Top 7 DIY Fall Decorations

Fall is a season to contemplate and "turn a new leaf". It's only fitting that you celebrate this season of transition and change with open arms and an open mind. It’s a great time to welcome change and try out new things.

Autumn is the perfect period to go about sprucing up your place as nature itself does away with the old in order to enter winter and, afterwards, the miracle of spring. If you've already stretched your imagination in coming up with fall-themed do-it-yourself (DIY) decor that's not Halloween-related, worry not, for that's been dealt with by the ever-reliable Information Superhighway.

Staying Consistently Thematic with Your Fall DIY Decor

  1. Create Your Own Autumn or Fall Wreath: There are multiple ways to go about this. A fall-themed wreath should have more emphasis on the browns rather than the greens in light of the season it's attempting celebrate.

Therefore, it makes perfect sense to create, for example, acorn wreaths with acorns directly taken from the oak tree in your yard to get the ultimate DIY fall wreath. You can also put together a wreath made of a garland of pumpkins.

Then again, if you want something other than some shade of brown foliage for your wreath, then it's okay to go the greenery route provided that there's a hint of brown or yellow in it, like a leaf on the verge of changing color.

What's more, you can also decorate it with loads of online-bought materials to choose from in order to streamline the entire operation, from 9-inch burlap jute ribbons to hot pink silk rose flowers.

Anything non-organic that you'll put into your wreath should serve to highlight the fall theme look of the ring of leaves in question, whether it's by serving as a stark contrast to its Monet-like swathes or to complement the earthiness of it all.

  1. Indulge in Gourds Craft: Crafting your own gourds is par for the course in fall; it’s almost as expected as the presence of pumpkins in nearly everything, up until the resurgence of pumpkin spice as a drink of choice. Furthermore, instead of getting fresh gourds, you should make use of dried ones with varying sizes.

Gourds are also available online, if you're curious. The great thing about making your own gourd craft is that its beauty and majesty is only really limited to your imagination. For fall, you can concentrate mostly on making your gourd look more like a jack-o-lantern or even a wooden and ornate jar.

 If you want to decorate your gourd with crisp lines, you can put on painter's tape around the gourd's middle part in order to make the paint stick better. If you wish to have a drippier effect from your design, put a quarter a cup of paint into a storage bag that can be resealed.

From there, snip a corner of the paint like piping frosting in the middle of the gourd then, using a foam brush, extend the paint up from the resulting drips, then add more paint to cover for gaps.

  1. Build Your Own Cornucopia: In mythological terms, the cornucopia is the magic horn of the goat Amalthea that she used to feed the baby Zeus while he was in hiding from his father, Cronos. It's a symbol of prosperity and bounty, which is perfect for a season that's transitioning into winter.

Originating from myth and legend, the fall decor cornucopia is a fake, bugle-shaped horn made with a glue gun, burlap sack, two feet of wicker cornucopia, a hank of raffia, wheat stalks, jute string, and various other art construction materials so that it can house a multitude of pumpkins, squash, shallots, gourds, onions, pears, flowers, and nuts in one place.

The horn of plenty can be DIY, but you can also get readymade ones you can purchase in handicraft stores in case you instead want to decorate and customize an existing cornucopia base to your personal tastes (that still counts as DIY).

Your cornucopia can also house Halloween treats for Trick or Treat, if you so wish. You can turn it into an open piñata of sweets and candy altogether, but it comes with a bit of sacrifice in design since this horn of plenty is closely associated with natural, organic food.

  1. The Golden Glassy Glow of Autumn: Instead of the cliché spooky jack-o-lantern that anyone and his/her grandmother (or anyone who wasn't born yesterday) knows about, how about a classier type of DIY fall lantern decor?

Candlelight absolutely looks magical when put inside a tea light container and the proper hanging glass orb, the transparency and the patterns giving it an eerie quality that's perfect for the spooky side of fall, particularly when it comes to Halloween.

Depending on the kind of glass container you have on hand, you can show off not only the slow burn of candlelight, but also the colorful materials of the glass as well, leading to a mesmerizing light show that captures the existential essence of autumn.

Include seasonal materials with your candle like small pumpkins and popcorn kernels as well as clear round stones and candy corn. You can even go with the battery-powered candle or some sort of incandescent light bulb if you wish for a safer DIY lantern with less chances of catching fire.

This is essentially a fall-themed lantern setup. If you wish, you can mix and match it with the terrarium setup below to have a truly eerie, candlelit world with fall objects inside the glass that can cast all sorts of soft and harsh shadows.

  1. Make Your Own Terrarium: You can buy hanging glass orbs as your main means of making your own terrarium. A terrarium or a glass-encased globe that encompasses a certain theme (like a snow globe for winter) isn't only reserved for one particular season.

You can, by all intents and purposes, make your own fall or autumn in a jar as long as you have a glass orb to house it all in readily available. You can also make use of a glass cake cover or bell jar to make this all work.

A fall-themed terrarium should have some sort of terracotta bulb dish that houses all sorts of things you'd associate with fall, such as miniature pumpkins, oak sprigs, a bed of moss, and what you'd usually put on your cornucopia horn (from shallots to nuts and so forth).

Let your creativity fly when it comes to what you can put within your terrarium. It's your chance to make a fall globe of your own miniature world full of impressionist-style foliage and bonsai-sized browning plants about to shed their leaves in anticipation of a snowy winter and a new set of holidays.

  1. The Charm of Apple Candles: Add color to your table setup with the use of apples as your candles. Making apple candles is actually a breeze once you know how. Here's how you can go about it.

First, you need to remove the stem of the apple. From there, you core the apple until you can fit a candle inside of it. You can use a box cutter knife to do the coring. The size of the hole should coincide with the size of the candle.

A spoon can be utilized for coring after you've cut the upper layer with your box cutter. The idea here is to scoop up the cut material until there's a hole big enough to fit your candle inside.

Alternately, you can add a tealight rather than a candle on the apple so that you can end up with something that's less long-lasting but faster to make. Take note, actual apples can be utilized in this DIY project.

For your fall theme, you can have the apple candles floating in a tub with the wick lit to give the whole setup that signature autumn ambiance.

  1. Roped-In Autumn Chandelier: Instead of lights, you can instead create your own fall-themed chandelier with rope, canning jars, and leaves for that much-needed fall "spirit" and theme. First, you'll need to drill a quarter-inch hole in a canning jar lid.

Afterwards, put a rope through each hole and then tie the separate pieces together in a sturdy knot under the lid. Place leaves within the jars then tightly secure the lids. Tie the ropes together and hang everything from a ceiling hook that's big and sturdy enough to support the weight of the jars.

What you'll end up with is a collection of seemingly preserved foliage in jars. The beauty of the whole setup can further be illuminated (literally) with spot lights or sunlight that pierce through the clear glass and expose the intricate details of the beautiful dying leaves.

Arguably, this last entry of DIY fall decorations epitomize the essence of fall the most, much better than a pumpkin patch or a pumpkin platter would. Most any enthusiast of home improvement can do this, and it's a shabby chic way of celebrating fall with one of the most enduring symbols of it all.

The Bottom Line

Fall is a time for change, and one of the best ways to celebrate this change is to getting fall decorations that you yourself made. If you're in need of materials for your DIY fall decoration needs, then you're in luck, the Internet has you covered.

With that in mind, you should remember that this is only a compilation of suggestions and recommendations when it comes to fall design and decoration. Don't underestimate your own creativity in coming up with something better.

Don't let this guide limit your unfettered imagination. Let your fall creativity fly!

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