Top 20 Wedding Ideas for Summer


There could be a million and one ways for couples to plan their weddings but among the most sought after themes include a glorious summer wedding particularly when the season is actually in full swing. It’s the time of the year when the weather, colors, resources and people’s disposition is at their sunny best, which makes everything else needed for planning a wedding relatively easier to execute.

So, get ready for this interesting array of top wedding ideas specifically intended for couples and their guests to bask in the natural joys of summer nuptials and make this special day a truly memorable occasion that they’ll cherish for every sunny (and even not so sunny) days of their lives.

1. Bouquet of Tropical Flowers

What’s a wedding without flowers? Clearly, flowers should always be at the top of any wedding list but for this sunny purpose, a bouquet of tropical flowers would fit right well with any summer-themed wedding. From a bouquet of Victoria ivory rose hydrangea bushes, to bright gorgeous bunches of gerbera daisies, peonies, phalanopsis orchids, and even cherry blossoms. You can even mix them all together for a multi-colored kissing ball with an innovative twig vase.                                   

2. Beach-Themed Weddings

One of the first things that come to people’s minds when they hear the word “summer” is the beach. Many a couple dreamed of having a glorious wedding at the beach but those who are land-bounded and may not be able to do so for one reason or another can still enjoy a beach-themed wedding anytime, anywhere. Of course, there’ll be beach-inspired décor and motifs like starfish, seashells and vase centerpieces filled with assorted beach shells or fountain stone rocks. Don’t forget the fans, umbrellas and wedding sunglasses you pass out to your guests to really make it a very comfortable summer wedding.

3. Coral-Inspired Bouquets and Centerpieces

Bouquets and centerpieces with designs inspired by corals and other sea-scape elements will truly make any onsite or land-bounded beach or summer wedding a truly warm and glorious event. Make use of wildflower bouquets or multi-colored coral wedding pomander kissing balls to really give out that coral-inspired look and feel to your wedding.

4. Crystal Vase Centerpieces

There are lots of decorative elements that are truly appropriate for summer. These include florals, beach shells, wood chips, crystals and even sand. Presenting these elements as centerpieces can be better achieved with elegant transparent crystal vases that come in square, rectangular or cylindrical configurations.

5. Crystal Glass Stands

Flowers, cakes, candies, candles and other items that are either meaningful for the couples or just practically really great to look at when displayed can all be used as centerpieces for summer-themed weddings. These items are best presented on crystal glass stands that showcase both elegance in design and practicality particularly in minimizing table clutter.

6. Go Green

Green is a very appropriate choice of color for any summer-themed wedding and this can be presented beautifully with a wide array of options for green décor including greeneries, flowers, table runners and items made from boxwood including balls, mats, leaves and stems.

7. Succulents Instead of Flowers

Thick and fleshy succulents are sometimes better options than your regular flowers as décor for a summer-themed wedding. Succulents can better be presented in transparent glass containers or glass terrariums with stand which can include other items like moss, wood pieces, pebbles and cactus.

8. Flowers and Candles

You can never go wrong when you mix flowers and candles as centerpieces for your summer-themed wedding. These are inexpensive ways of setting the mood to any venue, whether you use pillar candle lights or elegant floating candles, giving off a serene atmosphere that’s truly wondrous for your summer-themed wedding.

9. Sweets and Flowers

Flowers are important motifs and elements to any wedding but in many cases couples would want to use sweets instead. If it’s really difficult to decide which you should use, then it would still be great to use both. You can place them on crystal vases, silver trays or charger plates according to your choice of colors. Whatever configuration you choose, it will surely come out great.

10. Chandeliers in the Garden

A garden motif for your summer-themed wedding is definitely a good idea, but you can up the excitement several notches up by making use of chandeliers. Giving elegance and a touch of class to any venue, chandeliers can either be hanging or held in place by holders placed on table tops. The sparkling look and the dazzling lights can truly transform your garden into a highly elegant summer-themed wedding venue.

11. Butterflies

Butterflies are also usually associated with sunny days and summer and would definitely be great addition as décor or centerpieces. You can make use of glitter butterflies that come in various amazing colors, or you can make use of the more elegant gold or silver sparkle butterflies that will surely bring elegance to any motif.

12. Paper Lanterns

Paper lanterns are traditional pieces that can be ingeniously crafted and transformed as modern décor for an outdoor summer wedding. These glowing lanterns can enhance any garden, ocean view or any other outdoor location that will make it explode it a wide variety of colors – perfect for your summer wedding.

13. Mason Jars for Décor and Drinks

Painted mason jars are great summer wedding centerpiece ideas that give than rustic, barnyard look and feel to your wedding reception. But why end with mason jars as décor? You can be quite innovative and make use of clear mason jars to serve drinks as well which surely will generate interest and delight from your guests.

14. Tuscan Summer

If your venue is up for it, you can leverage on your picturesque landscape as a background for your Tuscan summer wedding, complete with all the rustic décor like wood shears and slices as vase filers and other elements that can give that relaxed country feel to your wedding. Top it all up with wine… lots and lots of wine.

15. Summer in a Vineyard

Speaking of wine, why not go ahead and go for a summer-themed wedding in a vineyard? Choose a natural look for your décor that would fit well with your theme such as using natural raw cork as vase fillers for your centerpieces, with lots of rose or orchid petals strewn about for that vineyard look and feel. Of course, wine and cheese would be a must but you can also give out mini wine bottles or even wine stoppers as favors for your guests.

16. Summer Tea Party

Think Alice in Wonderland and you can turn your summer-themed wedding into a whimsical summer tea party. If that would be too magical for you, then you can opt for a classier and more upscale tea party just like what the royals of old would do. Decorate your tables with appropriate calla lilies or cherry blossom sprays with a bunch of curly ting-ting willows thrown in for good measure.

17. BBQ in the Backyard

A backyard BBQ for your summer-themed wedding can really be a different and memorable experience for your guests and loved ones. This is not just like any other barbecue as you can go for the more upscale and fancier menu choices while keeping everything else as simple but elegant that it can be. You can also go for a natural look with your décor and use knitted jute mesh wrap and wired burlap ribbons for your tables, chairs and other decorations.

18. Vintage Summer

A vintage summer look can really be great for your wedding and you can make use of several elements to achieve this including the use vintage bird cages as your main centerpiece, with smaller bird cages as décor for your guest tables. You can add other vintage items to improve the look and feel and place them on table lined with glitter burlap table runners.

19. Flower Ice Tray

One thing a summer wedding will call for are lots and lots of drinks that would quench the thirst of your guests. You can be very creative in your choice of drinks, from non-alcoholic spritzers to specially concocted Margaritas or Mojitos complete with stir sticks that present your wedding monograms. Serve these on trays or tables strewn with multi-colored rose petals for that summer feel.

20. Nature’s Bounty

When people speak summer they usually think of opportunities where they can be closer to nature in celebration or just simply enjoying a warm and wonderful day with loved ones. Use these thoughts in your summer-themed wedding by using an assortment of fruits, assorted glitter fruits and gold or silver fruit décor like big golden strawberries placed on trays or vases.

The joys that summer bring include the feelings of warmth that togetherness with family and loved ones bring. A summer wedding is one occasion that could truly bring out these feelings or joys, of love and of being loved. Let you, your loved ones and your guests truly enjoy the glory of summer with these wonderful summer-themed ideas that you can use for your special day.

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