Top 15 Wedding Table Ideas (Infographic)

Weddings are some of the most momentous occasions in people lives. So, it would be natural for them to seek out only the best options and ideas to make this very special day the best there is right to that very particular moment of exchanging life-changing vows. With all the options and wondrous choices available, it’s quite daunting for one to simply decide on which option would be the perfect choice for their wedding table designs – whether they opt for the glitzy and glamorous or go for the vintage, subdued or natural.

Whatever choices they make for their wedding table designs, the end goal is still evidently clear – and that is to turn something basic and ordinary into something wonderful and magical – even just for this special day and moment in their lives. The following provides insight to some of the best wedding table ideas valued readers can easily adapt to and implement on their special day.

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1) Wow Guests with a Floral Centerpiece

What wedding would be complete without flowers? Wow your guests with awesome floral centerpieces on their designated tables that matches the main floral centerpiece on the head table. Floral centerpieces can come in a wide variety of designs, colors, arrangements and types of flowers.

You can choose from tall Victoria rose bushes, roses and hydrangeas but you can also go for Vanda orchids, Phalanopsis orchids, calla lilies, or cymbidium flowers with daisy, peony or cherry blossom sprays thrown in for added flourish. Enhance your centerpieces with sparkle buttlerflies or glitter sparkle atomic floral branches that will certainly wow your guests.

2) Add Color with Vase Fillers

Crystal vases look gorgeous but you can bring out that added wow-factor by using colorful vase fillers that add color, brilliance and elegance to wedding tables. You can go for elegant champagne crushed acrylic gems or small silver diamond shape acrylic gems. Ice cube rock fillers or your choice of pearl vase gems in motif-matching colors would also be excellent choices.

Other people would prefer a more natural and subdued look for their special day. If that’s the case, you can choose from multi-sized river stones, natural wood slices, natural wood balls, and natural raw cork as vase fillers that will bring out a more rustic, charming and natural look.

3) Vintage Table Settings

Vintage wedding table settings are excellent theme ideas for your special day and you can start by using vintage china instead of the usual plates and utensils served to and used by guests. Match these with other vintage design elements like the use of vintage bottles transformed into flower vases for your choice of flower bushes or sprays. Use can also use vintage crockery as centerpieces or nostalgic looking trophy cups, retro glasses or crystal bird cages.

4) Light Them Up with LED Candle Lights

The use of candles as a wedding décor elements will definitely set the perfect mood for this perfect night. But why complicate things by using real wax candles when you can use LED flameless and smokeless wax pillar or smaller tea light LED candle lights and have the same effect.

You can also use square ice cube flashing lights or submersible LED lights that you can scatter on table tops or used as vase fillers. These lights come in a variety of colors and other options that you can choose from to match your theme and motif choices.

5) Go Green with Greenery

Many people would opt to “go green” even in their wedding table design choices. You can choose from apple green magnolia flower rings to wreaths and arrangements that use green leaf stems and amaranthus sprays. Wreaths and floral table centerpieces can be further enhanced with boxwood stems, mats and balls for that green and more natural look.

6) Vibrant with Colorful

While others go for a subdued, elegant look for their wedding tables, others would opt for a more vibrant, joyful and colorful settings. Enhance your floral centerpieces with colorful linens, diamond table runner mesh wraps that sparkle with simulated rhinestone indentations, personalized dinner napkins, and glass vases wrapped and enhanced by ribbons for that additional vibrant but elegant flourish.

7) White Wedding

Sometimes, the most wonderful weddings and receptions are designed predominantly in white. Wedding tables can be set in white linens and other white flourish elements. Your choice of flowers can also be predominantly white particularly hydrangeas, calla lilies, vanda orchids, gerbera daisies, lotus flowers and even white cherry blossoms. Enhance these floral wedding table designs with white crushed acrylic gems, ice cube rocks and clear acrylic ice diamonds as vase fillers.

8) Under the Sea

Beach wedding table designs would naturally go for oceanic or under-the-sea themed elements like the use of assorted beach shells, pearlized troco sea shells, or sky blue crushed sea glass piece as vase fillers. You can also choose a shell bouquet as wedding table centerpiece, enhanced with   knobby starfish table decors, driftwood pieces, Capiz shells, and micro natural starfishes used like confetti scattered across wedding table tops.

9) Iron

Other people would go for an ornate look using wrought iron designs that signify the union of beauty and strength. You can go for ornate iron baskets, mini butterfly bird cages, small vintage bird cages and wrought iron pillar candlesticks and stands which you can further enhance with flowers, sprays, linen, mesh wraps, and ribbons.

10) Glassware

You can select from a wide variety glassware, crystal-clear or colorful, as excellent wedding table decorations. Clear rectangle or cylinder vase can make a simple but elegance enhancement to your wedding tables. You can also go for ball shaped crystal candle holders, Tulip shaped candle holders, crystal bowl or square candle holder, crystal pedestal candle holder.

11) Paper

Paper might just be simple but it can be used as the perfect material for creative wedding designs and table elements. You can use stenciled brown craft paper, monogramed napkins, and decorative menus. Your floral designs can also be based on paper, such as using paper rose flowers and other designs. You can also make use of decorative paper lanterns to get that extra wow factor from your guests.

12) Go Natural

You can also opt for a textured and more natural look for your wedding tables using decorative materials made from natural resources. This includes jute fabric, burlap fabric, burlap tablecloths, burlap fringe ribbons, burlap mesh wraps, jute string twine, jute aisle runner garlands, knitted jute wired ribbon and burlap weave ribbon.

13) Fruits

Fruits, real or artificial, can also be used as great floral design motifs for your wedding tables. You can select from a wide variety of assorted glitter fruit like bananas, pear, apples, orange, papaya, watermelon and even pomegranate in either full or half-cut form. You can also select gold strawberries and other fruits as well as silver half-cut fruits like pomegranate among others.

14) Cloths

Your choice of cloths for your wedding tables can also be a big and very important factor for adding style, flourish and elegance. Gold or different-colored sequined cloth will be excellent choices as well as printed cloths with your choice of designs and patterns. Ruffles and rosette can also turn simple cloth materials into something extremely elegant, which you can further enhance by adding lights directly under the tables.

15) Charger Plates

The use of ornate charger plates are great options for wedding table presentation and decoration, adding glamour and sophistication to your setting. Charger plates can also be colored in antique gold or silver as well as any other motif-matching colors. You can further enhance the overall look of your setting with the use of customized place cards, vase gem fillers and acrylic ice diamond fillers scattered on top of the table, and flower stems or sprays.

Your wedding day is a life-changing moment for two people in love, so it is but natural that you and your partner make the best and most effort in turning this very momentous event into your most memorable day ever with these top wedding table ideas.

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