Top 5 Wedding Decor Ideas

No thoughts lingering in the minds of the bride, groom and family members right before the wedding could be more dominating than the actual exchange-of-vows ceremony itself. For the rest of the guest, well, most have set their sights in anticipation for the serious fun, food, dancing and open bar at the reception. Indeed, the reception is culminating point in this glorious day where everyone gets to lose all tension and simply relax – including the newlyweds – and just enjoy the moment with friends, families, and loved ones.

But just like any endeavor in life, every aspect of the wedding should be carefully planned and prepared in meticulous detail months before the actual wedding date. Whether the couple is planning everything according to tight budgets or have more than adequate resources at their disposal, the goal is to wow their guests and everyone else attending the wedding – and this could really be a very daunting task to undertake.

For these reasons, the following top wedding décor ideas are being shared to help guide couples in the selection and planning process – and truly make this joyous occasion

1. Crystals and Diamonds

Most couples getting married naturally want to have a fabulously glamorous wedding. It’s not every day you have weddings like these so why not make it as glamorous as it can be? Without spending all you have and wiping out your bank account, you can have a really glamorous crystals and diamond theme wedding.

You can add that very elegant shine and sparkle to your wedding décor by using diamond bling and diamond-like acrylic vase fillers. A great thing about these fillers, gems, pearls and blings are they can come in a wide variety of hues to suit your color motif and still maintain that shine and sparkle that will make your wedding as elegant as it can be.

Aside from bling and fillers, you can also make use of bendable and pliable diamond rap or diamond mesh rolls that you cut down into any shape and size and still maintain that elegant shine and sparkle you wanted. These mesh wraps have indented surfaces that make them appear like rhinestones or diamond encrusted ribbons that you can use as table runners or wrap around cake stands or candle holders. Diamond ribbons also come in the form of silver flower diamonds, flower diamonds, rhinestone diamonds, and silver heart diamond ribbons

While you’re at it, you can add elegant crystal ware that will definitely stand out among your other centerpiece decorations. Stunning crystal glass stands, crystal ball stands, crystal bowls, orbs, candle holders, and crystal glass silver cake stands will definitely create that elegant effect you wanted.

2. Bed of Roses

Floral design ideas can be considered the default décor of choice for weddings and would be a natural choice for most couples. But why be satisfied with the standard and ordinary when you can make it awesome and unique with elegant Victoria rose bush décor as centerpieces, table décor and other wedding floral arrangements.

Rose themed décor can be set according to your color and hue of choice, depending on your setting preference. If you want to make it more casual, you can select from various hues of pink, yellow, orange, purple and even blue. If you’d rather go for the more elegant and romantic look, then go for the traditional red or the immaculate white. Spice your rose bushes up with rose petals and confetti sprinkled on bowls, vases and table tops. Add in a bit of sparkle with glitter curly ting ting that will make your centerpieces more stylish and edgy.

Flower décor can be a large centerpiece that can effectively attract attention to a central location in the room or on the head table. The same theme and arrangements can also be used on cake stands, gift tables and wedding reception tables for your guests, with floral designs matching your main centerpiece and overall wedding theme and motif. 

3. Under the Sea

Well, not literally “under” the sea but rather a laid back, relaxing and tranquil beach wedding near a calm sea. You do need to take several aspects into consideration – choosing whether you’d go for a sunrise or a sunset wedding, tide behavior, beach location, facilities available – and of course all your décor requirements that will make it a truly memorable beach wedding moment.

You should choose color motifs most appropriate for your theme like deep-sea blue or emerald green palettes – the same colors you’ll find under the sea. Instead of using gems or diamond fillers, you can make your choice among assorted beach shell vase fillers that you can place on crystal bowls and stand or on appropriately colored charger plates that match your color motif.

A beach wedding does not necessarily mean you have to book an entire resort by the sea and have your festive occasion among the calm waves and rustic sand dunes. Arranging all that may be too much for people who do not have the time nor the resources for it. So, why not bring the beach to your venue and choice by setting it up for beach-themed decorations instead?

You do need to have other implements and installations on top of table and chairs décor to transform other aspects of your venue to beach wedding theme. Walls, ceilings and even floors can be transformed effectively into a beach-themed setting that will give the look and feel of the waves and even sand dunes of the sea.

4. Shabby Chic

Modern couples of the social media age may go for a shabby chic theme that exudes a minimalistic worn or distressed look on décor items. Shabby chic does not mean vintage, which is a more appropriate category for old, antique or period-related items. Shabby chic décor is closer to the fast-moving, functional lifestyle modern people are used to today.

Shabby chic décor can apply to various items in your wedding design arsenal: from table linens and chandeliers, to napkins and cake stands. Centerpieces can also contribute to the shabby chic feel using lavender, greens, sprays, boxwood mats and balls, and pomander kissing balls of various colors. You can select from various shabby chic options that can match your central theme and color palette choices that will give you that simple, unique but romantic feel for your special day.

5. Across the Universe

Marriage between two people in love is like walking among the clouds and other celestial bodies like angels making a nostalgic trip across the universe. The primary element in celestial wedding themes is to make the stars appear and you can do so – short of actually conducting your wedding in reception under an open night sky – by using midnight blue or darker hued palettes, and lights… lots of lights.

You celestial wedding décor designs can start with your centerpieces, with flower bushes, stems and balls with color choices matching your overall theme and color motif. Your floral centerpieces can also be integrated with bright LED lights that will bring out the sparkle and radiance of stars that’s perfect for your celestial theme. These lights are waterproofed so you can use them with water on ponds, pools, and water-filled containers.

You can also extend the LED lights functionality and use it with candles and floating flowers integrated with LED lights so you can have hundreds of these bright, safe and smokeless lights that will fill the room with star-like pinpoints of lights. These LED-lighted candles and flowers can be integrated with centerpieces or simply strewn around the room and across wedding table tops.

Your celestial theme can also extend beyond your décor and can be integrated in your other designs that include your invitations and wedding favors. Stars can be stenciled or painted on your invitations, menu and other printed items. Wedding favors can also come in star-shaped form integrated into the design of soaps, cookies, chocolates, key chains and other favors of choice you selected for your special day.

Of course your choice of designs and ideas from among the various wedding décor options available will still depend on your preference and unique situations. The key here is to select an option that you are comfortable and happy with. It is your special day and you do have the final say – but these suggestions can put you at the right path and help ease out the pressure in the selection process.

Less tension… more magic. 

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