Top 12 Christmas Decorating Ideas (Infographic)


Who said that Christmas decorations have to be the same kind year after year? To help make your holidays fresh and wonderful, this list will tackle refreshing, new takes on old Christmas decorating ideas. We will help you celebrate this special holiday steeped with tradition in a way that has evolved enough to suit modern tastes and sensibilities. There's no reason to not have both.

These 12 Christmas decorating ideas are more focused on getting into the spirit of yuletide cheer in a specifically Christmas way, but this time around with a yin-yang twist of both modernity and traditionalism.

The infographic:

Getting into the Yuletide Spirit

  • Making Christmas Wreaths: This is a staple of Christmastime for sure, but instead of buying wreaths, how about you make one yourself? This way, you'll be doing things the pilgrims of Ancient America would, but at the same time you'll also be indulging in Modern America's love of DIY projects. You can use all sorts of synthetic and organic materials when making your wreaths, from green burlap fringe ribbons to gold-glitter pine cone branches. You can even break tradition from time to time by having a unique square wreath instead of a round one.
  • Tabletop Christmas Vignette: In order to make your Christmas vignette work, you'll need to work with what you've got and then supplement it with some affordable additions, like bonsai-sized Christmas trees, an unadorned Christmas wreath, white candles, a picture frame of Christmas balls, and the most beautiful candle holders. These are perfect for small accent tables, dressers, chests, or your living room coffee table in order to the display on. Have it near the tree to make a consistent, all-encompassing design all over your house.
  • Instead of a Christmas Star Tree Topper, Why Not Something Different? You might need a nest for that owl's perch. You can get an owl either as a stuffed toy or as a readymade statuette of sorts, while its perch can be taken from a flat-bottomed basket or old wide-berth candleholder. It doesn't even have to be an owl either. Speaking of the 12 days of Christmas, why not get a figurine of a partridge? Or even a pear tree instead of pine to be more consistent.
  • Christmas Should Be Green, Green, and More Green: The most consistent thing about Christmas decor other than all the whites and reds is the presence of greenery. Green mistletoe, green Christmas tree, green sprigs of this or that on your table full of candles, and so forth. The greens work well in serving as the main canvas for your decoration, particularly in how effectively it makes the red stand out along with the white. Therefore, stock up on mistletoe and even artificial greens if you can help it.
  • Mistletoe Crafts: Why not indulge in some festive mistletoe making? Instead of buying a ready-made sprig, you can actually design your own mistletoe as a special arts and crafts project for Christmas. For beginners, you can buy an existing piece of mistletoe and redesign it. For the artists, you'll need materials such as a foam ball or florist ball, 20 to 30 branches of mistletoe, silver wire ribbon, sheet moss, florist pins, and red ribbon. You'll be covering the ball with sheet moss and mistletoe using the florist pins.
  • Christmas Bathroom Decoration: This is an important tip because most people neglect to decorate the bathroom, opting instead to concentrate on the lights outside or the Christmas tree and stockings over the fireplace inside. You can decorate your bathroom with the appropriate crystal balls, pictures of reindeer, and towels as well as a sprig or two of mistletoe or a miniaturized pine-shaped Christmas fern as the centerpiece to your whole bathroom design. If you can get Christmas-themed bath products, that could further enhance the mood.
  • Christmas Food Is Also Christmas Decor: Your feast on the eve before Christmas is equal parts food and decoration. From baking gingerbread men to making that delicious lasagna or baked macaroni to go with your spaghetti or roast chicken, presentation is the key to success. More to the point, your Christmastime, dinnertime spread should match your decor and should at least be worth an unfiltered photograph on Instagram. Candy cane treats and sweets to last the whole season through should definitely not look out of place in your household.
  • Christmas Wonderland Yard and Exterior Decoration: The great thing about yard decoration for Christmas is that there are so many ways to go about it. It's a treasure trove of creativity. You can buy a package deal Christmas yard decor setup, sure, but mixing and matching as well as throwing in some DYI setups here and there is the difference between a store-bought card and one you've made yourself. Stretch your imagination and spread holiday cheer by making it a family DYI project of sorts.
  • Mini-Christmas Trees: Also, to supplement your tree, why not purchase an artificial boxwood ball of leaves or two for additional Christmas decoration? Either that or you could use a small fern that can serve as the little brother to your main Christmas tree.For less than $20-$25 (depending on the discount of the season), you can have something that will further highlight the magnificence of your Christmas tree as its foot soldier and whatnot. It adds consistency to your design because it serves as an extension of your theme.
  • Special Snowflake Arts and Paper Craft: You can make arts and paper crafts for snowflakes using easy-to-follow guides and whatnot. You'll need scissors and art paper or even just A4 bond paper to get started. First, fold the paper in half. Then, find the center of the fold and make a triangle on the top half. Fold it again, making a cone. Cut it up and experiment on the shapes and designs you can make (be sure to bring lots of paper). If you want to see a more visual guide laying out instructions on what to do specifically, then you can check out YouTube for more details.
  • Come Up with a Specific Overall Christmas Theme: You can't just say, "Let's have a Christmas theme!" and expect things to come together on the fly. There are many Christmas themes to choose from, and "Christmas" is too vague a concept to be considered a theme. There are many themes to choose from, including woodland Christmas themes without the glitz of LEDs and Christmas balls (everything is natural and organic, plus there's an increased focus on mistletoe and wreaths) to Christmas as Las Vegas would celebrate it.

The Christmas Decorations Ultimatum

Christmas is a time for giving, and as such you'll be given a gift that keeps on giving with this top 12 list of DYI and shabby chic purchases when it comes to Christmastime holiday decor that the whole family can enjoy.

You can have your four calling birds, three French hens, or two turtledoves with the appropriate feel of a 2014 household. Just remember to be creative and learn to experiment a bit with what you can do.

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