieces instead.

You can also go for non-traditional blooms like cherry blossom centerpieces in fuchsia vase fillers filled floral vases, or you could opt for lovely kissing balls attached with natural-looking twig vase and ribbons. If those are not to your liking, then you can choose a cleaner, classy and more elegant look for your centerpiece by using calla lilies in floral vases filled with fountain stones or your choice of fillers.

  1. Silver and Gold

Gold and silver elements symbolizes prosperity and wealth, with everyone hoping such things to be bestowed upon the newly united couple. Décor like golden apples are symbolic elements befitting those from a royal or imperial descent. Using these elements for your table decorations will give a sense of luxury and grandeur to your reception that will truly amaze all your guests and loved ones.

Aside from golden apples, you can also go for golden or silver strawberries, bananas, oranges, pear or even half-cut pomegranates placed on silver cake holders. On top of fruits, you could of course make use of golden or silver rose flowers and pomander balls decorated with gold or silver spike mesh ribbons and other sparkling table runners and meshes that will truly spice up your table décor. Add in elegant gold table number holders as part of your centerpieces to identify designated tables for your guests. These will truly make awesome centerpieces your guests will talk about for days or even weeks after the wedding.

  1. Crystals

Another wedding décor element that exudes luxury, splendor and grandeur is crystal décor. You can make use of a wide variety of acrylic party garlands, crystal prisms and beaded curtains that are shaped and formed like real diamonds – and sparkle like them too! Complement these diamond-like beads and enhance the elegance of your weddings and reception more with hanging crystal ball chandeliers.

Your centerpieces can also make use of very elegant crystal candle holders and diamond cut glass crystal stands that can serve of focal platforms for blooms, kissing balls and other décor of your choice. You can also make use of crystal cup cake stands as part of your decorations where you can place decorative mini cakes or cup cakes that would truly add to an amazing and stunning centerpiece for your wedding celebrations.

  1. Greenery

Couples wanting a more natural and eco look to their wedding decorations can go for a greenery-themed table décor. You can make use of boxwood kissing ball centerpieces beautifully enhanced with LED lights for a more subtle but elegant look to your tables. Or you can make use of a boxwood wall instead to serve as a natural background for flowers, garlands, gems and all other décor that you fancy.

Centerpieces made from various types of greenery can also add a natural but elegant element to your tables, such as the use of amaranthus sprays on floral vases filled with cork vase fillers. You can add in various types of stems like star leaves, rosemary, clover leaves, berry leaflets and bay green stems. Throw in a few stems and sprays of your choice of flowers that would blend well to the natural look of your table decorations.

  1. Burlap

Greeneries are not the only elements that could give a fresh and natural look to your wedding table decoration pieces. You can also make use of various types of burlap fabric for your wedding décor. Burlap, which is also called jute fabric, is made from vegetable fiber that is woven into a rough, naturally-looking, non-finished fabric that appears in various forms such as knitted jute wired ribbons or burlap mesh wraps.

Burlap ribbons, mesh wraps and garlands are great for decorating flower bouquets, chairs, table aisle runners, vases and other décor elements that are part of your table centerpieces. If you want to add something glittery to your décor, you can make use of glitter burlap table runners and wide burlap ribbons. Complement your décor with wedding favors placed inside burlap drawstring bags and pouches. Add in a vintage-looking, handmade burlap pen that guests can use to write on wedding guest books.

  1. Candles

While most couples go for an elegant an luxurious wedding affair, others would go for a more solemn and yet festive celebration, and they can achieve the look and feel of such using candle décor elements for their centerpieces. You can make use of LED pillar candle lights that appear like votive candles that give that solemn and serene atmosphere to your wedding tables – minus the smoke and the flame.

LED lights of various colors and flashing lights can also be placed in waterproof casings and can be submerged in water filled centerpiece vases and containers that would look truly wonderful on tables. Some of these submersible lights are in the shape of white LED diamonds that could add a nice touch to your other decorations. These LED lights are also great for vase fillers on crystal floral vases together with river stone rocks and other fillers of your choice.

  1. Terrarium

How about your very own zen garden as wedding table decorations? That would truly be a sight to behold that most people do not see every day, and they’ll get to see and experience this delight by making use of hanging terrariums as your wedding décor. These can be perfect DIY wedding décor that you can do on your own, or you can order them from suppliers in various configurations according to your preference.

Terrarium gardens as wedding table centerpieces can make use of glass jars, mason jars, glass cylinders, and glass orbs. You can fill your terrariums with cactus, various types of succulent, natural reindeer moss, and fountain stone rocks for a naturally-looking zen garden that would truly delight all your guests. These terrariums can then be hanged on adjustable shepherd’s hooks that can be placed on table tops as part of your main centerpiece decorations.

There are various forms, variations and configurations of wedding décor that you can use for your special day. Various themes range from the luxurious and elegant, to the natural and rustic chic looking designs. In any case or whatever the couple chose as their wedding table decorations, the key here is to carefully plan what the look and feel of your wedding ceremony and reception will be and execute the designs and ideas you want – for a truly amazing, magical and truly memorable wedding party experience your friends and loved ones will never forget.

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