21 DIY Party Decorations (Infographic)

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Are you having a party anytime soon? On a budget? You need to know that you don't have to spend a fortune to have a party that you and your guests will remember for a long time. If you really want to have a unique party, then the trick is to add some personal touch in it.

The following 21 DIY party decorating ideas are so simple to follow that you don't need to be an artistic or overly creative to be able to do them.

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1. Pom Poms

There is a reason why cheerleaders carry pom poms with them. It is because they infuse energy and vitality to any event. And one of the best things about pom poms is that they are very easy to make and they can be used for a variety of occasions. The only thing that you need to consider if you plan to use pom poms is the theme of the party.

2. Washi tape paper cups

Not so happy with the cheap paper cups that you bought? Then spice them up with some washi tape.

3. Greeting Card Streamers

Do you have old greeting cards lying around your house or hidden in some part of your room? Then you can make better use of them by tying them together to make a streamer. For this project, all you need is a string, used greeting cards and a few clothes pins. You can also use a ribbon or a garland if you like. When you have tied the cards together, you can now hang the streamer on your wall.

4. DIY placeholders

You can easily make placeholders by cutting pieces of paper into fun shapes and then slipping them into forks.

5. Use snacks as decorations

Do you know that you can actually use food as decoration for your party? All you need to do is to arrange food in an attractive way. For example, you can put small treats like candies in jars. If you are planning to serve fruits, then you can also present them in platters or even vases. You can add more color to the arrangement by adding ribbons or garlands to the food container.  

6. Table Decorations

One of the easiest ways to set the mood for a party is through a nice table centerpiece. You don't need to spend much on a centerpiece. Fact is, it is quite easy to create one on your own using ordinary materials that may already be in your home. You probably have different kinds of containers – jars, bowls, pots, pans - lying around in your house right? You can simply fill these containers with colorful little stuff such marbles, pebbles, flowers, etc and voila, you already have a centerpiece for your party.

7. Origami

The great thing about knowing origami is that you can use it to create different DIY party decors. One of the things that you can create through origami is flowers of course. And the best thing about origami flowers is that they are not as delicate as the real thing. They can also be eco friendly especially if you are using recycled paper for your origami projects.

8. DIY Marquee

Do you want to feel like a star? Then why don't you put up a marquee in front of your house. You can easily create a marquee using poster board, Styrofoam and cheap lights. DIY marquees are perfect for movie and Hollywood themed parties.

9. Balloons

It is not really a party without balloons right? Just seeing a balloon transports us back to a time when all we really cared for was playing with the floating round thing. Of course, you shouldn't just scatter the balloons in a room. At least try to be creative with it. You can tape some balloons in a bare wall or you can take a bunch, dress them up with a ribbon then let them float in the air until they reach the ceiling.

10. Upcycled jars

Are you fond of eating jams or peanut butter? Then you probably have a lot of use jars lying around your kitchen. You can upcycle these jars by turning them into flower vases or even candle holders.  

11. Lights

If your party is going to be help at night, then it is essential to have the right lighting fixture. But instead of calling the pros to install lighting fixture for you, you can always design and install them on your own. What you can do is to buy a cheap string of lights in a hardware and then just decorate it with origami flowers. Or you can even use empty plastic cups.

12. Streamers and banners

For some reason, putting streamers or banners in a party easily turns the fun up a notch. And banners and streamers are useful too because in them you can easily put a message or the main theme of the party. But the best thing about them is that they are very easy to make. You can either make a banner using old-school art materials or you can use your computer.

13. Garlands

If you want an even easier decor to make than banners and streamers, then go for garlands. And just like banners and streamers, you can also add your messages to garlands if you will use a series of flags or pennants. Garlands can be made from either paper or fabric.

14. Canopies

If its summer and you are planning to hold your party outdoors in the daytime, then a great way to spruce it up would be to have some colorful canopies. Apart from adding a dash of color to your party, canopies will also protect you and your guests from the harmful rays of the sun.

15. Photos

Don't know what to do with a bare wall? Then turn it into a photo wall and fill it with pictures.

16. Leaves

Do you have piles of leaves on your yard? Do not throw them away just yet. If you are having a party soon, then you can use these leaves for some DIY decorating. You can use these leaves to create a DIY mural for your wall. You can also use some of the leaves as filler for your centerpieces.

17. Puppets

If you are having a children's party then a good idea to keep the kids interested is to have a puppet show. But instead of buying puppets, why not make them on your own. You can make puppets out of used paper bags and old socks and some other recycled materials from your home.

18. Paper mobiles

The use of mobiles is associated with baby showers and children's parties. But does not mean that you can't use them for other kinds of parties. The best kind of paper to use for mobiles is vellum but you can also use other types of paper.

19. Re-purposed umbrellas

Do you have broken umbrellas just lying around gathering dust? You can re-purpose them as party decors. For example, you can hang some umbrellas upside down over some lighting fixture.

20. Natural chandelier

You can easily make a natural chandelier using materials from your garden. If you gave a eucalyptus plant for example then you can simply get some and hang them on your ceiling over some lighting fixture for a rustic and fragrant chandelier.

21. Popsicle stick table runner

Are you looking for a unique table runner for a party? Then why not just make one using Popsicle sticks. Just stick Popsicle sticks together on a mat or a piece of paper and then splash it with different colored paint.

With thee DIY party decorations, you can save money and have an awesome party at the same time.


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