8 Creative Vase Decorations Ideas

Vases are such ubiquitous pieces. They can be seen almost anywhere. Most homes have several vases lying around or are hidden in cabinets. The problem with vases is that they are so common that they are often taken for granted. If you have an event coming up soon and you are short on budget, you don't need to buy new vases.

If you have old vases lying around your house, you can give them a new breath of life by jazzing them up using different materials that you can buy from a craft store. Our traditional notion of vases is that they are used to hold plants and flowers. But if you will just think out of the box, you will discover that vases can actually serve many different purposes. You are only limited by your imagination. So below are 8 creative vase decoration ideas:

Use diamond wrap

They say that diamonds are a girl's best friend. So if you really want to have a stunning-looking vase that will be the envy of your friends, then why not wrap it one in diamonds? You don't have to use real diamonds, of course. Unless you want to and have the means to do so. But for those who are not awash in cash, faux diamonds would do just fine. You have the option of using tiny stones or large glittery rocks. It is totally up to you. To save up on faux diamonds, you should buy them in bulk. Just make sure that the quality is good. Don't go for the ones that are obviously made of plastic. Yes, there are many different kinds of fake stones. If you don't want to glue pieces of stones one by one, you can get a wrap that is covered with little gems. You won't believe how easy it is to spruce up a vase with the use of a sparkling wrap. You don't even need to have any experience in crafting.

Use cherry blossom vase fillers

One of the easiest ways to decorate an otherwise boring and empty vase is to fill it with stuff. When you hear vase fillers, the first thing that probably comes to your mind are little colored stones or marbles. While these are safe bets and would definitely work in making a vase look livelier than it actually is, there are other, more exciting items that you can use as vase fillers. Are you fond of cherry blossoms? Nothing represents the spring season best than cherry blossoms. If you have some experience in decorating space and objects, then you've probably used cherry blossoms in the past. But you probably do not know that you can use them as vase fillers. And the best thing about using cherry blossoms as vase fillers is that they are perfect for any occasion. You can use them for weddings, anniversaries and even birthdays since cherry blossoms serve as a universal symbol for a fresh start and renewal. You don't have to fill up your vase with cherry blossoms. Just a little more than half of the way would do.

Fill up the vase with fruits

You can always will up your vase with colored stones and marbles. But after your big event, what are you going to do with your rather useless fillers. They would; probably sit in a dark box somewhere while waiting for the time that they will be used again. Why use useless objects as vase fillers when you can have useful ones instead. A great alternative to stones and marbles as vase fillers are fruits. When you fill your vase with fruits then they would serve a double purpose. They can serve as ornaments while at the same time they also double as a snack container. Do not make your guests wait for the end of the event before they can get some fruits. Tell them right away that they can snack on the fruits. Just make sure that you will be able to refill them. Fruits are perfect as vase fillers because they are very colorful. Not to mention that they are very fragrant as well. Unfortunately, you cannot say the same about colored stone and marbles no matter how fancy looking they are.

Use artificial fruits instead of real ones

If you don’t want to use real fruits for some reason than simply get artificial ones. This is the best solution if you want to use fruits that are not in season. If you want variety in your vase, then simply get a pack that contains different kinds of fruits. There are advantages to using artificial fruits over real ones. For one, artificial fruits don't get spoiled. This means you can use them over and over again. Artificial fruits also do not attract insects the way some real fruits do. And with artificial fruits, you can have fruits that are not on season.

Use Burlap to wrap around the vase

There was a time when burlap was considered as humble material. After all, it was made from the same materials that are used to make sacks. And then suddenly, people developed a yearning for country living. Rustic became a byword among those who are looking for a celebration that is more in tune with nature. Rustic weddings are all the rage nowadays. If you are one of those who are planning to have a rustic wedding soon, then there should be an abundance of burlap both on your ceremony and on your reception. Apart from having a burlap aisle runner, you should consider wrapping everything in burlap. Yes, including the vases that you will use. Burlap wraps are available by the roll. And they are even easier to use than bejeweled and other fancier wraps. All you need is a pair of scissors, a roll of burlap wrap, glue and a few boring vases and you are set to decorate a rustic celebration that you will never forget.

Fill up the vase with gems

If you don't like to use gems as a wrap for your vase, then maybe you are more keen to use them as fillers instead Between a vase filled with fancy gems and one that is brimming with colored stones and marbles, which would you choose. Very few people would probably go for the latter. After all, who does not like stuff that sparkle in the sun? When it comes to fancy gems, there are many to choose from. They come in different shapes, sizes and colors. Of you want a more elegant look then go for the clear, diamond-like stones. If you would like to add a dash of color to your celebration, then you can go for red, blue or even pink colored stones. You can even mix different colored stones in one vase. Nor into stone-like fillers? Then maybe you prefer pearls instead. Luckily for you, you don't have to dive into the ocean to get pearls for your vases because beautiful faux pearls are readily available.


Because of the many different options available to you on how to decorate a vase, you've probably forgotten about its original purpose. And that is, to use good old flowers. Of course, it is not advisable to just buy a bunch if flowers and then just dump them on a vase. There are better ways to display flowers, methods that would enhance both the beauty of the flowers and that of the vase. It is always best to use fresh flowers. But there are situation that call for the use of artificial flowers. You would be surprised at how incredibly real faux flowers look nowadays. If you don't want to use the whole flower then you can simply use flower petals as vase fillers. You won't need to manually pick petals because you can now buy artificial flower petals that look and feel like the real thing. You can also add leaves, twigs and other natural items.

Wrap it with ribbons

If you are in a hurry and you need to decorate vases, one of the simplest things that you can do is just to wrap them with ribbons. With this project, you don't even have to buy new ribbons. You can just use the leftover ribbons you have. But even with simple materials like ribbons, you can still get creative. You can use different colors of ribbons and just overlap them or you can also use different kinds of knots and bows. You can also be creative with the placement of the ribbon. It is probably a good idea to avoid making the vase look like a gift. This can be achieved by the strategic placement of the ribbons. Or you can use ribbon sliders to add a touch of class to your vases. If you are looking for materials to use other than satin ribbons then you can turn to burlap ribbons, grossgrain ribbons, polka dot ribbons, rat tail cords or even raffia strings.