Cute Baby Shower Decorating Ideas (Infographic)


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Having a baby shower can make the arrival of a baby even more exciting. It is also a good occasion to make the mom-to-be feel that her friends and family are by her side to support her and to provide her with her for her to have a safe delivery and to make the transition to motherhood go smoothly. If you are holding a baby shower for a friend, one of the important things that you need to take care of is the decoration.

What follows are cute baby shower decorating ideas that can help you organize a memorable gathering.

Use flowers creatively

Using flowers for baby showers is a no-brainer. After all, flowers symbolize beauty, color and life. In more ways than one, they can be likened to a baby. But flowers are so commonplace in events that people tend to overlook them. This is the reason why you need to use flowers creatively, especially for baby showers. Do not just put them on a base and dump them anywhere. Instead of using a vase, why not put your flowers in painted tin buckets? You also need to make sure that your choice of flowers would go well with your selected theme. If you are having a Winnie the Pooh theme, for example, then you should get red and orange-colored flowers.

Post photos, ultrasound printouts

People love looking at photos. But instead of letting your guests plow through piles of heavy photo albums or view photos from your laptop or tablet, print some photos and use them as decorations instead. In this day and age where people are used to looking at digital pictures, printing photos would seem like a novel idea. To display the photos, you can simply stick them on your wall or you can put a string on one part of your wall then hang the photos in it using clothes pins. If you don't like to use old photos then why not have a special photo shoot just for the baby shower. Through the photos you can show the mother's journey to motherhood. Apart from photos, you can also use printouts from the baby's ultrasound.

Fill the room with balloons

A party is not really a party without balloons right? Some people might find it tacky to have balloons in a baby shower. But having them is one sure way of making a room or an area more festive. And the best thing about balloons is that they are cheap. You can scatter them in a room and let them freely move to where the wind blows them or you can also have balloon bouquets that you can place in strategic parts of the party venue. Also, you should not feel limited to the common pink or blue colors.

Hang some mobiles

Mobiles are associated with babies. They are used in cribs to stimulate the growth and curiosity of infants. Have you seen a baby playing with a mobile? Fewer things in the world can match its cuteness. But what many people do not know about mobiles is that they can be used as baby shower decorations. You can either by a commercially-made mobile from a toy or a baby supply store or you can make your own. You don't need to be a Martha Stewart to create a simple but cute mobile. Just get some sticks, colored paper, scissors and glue and let your imagination run wild. You can even use the mobiles that you will make when the baby finally arrives.

Get some diaper cakes

Have you heard of diaper cakes? It is exactly what the name suggests, it is a cake made from layers of diapers. Diaper cakes are not only cute, they are useful too. This is because they are meant to have the mom-to-be an initial supply of diapers to be used when her baby finally arrives. There are services who can make a diaper cake for you for a fee. Or you can simply make one yourself. Just check for instructions online. For sure, you can even find an instructional video on how to make one on Facebook. Apart from diapers, you can also use baby clothes and even toys to make your cake look more “appetizing.”

Have a gift basket

Of course you can't have a baby shower without showering the mom-to-be and her baby with gifts. But instead of just putting all of the gifts on a boring table, a better idea would be to have a large basket where guests can put their gifts. Having a basket also makes it easier for the celebrant to open her gifts when it is time to unwrap them. You can get a hamper or a large basket from a home store and simply decorate it with ribbons, flowers, small toys or even balloons. When the party starts, the basket must be placed near where the mommy is seated. So when guests arrives, they can approach her to greet her and hand over their gifts, the mom can simply place the gifts in the basket.

Hang a streamer or banner

The arrival of a baby is a big occasion. And it is something that needs to be announced to the world. Nothing can announce an event better than large streamers and banners. Having streamers and banners is a great way to decorate a bare wall in a room. A banner or a streamer also serves as good background for photos. You can buy ready-made banners from stores that sells party favors or if you are up to it, then simply create your own. If you are good at designing graphics with a computer, then you can easily create a banner or a streamer. There is one rule that you need to follow though when creating banners or streamers: just keep it simple. If possible, limit the colors that you will use to no more than three.

Use food as decoration

Of course, it would not be a party without food. When it comes to food though, presentation is very important. If you want the food to look more enticing, then you need to present them in a creative yet simple way to make food more presentable is to display them on different levels in the table. You can use risers and platforms to raise some food above the table. You don't need to buy special platforms and risers, you can simply, use old boxes and then cover them in colorful cloth or paper.

Wall decor

What to do with a bare wall? OK, so you can place a banner or a streamer on one side but what about the other sides of the wall? There are actually many things you can do with a bare wall. You can place drapes, colorful cloths and ribbons on it or, if you have more liberty to decorate the wall, you can place baby books on it as well as small toys and trinkets.

Table setting

Table setting is one thing that party organizers tend to forget. But this is very important because guests will spend a lot of time eating. If you have a theme, make sure that your table setting is consistent with it.

With the cute above ideas, your planned baby shower will surely be one for the books.


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