Top 5 Crystal Cake Stands for Wedding

One of the most important elements in modern contemporary weddings is the cake. While some couples may forego fancy table setting, linens, and even floral arrangements, it would really be a rarity indeed if a couple would miss out on a wedding cake. It has always been an important part of the wedding reception that couples painstakingly take time to plan out the perfect wedding cake for this joyous occasion.

But planning for a majestic wedding cake does not end with just choosing which cake or design will take part in the ceremonies. Every wedding cake is a masterpiece and they deserve more honor than simply placing them directly on top of the table. As gorgeous as any wedding cake would be, they still need to be presented in memorable and spectacular ways that could only be achieved with the use of cake stands.

Cake stands can elevate, accentuate, isolate and present the cake in all its glorious beauty that would complement and not compete with the décor and overall theme of the wedding. Give your wedding cakes the glamorous and most elegant presentation it deserves with the use gorgeous crystal cake stands – starting with these top five options you can choose from.

1. Tall Crystal Cake Stands                                                             

Presenting your wedding cake need not be boring or ordinary. Add drama by making use of tall crystal cake stands that will surely bring awe to your crystal-themed wedding. These tall crystal cake stands, stacked up or placed individually will definitely make an impressive presentation for your wedding cake, worthy to feature in some glitzy wedding or fashion magazine.

These cake stands are embellished with bands of sparkling diamond-like acrylic beads and crystals or rhinestone diamond mesh rolls or garlands that would surely bring out the glitter and glamour to your wedding. Just make sure that these beads and garlands properly cover up the cake boards so they won’t peek out from underneath the icings and the ribbons of your cake. Using these beads that appear like precious diamonds are creative but functional ways for embellishing your wedding cake.

Similar cake stands with designs identical to your main wedding cake but of smaller size can be used for serving smaller cakes or even cupcakes. You can even make use of stunning gold décor like golden kissing balls or apples and create awesome centerpieces using these cake stands. Top it all up with a crystal cake topper a complete wedding cake presentation that you and your guests will never forget.

2. Silver and Crystal Cake Holders

Many cake stands are made from silver cake holders with sizes and height varying depending on the actual style used to design the cake. Add in some glitter and glamour from acrylic diamond beads, garlands and other décor can truly convert this seemingly ordinary fixture in a magnificent crystal masterpiece that will make your wedding reception truly spectacular.

These silver cake stands can come in stacked designs, with each layer elegant ornamented with diamond-like beads reminiscent of luxurious chandeliers found in plush hotels and expensive mansions. If you don’t want the traditional multi-layer or tiered look, then you can different cake sizes each with their own crystal stands designed and embellished like all the rest. Use a tall crystal glass silver cake stand as your centerpiece then add other layers placed on stands of varying heights for that traditional look most couples still prefer. Use an elegant crystal topper to cap each layer off.

The number of cakes on these stand will depend on the number of your expected guests as each cake layer may not be enough to fulfill the required number. No worries as you can always have sheet cakes specifically allocated for serving to guests.

3. Heart Shaped Crystal Cake Holders

The wedding cake cutting ceremony and serving cakes to guests as favors are traditional practices that many couples want to maintain for their big day until now. It doesn’t mean however that the cake used for the bride and groom’s cake cutting ceremony is the same cake served to guests. Many couples prefer to have a special separate cake placed on the head table serving both as the ceremonial cake and an elegant reception decoration as well.

For this purpose it would be best to have a specially prepared wedding cake exclusively for the couple and placed on a very elegant heart-shaped crystal cake stand. This unique and yet traditional design will surely bring delight to anyone who’ll see the final preparation right down to the actual wedding cake cutting ceremony. Add flair and drama by making use of subtle lighting that will further enhance the cake’s presentation. Just make sure that the light is not that hot or you’ll end up with a deformed cake with icing running all over.

For guests, the cakes served does not necessarily come from a single large cake layer placed in the central area of the reception. Latest trends find couples opting for individual smaller cakes placed on each guest table, serving as both centerpieces and a delicious desert offering as well. These cakes can be placed on heart-shaped crystal cake holders that have similar designs to that used with the couple’s main cake.

4. Multi-Tiered Crystal Caked Stands

Many couples still prefer the multi-layer or multi-tiered wedding cake design and this can be possible even with a crystal-themed wedding reception. You can choose from any 2-tier or 3-tier clear glass cake stands that will fit right well with your crystal wedding theme. Each tier can be heavily decorated with diamond-like crystals and beads that will surely be breathtaking to see for any guest grazing your special day.

The bling and décor used to embellished each layer of your multi-tiered crystal cake stand can be made from diamond beads, rhinestones, diamond mesh ribbons or even clear acrylic crystals that reflects light and make each layer shine and sparkle like diamonds. Just make sure that the cake stand is strong enough to handle the total number of tiers you’re planning to have with your wedding cake.  

This multi-tiered crystal cake stand can also act as your main reception centerpiece, used with or without real cakes, with each layer decorated with even more diamond crystals, beads, garlands and ribbons. It’s like putting a very elegant chandelier from some luxurious castle and transport it to your wedding reception as an awesome centerpiece.

5. Crystal Cupcake Stands

While it is a tradition to have a main wedding cake that act as a main reception centerpiece and which will later be used for the cake cutting ceremonies, it would be a great idea to serve your guests with cupcakes instead of slices of sheet cakes. For this purpose, you can make use of clear crystal cupcake stands placed on each guest table with an appropriate number of cupcakes for your guests.

These stands can be embellished and decorated with the same diamond crystal or rhinestone beads and other trimmings used for the main cake. As each guest consume their share of the cupcakes, the crystal cake stands remaining can still serve as an elegant centerpiece for any table, maintaining the magic of your crystal-themed wedding all throughout the duration of your celebrations.

For smaller venues and tables that may not accommodate individual crystal cupcake stands on each table, you can still go for the idea of putting cupcakes on clear crystal dessert stands by allocating a separate table for them near the desert area or at the end of the buffet table. Any option can work well with your crystal-themed wedding so it will only all depend on your creativity and imagination.

In weddings, one of the most awaited wedding elements, aside from the bride and groom and the actual exchanging of vows ceremony, is the wedding cake. The wedding cake is definitely the first centerpiece guest will notice as they enter the reception hall and is probably one of the most memorable elements that will remain in their minds as they go home.

That’s why it is best that you present your wedding cakes in as elegant and memorable configuration possible using crystal cake stands. As discussed in the sections earlier, you can be really creative in how you can present your cakes, for your wedding ceremonies or for your guests, using crystal cake stands elegantly embellished with beads and crystals that will truly transform ordinary stands into something magical. So, transport your guests into a magical, fairy-tale like crystal themed wedding ceremony and reception – with your wedding cake on top of elegant crystal cake stands as your centerpiece and focus of attention.