Top 10 Wedding Themes for 2015

2014 has been a great and magnificent year for weddings so don’t expect this New Year to be any less glamorous and elegant as the previous years. Various trends dominated all vital elements: from aisle decorations to centerpieces, from wedding cakes to gorgeous gowns. But whatever theme couples chose for their very special day – all were magnificent and truly memorable.

Now, 2015 has arrived and many are probably already making plans for a fantastic wedding their families, friends and loved ones will never forget. Surely, many would want their weddings to be as grand as or even better than what they’ve witnessed in 2014 or earlier. Here are the top 10 wedding themes that can help you plan your big day in 2015.

    1. Romantic Luxe

      Inspired by celebrity weddings, one of the biggest wedding theme trends for 2015 is the romantic luxe theme characterized by an abundance of romantic blooms. These floral settings will be grand and luxurious and will be decorated by an over-abundance of hyacinths, hydrangeas and orchids in various colors and hues that will match the couple’s chosen motifs.

      From luxuriously sculptured flower arrangements to high quality pomander kissing balls made from custom bouquets of gorgeous silk roses that are truly elegant for use as wedding centerpieces or flower girl boutonniere of all sizes and colors. You can go for a luxurious poppy red, royal emerald green, or modern yet minimalistic white or ivory shades that will set a sophisticated and yet romantic tone for your glorious day.

        2. Wild Garden

          2015 will be the year when many brides will opt for the fresh look and natural feel of a wild English garden. This wild garden or woodland inspired theme has a look that is natural, unstructured and wild, and yet exudes romance and elegance fit for this glorious moment in the couple’s lives. Instead of large floral balls of luxurious blooms, they will go for a mix of single flower sprays of tulips, roses of various colors and hues and other garden flowers blooming in season.

          Most would go for flowers and décor that are softly colored and would want the inclusion of other garden or woodland elements which may include leaves, acorns, natural reindeer moss, and even an assortment of glitter fruits. Candles should be beautifully wrapped in floral candle rings and used for ceremonial implements or reception centerpieces. Lastly, the bride should also wear a traditional flower crown made from rose, hydrangeas, gypsophila and other full blooms that will match your motif and overall theme.

            3. Classic and Clean

              While many couples go for a grandioso wedding with lots of elaborate décor, some would opt for a classic, minimalist and very clean proceedings. Instead of flashy blooms and colorful wildflowers, they would go for traditional blooms like calla lilies and roses or go for other white and ivory blooms such as cymbidium and white phala flowers. Simplicity is key to such themes, by way of colors like white and green, or through the use of less extravagant bouquets like a stem or two of single floral variety sprays placed on crystal vases or clear glass plates.

                4. Color of the Year

                  Marsala is the designated color of the year for 2015 weddings and the red brown hues and color it brings will definitely give you elegant and trendy design options for your wedding day. Marsala can stand on its own as a single color but it can also blend well when complemented by other natural colors. On top of that, Marsala also exudes an organic and natural look that will blend well with a wide variety of décor materials that includes boxwood, burlap and even golden items.

                  Aside from Marsala, pastel colors, ice cream shades and soft whites will also be among the dominant color choices for weddings in 2015, particularly during summer and spring. Aquamarine, Scuba Blue and Glacier Gray Color are other top color picks you’d see more during this new year. Themes like these gives off a natural, country look and feel that is cool, ethereal and heavenly – just like what couples would want their big day to be.

                    5. Hanging Blooms and Botanicals

                      As you would surmise, florals would still dominate the wedding scene in 2015. You can be more creative however and go for hanging blooms and botanicals instead of the traditional bouquets and flowers on vases for your wedding décor. Create an amazing and magical backdrop of pretty blooms placed inside hanging glass orbs , hanging glass candle holders, fancy bottles and jars hanging from a tree or from specially designed shepherd’s hooks placed all over your wedding grounds.

                      Complement your hanging blooms with more florals placed inside mini glass terrariums that could serve as table centerpieces, together with candles wrapped in flower candle rings and placed on top of loose rose petals. Themes like these would be great on open ground wedding venues but they can have the same magical effect if used in an indoor setting.

                        6. Copper

                          Couples wanting some glitz and glitter during their weddings went for a wide variety of wedding décor in gold and silver. From fruits to vase fillers, gold and silver decorations were an in thing during weddings in 2014. In 2015 the metallic trend will still dominate many weddings but this time couples would go for something different – copper.

                          These types of décor are popping everywhere. Finding the right combination of these metallic pieces, will definitely bring you an elegant, vintage look and feel with your wedding. From your invitations that may use copper fonts, to your table centerpieces that combine copper elements with other glitzy décor like mauve diamond vase fillers, copper will definitely be a big hit for weddings in 2015.

                            7. Festival of Lights

                              Set the mood of your wedding night by bringing to your venue a festival of lights. Lighting is one of the most important elements in evening weddings as it provides functionality beyond mere illumination – as it can turn an ordinary place into something magical. You can make use of LED garland lights with tiny bulbs that appear like fairy lights, or you can go for LED wax pillar candle lights that gives off that same romantic and serene mood just like real votive candle lights but without the flames and the smoke.

                                8. Rustic and Vintage

                                  Another trend that will dominate 2015 weddings are rustic and vintage themes. Such themes are more romantic in a personal and very intimate kind. Many couples would like to go beyond the conventional and go for something informal and a rustic bohemian-chic will give them something that they would like.

                                  Rustic theme settings can involve almost every aspect of the wedding. From tables to chairs, to invitations, favors and décor, rustic and vintage elements can be easily integrated to make your weddings look not-so-ordinary and unconventional is a glamorous and exciting sort of way. You can make use of décor with an antique or copper finish. Instead of standard floral bouquets, you can go for high quality kissing balls attached to rustic-looking twig vases that would be great for both indoor and outdoor settings.

                                    9. Vineyard

                                      Celebrate with a Tuscan theme for your wedding by making all wedding elements and décor cater to a vineyard look and feel. Colorful, empty bottles of wine can be used and set as centerpieces with a few addition of floral elements as well as adding in a bit of greenery here and there. Wine glasses can also be converted into awesome décor by putting them on top of boxwood layers then filling them up with vase fillers of your choice. To create an even better effect, add in some candles, stones and even fresh grapes to your centerpieces to make your guests feel like they’re attending a glorious wedding under a glorious Tuscan sun.

                                      10. Beach

                                      Unconventional weddings were an in trend in 2014 and it appears the trend will continue to catch on in 2015, particularly with beach-themed weddings. There are two options available for couples however, should they choose a beach wedding. One of course is to have your wedding in a real beach resort complete with sand, waves and sun. For those who cannot travel to such locations, the second option would be the best option – having a beach wedding indoors.

                                      Of course, what you can do for an indoor beach wedding is just to bring décor elements that remind people of your aquatic theme. A great idea is to make use of seashells and starfish attached to chairs as your aisle decorations. Use centerpieces like terrariums in glass orbs and jars that you can fill up with beach elements like shells, rocks, sand and other décor that will create that aquatic effect.

                                      2015 is here and couples planning their weddings this year are definitely over-excited for their big day. Naturally, they would want their wedding day to be as grand and memorable as possible and planning on your wedding theme this early in your journey will put you in a romantic and breathtaking ride towards your big day.

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