Top 5 Work Christmas Party Ideas

Christmas is just around the corner and while most are planning to spend the holidays with family and loved ones, many do look forward to this year’s theme for their work Christmas party. It’s the time of the year when you and your work mates can get together at work simply spending a jolly good time with one another – setting other work matters aside even for just a few hours.

A work Christmas party may be a tradition in your company or organization since it began, but this year’s theme need not be traditional or the same as what you’ve enjoyed the previous years. It should be festive with lots of merrymaking, but the theme should also be unique and exciting that your employees or co-workers would really appreciate and talk about even after the holidays.

So, get your creative juices flowing and be ready to pick up juicy tidbits of inspiration from these top 5 awesome work Christmas party ideas.

1. A Classy Masquerade Party

Who says elegant masquerade parties are only for charity balls or Halloween? Throw an elegant masquerade party a la Phantom of the Opera with all your employees, co-workers and guests in formal wear, donning decorative and extravagant-looking masks. You can have these masks prepared in pairs, with each pair looking different from another, or have the same base mask for all then go wild with the trimmings and decorations that you’ll use to adorn these masks.

Decorate your halls in metallic red, green, silver, purple and gold motifs that turn your place really elegant and festive. Make it more exciting with the use of bling or iridescent chandeliers that come in various sizes and configuration that’ll fit perfectly well with your party venue. These chandeliers can come hanging with a hanging spiral chain and adorned with diamond cut beads or sparkling tassels or they can be placed on silver metallic pedestal stands or golden table top stands.

Your food need not be too extravagant or expensive. You can however, really make them appear very elegant when served on tables adorned with acrylic crystal party garlands , diamond crystal mesh or what is more commonly known as diamond wrap ribbons that would turn any place as sparkling and elegant as you would want them to be.

2. Candy and Chocolate Factory Theme

Bring out the kid in each of your employees or co-workers by turning your party venue into a Candy Land or Chocolate Factory just like what Willy Wonka would do. Fill your venue with bright colors using linen or satin ribbons that come in a wide variety hot, bright, or fluorescent colors that will truly transform your venue into a magical place. Decorate tables with pearl vase gems or diamond acrylic vase fillers of various colors. Then add some more magic by installing hanging glass orbs with led candle lights.

Of course, a candy and chocolate factory party theme would not be complete without the sweet element – candies! Fill silver cupcake, crystal cake stands or charger plates that come in gold, apple green, red and silver with an assortment of candies, candy bars, and chocolates, setting them all over the place to your employees’ or co-workers’ delight. Since it’s a Christmas party after all, your Christmas tree and other décor should be edible candy canes, bars, and candies that everyone can eat as they enjoy a truly remarkable sweets-filled party they’ll never forget.

Have team members prepare some wacky dance routines, incorporating the theme into their choreography and antics. Let them wear costumes with orange skin and green hairs, just like Willy Wonka’s Oompa-Loompas from Loompaland – to the sheer delight of everyone attending the party – from management, employees, to guests!  

3. Gothic Christmas Party Theme

Tired of all the traditional party themes that make some work Christmas parties such a drag? Why not go for a totally different and gothic Nightmare Before Christmas theme that will truly excite your employees and co-workers? Make this year’s party truly radical complete with dark and weird décor that would turn your venue like a set coming out from a Tim Burton masterpiece.

Use hanging glass orbs with led lights as well as black and white paper lanterns that would truly set that eerie yet fun-filled mood into your party. Decorate tables with similar-themed mats, runners, ribbons and linens with vase centerpieces filled with stone, crystal or wood fillers. Serve party food selected from an old English menu of roast poultry, pudding, salads, veggies and other fare appropriate for your theme.

Have your band dress up in line with your theme and have them wacky and fun-filled tunes that everyone would truly enjoy. Of course, the theme would not be complete without everyone else wearing the same styles and gothic motif appropriate for your theme. A Halloween and Christmas party rolled into one – now that’s a truly amazing theme none of your employees, staff and guests would ever forget.

4. In-House Christmas Circus Party Theme

No matter how old people get, the circus remains as one of the most memorable and enjoyable places people have experienced in their lifetime, so why not throw a circus-themed work Christmas party and bring back all those fond memories? Turn your venue into a dazzling and magical place, complete with colored ribbons, lanterns and boxwood décor reminiscent of the circus they enjoyed in their youth.

You’ll need a lot of drapery and linens of bright red to decorate booths and tables that would serve popcorn, peanuts, chicken fingers, appetizers, other finger foods as well as some barbeque galore and cotton candy! Let your caterer serve food with waiters or servers wearing appropriate outfits for the theme – colors, flamboyance, and all!

To make your party truly magical, authentic and unforgettable, hire performers and entertainers that would portray circus acts complete with magicians, jugglers, fire breathers (watch out for the smoke detectors!), walkers and of course – clowns! Let these entertainers walk around your venue, delighting your employees, co-workers and guests – and make them forget their in a work Christmas party and not a real circus!

5. Christmas Around the World Party Theme

Christmas is celebrated all around the world and although it may be impossible to bring the office to these international destinations, why not bring how the world celebrates Christmas right into your own party? The best way to pull this off is to setup various stations around your venue, each station representing a country of your choice (it would be best to base your choice on the ethnicity or original country of your employees or co-workers) complete with their food and holiday décor.

You can decorate each station with burlap jute ribbons, natural jute wired ribbons, mesh wraps, garlands and table runners then set the designated country-based cuisine, drinks and other country-related décor and other elements for that station. You can set paella, tapas and sangria for your Spanish station, sushi and tempura for your Japanese station, and a luscious array of sauerkraut, sausages and roasted chicken for your German station.

Employees or co-workers from a particular country can pitch in and help with decorating their designated country stations. They can photos or even looping slideshows shown on monitors that will explain particular Christmas traditions as celebrated in that particular country as well as some trivia about the food and beverages served in that station.

Whatever size a business or a company is, a Christmas party is a must where everyone is gathered together in recognition for all the hard work and dedication each employee and staff exerted for the just concluding year. Make it memorable and unique from all the previous parties and get together your company has participated in the past, and these top 5 work Christmas party ideas will surely get the creative ball rolling for you and help you plan out what’s best for your staff, employees and guests.

A Christmas party is truly a wonderful, enjoyable and magical moment. It’s a venue for reflection as well as for reconciliation, and at the same time it is also a venue where everyone can share in the team spirit by having fun and enjoyment with one another – and just party!

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