Top 5 Centerpiece Ideas


If there’s one thing that could really attract the attention of guests in a wedding reception (aside from the gorgeous bride of course!) is the centerpiece. It can be a single, massive centerpiece in your reception hall, or individual centerpieces placed on top of guest tables. Whatever configuration you would like your centerpiece to have, it is practically where the designs or themes of your other wedding decorations will emanate from.

The following describes in detail the top 5 centerpiece ideas for weddings based on the main materials used. You can go for the more traditional designs for centerpieces or opt for unique, modern or even whimsical designs depending on what the couple has agreed on for their theme. Whatever choice they have on the matter, these top suggestions will surely give them inspiration that will definitely help add some magic for this very special day.

1. Flowers

Flowers of course should be at the top of any list connected with wedding decorations. Whether you have a traditional themed setting or a more modern theme for your reception, flowers remain as a constant décor element that every wedding should be without. You can go for tower centerpieces that can really make any venue a floral extravaganza, or you can go for small floral balls or sprays placed in elegant vases of your choice or even on trays.

You can choose from a wide variety of flower types, color, and configuration that will blend well with your choice of theme. You can also beef up your décor needs with good floral supplies that will help enhance the natural beauty of your chosen flowers. You can go for the traditional roses and hydrangeas, or opt for bright peonies that you can use to fill up trays, vases and table tops. If you want a more minimalist theme focusing on an all-white motif, flowers with ivory or white blooms are available like elegant white roses, calla lilies or gorgeous orchids that will surely add to the natural beauty of your chosen centerpiece designs.

2. Crystals and Diamonds

Nothing can delight a lady more than what diamonds could. These gems have an inner glitter that exudes elegance and sophistication that every woman, including the bride of course, would want for their weddings. However, it is almost impossible to have real diamonds that you can use for your wedding centerpieces, but you can go for the next best thing by using acrylic crystals and diamond beads, garlands, curtains, mesh rolls and fillers.

There are tons of centerpiece configurations that you can have using crystal and diamond decorations. You can start off with elegant and luxurious looking chandeliers that you can hang from metallic table top display stands or crystal glass stands. These chandeliers can add to the grandeur of any wedding venue, whether it be done in an enclosed hall or held outdoors in a garden. Whatever choice you may for a venue, crystals and diamond décor would definitely create an enchanting, magical and glamorous ambience – just like what every bride is dreaming of.

3. Fruits

Tradition will tell us that aside from flowers, fruits can also be used as proper wedding decorations because of the depth of meaning and symbolism of fruits that have been in existence since the olden times. Fruits symbolizes fertility, prosperity and abundance that everyone would hope for the newlyweds. This makes fruits good design concepts that can be used with centerpieces.

You can go for a rustic look with your centerpieces, using real and fresh fruits like apples and strawberries and arrange them in an awesome array that will surely wow any guest. They can be arranged on tiered trays or stands, or you can make use of baskets which you can further decorate with linens, ribbons and other materials to give you that rustic look for the centerpiece that you want.

You can also go for a cornucopia-themed centerpiece that make use of fresh fruits together with gourds, cornhusks, leaves and other colorful elements. You can place them in crystal bowls or you can have specially crafted baskets and other container variations that you can use to create your awesome centerpiece.

While fresh fruits can be a good cost-effective idea for your centerpieces, other couples would go for a more modern and elegant look and make use of gold or silver painted fruit replicas. These painted fruits will look really awesome on crystal bowls that you can decorate with other elements that can include cherry blossoms, pine cones, boxwood and other materials that your designer will think is appropriate for your needs. Whatever your choice would be, fruits provide a meaningful and yet practical design element for your centerpiece.

4. Candles

Many couples would want a solemn look for their weddings and what better way to present solemnity than with the use of candles. The glowing and flickering flame of candles can really add that certain element of romance, drama and elegance that couples would want their centerpiece to show. And you can do so en mass, filling your venue with several candle pieces that will definitely give reverence and awe for your special day.

There are many types and configurations of candle décor that you can use for your centerpieces. You can make use of real candles to achieve the effect like what was described earlier, or you can make use of artificial alternatives that can give off illumination through LEDs. These candle types include:

  • Pillar Candles – commonly used in centerpieces, pillar candles can come in a wide variety of colors and shapes that would blend well with your chosen motif. These can be placed in elegant candle holders which can be enhanced with other décor elements like florals, beads, and other materials.
  • Taper Candles – many designers would go for taper candles for their centerpieces as these types of candles look more classy and elegant, which you can further enhance using candle stands and other décor materials.
  • Floating Candles – Add more elegance and drama by using floating candles for your centerpieces. Floating candles are placed on bowls or vases then aesthetically enhanced with the addition of additional decorative elements like linens, ribbons, mesh rolls, beads and fillers. If your venue has a pond or other facilities where you can place water, put in several of these floating candles for a solemn and magical ambience to your venue.
  • Votive Candles – these types of candles are usually used for prayers and ceremonies, but you can also make use of them for your wedding centerpieces. Votive candles can be configured with or without a glass container and will surely make a truly eye-catching centerpiece design if several are used together with flowers and other décor elements.

5. Nature

Being one with nature, even during their weddings, are close to the hearts of many couples. That’s why many go for an outdoor wedding that will make use of appropriate nature-theme décor and design. Nature elements can also be used to enhance your wedding centerpieces and there can be a wide variety of these elements that you can choose from. You can go for the rustic look and make use of wooden boxes where you can place flowers, succulents, fresh herbs, artichokes, greenery, moss, and even ornamental cabbage.

You can also make your own nature domes or terrariums using glass orbs or specially built hanging glass terrariums. You can then add sand, stone pieces, succulents, moss, seashells and other décor elements that will truly make your place awesome. If you would not want to use custom glass orbs and terrarium jars, you can actually make use of clear mason jars and use this as your terrarium container.

Weddings are special days and couples would truly want to make this special day for them as magical ang unforgettable as possible. Aside from the ceremonies, the decorations play an important part in making a particular wedding truly magical, and the centerpiece plays a very important central role in truly enhancing any wedding.

There are practically several options in design and materials that couples can choose from and the process can really be daunting which makes it hard to do the final decision for your design choices. The top 5 centerpiece ideas are just some of the more popular centerpiece design suggestions that you can use for your big day. It’s still up to you to decide which one to use and how your wedding and reception venue look – just like how you envisioned it.

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