Top 10 Unique Wedding Ideas (Infographic)

Weddings are special days and couples would naturally want this special moment to be truly unique and memorable. Surely, they would not go for any ordinary dime-a-dozen designs and motifs most of your relatives and guest have already seen so many times in the past. They’d want something truly awesome that they won’t forget for the rest of their lives.

The great thing is, you don’t have to spend a fortune to have weddings like these. There are several practical and yet very awesome wedding ideas that won’t break the bank. So, if you want a truly memorable wedding that you and your guests will remember and cherish, then go ahead and excite your imagination by checking out these top 10 unique wedding ideas presented here for you.

The infographic:

Medieval Theme

Kings and queens, knights and maidens, and all the awesome characters you’ve always fantasized about from a medieval epic can be your sources of inspiration for your unique wedding. As a matter of fact, many of the wedding traditions people are familiar with now had their origins from the middle ages. Over the years the customs, practices and looks of these weddings evolved to what they are now.

You can however give tribute to this medieval past by having an authentic medieval wedding. Your ceremony or reception need be held in an actual castle and their courtyards. All you need is a venue with interiors that you can transform into a medieval setting. Add white lace and linen ribbons to decorate the place and make use of floating candles to create a special effect and ambiance worthy of a wedding from the Middle Ages.

A bouquet of herbs and ivory cymbidium flowers symbolizes good luck and fertility during the Middle Ages and would be more authentic to use during your medieval themed wedding. Similar flowers and gems should be woven into the bride’s hair to match the bright silk gowns your guests should be wearing.

Luxe Reception Theme

If you want to add some glitz and glamour to your wedding, you can set it up for a luxe reception theme instead. The great thing is you can have a great VIP, opulent and lavish look without spending a fortune. Stunning gold decorations and other similarly-themed décor are available that would truly wow your guests. Make your centerpieces and décor even more luxurious-looking by making use of elegant chandeliers made from diamond cut acrylic crystal that have the same sophisticated look of real diamonds.

Instead of the usual buffet setting with chaffing dishes, go for elegantly-looking hors d’oeuvres served by butlers in tuxes that would really give a high-end cocktail reception look for roughly the same cost of spending it all on food. As a luxe lounge theme, make your reception look like an elegant cocktail style party with lounge chairs, couches and silk pillows for your guest instead of the usual table settings.    

Superheroes Theme

It may be whimsical and funny but it can also bring tons of delight for your guests on this very special day. Adding superhero elements into your wedding will have everyone reminiscing the past and remind that they do may have dreamt a superhero wedding of their own and one point or another in their lives. You can go for superhero décor in your reception decorations and your giveaways, or you can really go over the top and turn your reception into a really cool masquerade party with everyone wearing their favorite superhero attire.

Classic Princess Theme

It would be a great likelihood that every bride-to-be have dreamt of a royal princess wedding just like what the classic fairy tale princess characters had marking the first day of their happily-ever-after. You too can have the classic princess theme by incorporating these elements in your attire and décor. Miniature carriages decorated with flowers and silver heart diamond ribbons can serve as your centerpieces placed on top of tables with silver sparkle table runners in Cinderella fashion, or you could go for apple and mirror décor that could further highlight the beauty of your Snow White bride in flowing white gown.

Sports Theme

If the couple are both sports enthusiasts, then a unique sports theme would just be an apt design for your wedding. Start off with trophy centerpieces and other sports-inspired décor placed on charger plates with raffia bundles and other decorative fillings. It would also be a great idea to have your guests get acquainted with one another by identifying each with “team bride” and “team groom” badges. Lastly, add sports elements to the couple’s attire like an elegant sports scepter for the bride and a Wrestlemania-type of belt for the groom!

Video Games Theme

Most couples share the same passions and hobbies, many of which they’d have since their childhood days. These hobbies are part of their lives and it would really be very interesting and delightful to capture these elements as part of their unique wedding theme. Decorate the place with glass orbs, paper lanterns and lots of neon ribbons, then add elements of design from their favorite video games. From the classic Legos and Super Mario Bros, to the more modern Halo or even Clash of Clans, couples can have a whimsical, fun and truly memorable unique wedding they will never ever forget.    

Vintage Theme

While many couples go for the more modern or even over-the-top character-themed weddings, some would still want a rustic and vintage look for their special day. However, vintage doesn’t mean you don’t have to be creative. You can go for small bird cages with led candle lights as your centerpieces. Add vintage carnival elements like a kissing booth, vintage balloons and of course – cotton candy!

Your bridesmaids and maybe your flower girls need not carry flowers as they can carry lanterns to light the way for the couple instead. And speaking of flower girls, who says they have to be little girls? Let your grandma and other golden ladies in your friends and family be your flower girls instead, wearing silk rose balls during the ceremonies and throwing flower petals at the couple before running off to the reception.

Cupcake Towers and Mobile Bars

Many couples want their weddings to be uniquely fun and trendy. If they really want to make their weddings unique, they could add a truly amazing cupcake tower with their wedding cakes, or even have a gigantic one that will serve as their main instead. They could also go for individual cupcake towers for each guest table, with lovely cupcakes placed on crystal cake stands that could also serve as souvenirs for the guests. Instead of the usual drinks, why not serve soda, juice and wines through a mobile bar that could quench the thirst of everyone during the reception.

Nature Theme

Nature lovers would naturally go for a more nature-themed wedding. They can of course have an outdoor wedding setting but any venue will do for your nature theme as you can decorate any place with fancy fruits décor, boxwood and other greeneries, and an array of colorful sparkling butterflies that will truly make any venue magical. Mix some golden fruits like apples or pomegranates with your flower décor or even with the bouquets. Give out raw honey in fancy jars for your wedding favors, decorated with butterflies or honeybees – which actually symbolizes spring and new beginnings.

Eco-Friendly Theme

While a nature theme keeps your wedding and guest closer to nature, you can also make use of your wedding to remind people of their responsibility of taking care of the environment by having an eco-friendly themed wedding. Used solar lighting and LED candles which definitely reduces your celebrations carbon footprint. Decorate the place in jute mesh wraps with florals on vase fillers made from recycled materials like raw cork and wood chips.

These are just 10 ideas that could tickle your creative juices and have you plan out a truly remarkable and unique wedding day. You can get ideas here or from other sources in the net, but what’s important is you add your own personal loving touch that will surely make this celebration one of the most precious and most memorable days of your lives.

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