Top 10 Wedding Centerpiece Ideas for 2015

Wedding preparations can be complex and tedious but at the same time they can deliver a great sense of fulfillment and accomplishment for both the wedding planners, the newlyweds and everyone in between. Preparations focus not only on the main ceremonies but on the reception as well, including plans for the venue, decorations and the centerpieces.

With practices dating back to the 18th century, centerpieces are very important wedding elements that on some receptions, couples opt to forego table linens and other decorations and bring special attentions and focus to the wedding centerpieces. These centerpieces can be as luxurious and expensive as you’d want them to be, or you can be more practical and opt for these top 10 wedding centerpiece ideas that can truly add magic to your big day this 2015.

1. Golden Fruits

Fruits have significant symbolisms to weddings of old, particularly during the Middle Ages where the cutting and sharing of fruits like apples represent the act of sharing the joys and sorrows couples will eventually encounter in their union. For the Chinese, apples represent good health, harmony and peace in the couple’s home while strawberries for the Seneca people represent spring, abundant harvest and rebirth.  

Forego traditional settings and bring a totally different look and feel to your wedding receptions with the use of golden fruit wedding centerpieces and decorations. Bring that royal or imperial touch with golden apple wedding centerpieces using gold-painted apples on floral vases. You can also go for golden strawberries centerpieces using plastic strawberries spray painted with gold.  

2. Floating Pearl Centerpieces

Pearls used as decorations can be very elegant or glamorous no matter what occasion or celebration the décor was intended for. Be different and add elegance and glamour to your wedding receptions using floating pearl centerpieces, created by letting pearl beads and jelly pearls float on clear water and enhanced with floating candles and floral vases.

3. Bird Cage Centerpieces

There are lots of symbolisms with the use of doves during weddings – innocence, fidelity, peace and new beginnings – but most specially the love and joy brimming in the hearts of the wedding couple at that special moment. This is often symbolized by the opening of the bird cages and the releasing of doves at a special moment during the wedding ceremonies.

Aside from the ceremonial releasing of the doves, the use of doves on bird cage centerpieces play on the superstitious belief that seeing pairs of doves during weddings ensure a blessed marriage for the newlyweds. Bring that fresh, homey and yet modern look to your wedding centerpieces with the use of bird cages, enhanced with natural raffia bundles, white cherry blossoms, and LED candles.

4. Kissing Ball Centerpieces

Some churches and wedding venue advice against the scattering of fresh rose and floral petals during the wedding as they can be both slippery and dangerous as well as cause damage to carpets and floors. As alternatives, pomanders or kissing balls are used, carried by flower girls or used as centerpieces during wedding receptions.

You can make use of large flower balls for your kissing ball centerpieces placed on top of crystal stands or table top chandeliers. You can also make use of kissing pomander balls as wedding centerpieces on top of acrylic ice cube shaped vase fillers placed on crystal floral vases. You can also go for a more natural and subtle look using an artificial boxwood kissing ball centerpieces or kissing ball banners strewn together with rat tail cords.  

5. Terrarium Centerpieces

If you want a more environmental or eco look for your wedding receptions, then using terrarium centerpieces would be a great option for representing an enclosed natural environment – and would truly bring a totally different and unique look and feel for your wedding. As a replica of nature, a terrarium plant zen garden can make use of clear glass orbs enhanced with natural reindeer moss, fountain stone rocks, cactus, wood pieces and other succulent items you can add. Terrarium centerpieces can be in the form of hanging glass terrarium, glass capsule terrariums, and mason jar terrariums.

6. Amaranthus Centerpieces

Derived from the Greek term “amaranton” which means “unwilting”, amaranths symbolizes immortality because of their ability to be more durable to fading or wilting. The Aztecs used the flowers of the Amaranthus in their ceremonies as a ritual food that represents health, prosperity and divinity. They can also be great accent plants for use as wedding centerpieces with amazing tassels that present some of the darkest reds or the darkest greens that look like little palm trees. Amaranthus centerpieces can use sprays placed in floral vases together with natural raw cork vase fillers as accents.

7. Floral Centerpieces

The practice of using flowers for weddings dates back to ancient times but putting meaning to these floral bouquets beyond mere aesthetics started in nineteenth century Victorian England. During this period, open discussion of emotions was prevented by a reserved and very conservative society so men had no recourse but to express their emotions through flowers.

Symbolizing love, joy and beauty, roses of various colors are very popular in weddings and using rose hydrangea centerpieces for your receptions would be a perfect arrangement that will stand out for all your guests to see and experience. You can choose from ivory rose hydrangea centerpieces, the white or ivory hues indicating purity, innocence and fidelity. Or you can go for red roses which depict passion or opt for pink roses hydrangea centerpieces that signify the couple’s gratitude for having met each other – culminating in this union. These roses and hydrangea combinations can be placed in floral vases accented with fountain stones rocks or wood balls vase fillers.

If you prefer not to use roses for your centerpieces, you can select spring floral arrangements that feature a wide collection of very beautiful cymbidium flowers placed in floral vases with linen vase wraps and accented by fountain stones rocks and a bit of greenery. Calla lilies are also excellent choices for your floral arrangements symbolizing magnificent beauty. You can use these blooms for your calla lily centerpieces together with fountain stones rocks or other vase fillers on floral vases.

8. Cherry Blossom Wedding Centerpieces

Spring is a symbol of new hope or rebirth that is a perfect theme for weddings, and what better way to represent this than the use of cherry blossom centerpieces. These blooms are available in North America and other parts of the globe but it has its roots in China and Japan where they are called “sakura”. Due to its short life span, cherry blossoms were traditional symbolizing mortality but it has soon evolved to other meanings and symbolisms including innocence, simplicity and new life.

In weddings, cherry blossoms represent the beauty, hope, love and passion of the bride and is perfect as a wedding centerpiece. These blooms come in different colors which you can select from depending on your wedding motifs including white, pink or even fuchsia which you can use together with fuchsia crushed acrylic gems and fuchsia pearl vase gems on floral vases. You can add in more accent or stylized designs and look with the addition of rustic burlap vase complete with burlap wraps and coral mini diamond vase fillers.

9. Chandelier Wedding Centerpieces

If you want some sophisticated glitz and glamour for your wedding, then you can go for elegant chandelier wedding centerpieces using clear diamond cut crystal chandeliers placed on top of crystal glass stands, silver metal stands or clear plastic pedestal stands. You can also go for the platinum silver coated diamond cut wedding silver bling chandeliers.

Aside from table top or standing chandeliers, you can also opt for the hanging types including the spiral style wedding chandelier with sparkling diamond cut beads, the clear teardrop cut crystal chandeliers complete with a hanging chain. Other options include the iridescent diamond cut wedding chandeliers as well as the wedding princess chandeliers featuring princess cut beads arranged in a modern waterfall style.

10. Natural Material Centerpieces

While some couples go for the glitzy and glamorous style of centerpieces, others would rather choose to make use of centerpieces made from natural materials or their substitute. This includes the kissing ball with twig vase centerpieces that make use of kissing balls, natural ribbons, burlap mats and floral vases.

Weddings are joyous and very memorable occasions that signify new hope for couples and newlyweds facing this new era in their lives. From the actual wedding ceremonies, to the reception and eventually the centerpieces, planning is crucial to ensure that everything is all set and is all right – and you can begin the planning process with these top ten wedding centerpieces.

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