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It doesn’t matter whether they’re kids or adults – people want to party, people want to have fun. And how can you make it an even more fun-filled party? By enhancing your party ideas with great themes. Planning a party with themes is not just for kids. Adults can also have a really great time throwing their favorite and most beloved party theme ideas that would surely delight their friends and loved ones. So, get your creative juices flowing and plan out your next adult party based on the following top party themes for adults.

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Hollywood Party

Almost everyone, at one point in time or another, have always dreamed of becoming a movie star or appearing in one of those big-budgeted Hollywood movies and eventually walking up the stage and accepting an Oscar. While this may not be a possibility for you and your friends right now, you can celebrate your adult party with a Hollywood theme, complete with all the decorations like red carpets and chandeliers, and experience how it would look and feel if you’re a movie star.

Roaring Twenties

Decade themes are great adult party ideas particularly if you’d go for a Roaring 20’s kind of fun. Of course, everyone should properly dress up for the style of the period, dressing up like Gloria Swanson, Josephine Baker, Duke Ellington, Al Capone or even Charlie Chaplin. Make use of art deco style for decorations with an added touch of glitz and glam by making use of diamond wrap ribbons and metallic gold décor.

Rock Star Party

Rock stars love to party so why not party like a rock star?! Have your guests dress up like their favorite rock bands or icons complete with all their rock-inspired gadgets and gears. Complement this with rock and roll décor complete with lava lamps, love beads, black lights and electric guitar themed tableware and other décor.

Flower Festival

A flower festival is perfect for any adult gathering or party whether you go for a spring floral fiesta or opt for a shabby chic team party with flowers. Fill the place up with bright-colored or pastel décor complete with flower balls, mini-cakes, cupcakes, nibbles, drinks, canapés and sweets. Add more flair and color with rainbow bouquets, ribbons, flags and banners.

Superheroes Party

Everyone has a superhero that’s very near to their hearts: whether it’s a pop art figure from comic books or the movies, or a real-life hero living just within your neighborhood or even within your own household. Let everyone wear their favorite superhero costume and spice up the place with pop culture décor like balloon cake toppers and colorful red polka dot party straws.

Swinging 60’s

Another decade theme that is surely near many people’s hearts is the Swinging 60’s, a period of great cultural changes characterized by flamboyant and carefree attitudes that have helped shaped society to what it is today. Make use of the hippie and counterculture arts and designs that characterized the period for your decorations including floating flowers and floating candles that will surely set everyone in the mood for feeling groovy.

Wild Wild West Party

Anybody would have loved to feel the excitement and sense of adventure that characterized the frontier periods of the Wild Wild West. Have everyone dress up like cowboys and Indians, or if that would be a tat too much, then just make it into a blue jeans and bandana party with matching tableware, linens, decorations and of course party food and drinks.

Secret Agent Party

Whether you’d go for characters impersonating Ethan Hunt, Mr & Mrs Smith or 007 agent James Bond, secret agent themed parties would surely bring loads of fun and delight to any adult party. Aside from dressing appropriately for the theme and occasion, enliven your party up with intriguing invites, fancy tableware, glitzy décor that may include gold or diamond vase fillers, and of course party foods and drinks that can live up to the theme.

Classic Fifties

Go back down memory lane and live the bygone era of the Classic Fifties commemorating the early days of Rock and Roll, the Twist and other icons from this wondrous era. Dress up like your favorite characters from Grease or any other 1950’s themed movies or TV shows. Prepare food and drinks reminiscent of the era and then decorate the place with Fifties-style decorations like wired gold metallic weave ribbon wrap with glitters and sparkles and other similar accessories.

Disco Fever 70’s

Disco! You’d either love it or hate it but whatever feelings you have for this musical genre, having a Disco Fever themed party reminiscent of the 70’s will surely be to everyone’s delight as they boogie and party all night long. Set up a real disco ball at your venue or at least decorate the place with hanging crystal ball chandeliers and hanging glass orbs. Everyone should of course dress up for the occasion so they can get on the groove and be funky all night long.

Totally 80’s

It’s bad hair day every day during the Eighties and yet everyone would surely love to relive those moments even for one night only during your 80’s-themed adult party. Dress up like Michael Jackson, Madonna, David Hasselhoff, Boy George and other 80’s icon. Decorate the place with 80’s theme designs like leopard prints, neon ribbons and colorful strobe lights. Prepare 80’s themed party food with lots of candies and Kool-aid!

Camouflage Party

Bring out that sense of adventure from everyone as you throw in a camouflage-themed adult party. Let everyone wear their favorite camouflage gear complete with all the gadgets and paraphernalia that may look like the real thing. Decorate the place in nets and other camouflage webbing matched with camouflaged balloons, tableware, sweets, food, drinks and invitations.

Mexican Fiesta

A Mexican theme for your adult party would really be interesting and fun for all your guests, most specially if you dress up your venue in Mexican-inspired decorations and accessories that will turn your party into a Mexican fiesta. Make use of paper lanterns and other similar décor then scatter them all over the place. Make sure you have a colorful piñata or two to serve as one of the highlights in your “fiesta”. And of course, a Mexican fiesta won’t be complete without Mexican-inspired food and drinks like tacos, fajitas, quesadillas, enchiladas, burritos and margaritas.

Medieval Party

Step further back in time into the age of King and Queens, dragons and orcs and other fun and fancy stuff that you can find on a medieval-themed party for adults. Roll out the red carpet, make castle cutouts and brighten up the place with LED candle lights to give you a look and feel of something coming out from a medieval novel or movie. Serve chicken legs and have everyone drink from royal goblets and let every guest come in their favorite king, queen, prince, princess or even goblin attire.

Star Wars Party

That new Star Wars trailer has everyone buzzed up anew, so it would really be an ample time to throw in a galactic Star Wars themed celebration for your next adult party. You can make use of lots of decoration like the silver spike mesh wrap to dress up the place as something coming from another planet. Of course, everyone should dress up as their favorite character complete with light sabers while nibbling on theme-decorated party food.

Mardi Gras Masquerade

A Masquerade Mardi Gras party is perfect for any adult celebration and you can set up your place just like you’re all in a carnival in New Orleans. Everyone should dress up in carnival gear complete with masks, pearl beads and lots of feathers. It would be great if you have a good drum ensemble playing carnival music for you as you all dance to the beat enjoying your themed party foods and drinks.

Las Vegas Party

Viva Las Vegas! Everyone would shout out as they enjoy their Las Vegas decorated party venue dressed in fine casino garb, eating fine party foods served on elegant cake stands just like they would in the strip and simply have fun with the party games you’ve prepared for them

Steampunk Party

Make your adult party a bit different with a steampunked theme, with your venue decorated in metallic gears, gold balloons, golden strawberries, silver apples and metallic decorated cookies. Let everyone dress up in steampunk fashion with chains, clocks, Nerf guns and other appropriate gear.

Hula Party

A tiki and hula party is a sure winning theme for any adult party and everyone will definitely enjoy all the fun stuff you have in store for them. This would be great in an outdoor setting as you need to set up tiki torches, scatter orchid sprays and gerbera daisies all over the place, have everyone dress up in hula skirts, and serve your favorite drinks on fancy coconut cups.

Jungle Party

Let go of the animal in you and have everyone dress up in jungle style for this adult party even Tarzan would love to attend to. Decorate the place with lots of greeneries and boxwood as well as other décor that would turn the place green like the jungle.

Murder Mystery

This last tip would really be exciting but would take additional time and planning for preparation. Set the place up for clues that would send everyone trying to solve a murder mystery – and have prices given out to those who do!

The list of party themes for adults is practically endless. All it takes is a bit of imagination and creativity in choosing which can be most appropriate for you and your friends and how these will surely delight all your guests.

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