Cool Halloween Decoration Ideas

Halloween is just around the corner. If you are planning to throw a party or to simply decorate your home for the coming celebration, then you need to plan ahead. Are you tired of the usual home decorations that can be bought in stores? Do you want your home to stand out amid the rows of houses that will also be garbed for the Halloween? Do you want to have a memorable party that your friends will talk about for a long time? Then you should veer away from the usual jack-o-lanterns and start being creative. Any of the following cool Halloween ideas can serve as a good starting point for a unique celebration.

Place fake tombstones in and around your house

For Halloween this year, why not turn your house into a graveyard? And the best way to achieve this effect would be to have fake tombstones in your yard or even inside your house. Trick and treating kids will surely get the scare of their lives when they see tombstones in your front yard. Fake tombstones are very easy to make. All you need to make fake tombstones is wood or Styrofoam and some paint and a marker. Just paint the wood or Styrofoam with gray paint and then using a marker, right a name on the tombstone. If you are having a party then a great idea would be to put the names of your guests in these tombstones. If your guests are good sport, then they will surely get a kick from seeing their names on a tombstone.

Put a scarecrow on you yard

Apart from a tombstone, you can also put a scarecrow in your front yard. And for sure, it will scare more than just birds away. A scarecrow is easy to make as well. Jut gather unused clothes and some newspaper. The newspaper serves as replacement for hay to be used as filling for the clothes. To make your scarecrow stand, attached it to a rake or a broomstick and then plant the stick to the ground. And now the only thing that is missing from your scarecrow is a head. You can use a pumpkin or a ball for this. And then to complete the look, place a straw hat on top of the head. Now, go inside your house and watch the expressions on the faces of the people passing by. Do you want to make your scarecrow look even scarier? Then stab it with a knife and douse it with some fake blood.

Change your lights

Nothing sets the mood better than the right lighting. You don't need to buy new lighting fixtures though for Halloween. You can simply replace your regular light bulbs with colored ones to set the mood. Another thing that you can do is to dim your existing light and then place candles in strategic parts of your house. Just be careful with candles though. Place them far away from your Halloween decoration or you may end up with the real horror of a burning house. If you really want to get your Halloween decorations noticed, then you should invest in floodlights and then place them on your decorations. You can also use strings of colored lights on your walls, around furniture and in your porch to add to the festive yet eerie mood.

One of the coolest lighting changes that you can do for the Halloween though is to install black light in your porch or yard. If you already have a porch light then you only need to replace it with black light to give off a creepy vibe. Come Halloween, you will surely have a grand time watching kids’ faces as they go trick and treating in your home. To add a more chilling effect, you can place fluorescent decorations such as glow-in-the-dark skulls and skeletons near the black light where they would be more visible.

Use fall colors

Do you want to decorate your home for the Halloween without necessary turning it into a horror house? Then what you can do is to accent your home with the colors and the elements of fall. The good thing about decorating your home with fall stuff is that you can get your materials for free. Just pick up fallen dried leaves, pine cones and other similar items from your backyard. If you want to further accentuate your home, then you should get yellow and brown rose petals or even a cherry blossom spray. You can then use these items to create a unique table centerpiece or you can use them to accentuate curtains and walls. And now all you need to do is to get Halloween themed plates and cups and you are ready to host a minimalist and subdued Halloween get-together.

Posters and artworks

If you are not too keen on repainting your walls just for the Halloween, then the next best thing would be to simply get artworks that you can temporarily put on your walls. You can easily find cool Halloween-themed posters at school supplies stores or even online. But if you really want to have unique artworks then your best bet is to make one yourself or have someone make an original artwork for you. If you have a talented and artistic kid in the house, then you can ask him or her to create a poster for Halloween. The activity will not only produce a unique artwork that you can use as a Halloween decoration but it will also help to encourage your child to develop his or her talents more.

Spider webs

Do you want your home to look like a haunted house? One of the things that you can do is to out spider webs in your walls and ceilings. You should cover your lighting fixtures as well for a more eerie look. Spider webs gives people the chills because, first and foremost, many people are afraid of spiders Arachnophobia is a very common type of phobia. Having spider webs will also give a sense that your house has not been lived in for a long time. There are fake spider webs that can be bought in stores and online. Or you can simply use white and gray strings. To up the creepiness level, put giant fake spiders on the web. Or if you want, you can even put other scary creatures on the web.

Cute Halloween decorations

If you are holding a Halloween party for children then you would not want your decorations that are too realistic and scary. You can still have the Halloween feel by using decorations that are cute and creative. Why not have a Monsters, Inc. themed party for your kids. You can turn your home into Monsters University and have the kids dress up as the monsters in the movie. You can also go for classic Halloween characters such as Dracula, Frankenstein, a witch or a ghost. Another excellent idea: a party based on the Plants and Zombies game. You can even ask the kids to dress up as either plants or zombies and then have them play a game during the party. One thing that you should not forget when hosting party for kids are treats. For kids, Halloween means candies. So you should make sure that you are well-stocked on treats or you could face the ire of small goblins.

Black and orange party

So you want a non-scary Halloween party but you want the adult-version, then why don't you simply have a black and orange party. As the name suggests, the motif for this particular party is black and orange. You can start by getting some black and orange tableware. You can also use regular part decor items but in Halloween colors. For example, you can have black lanterns or orange pom poms. Of course, your guests would have to follow the motif as well. To go well with the theme, ask them not to come in costume but in their most elegant black and orange attire. It is going to be one Halloween party that your friends will not want to miss for sure.

Get Halloween-themed table ware

They say that the devil is in the details. You can take that saying literally if you are planning to host a Halloween party. One of the things that you can do is to get Halloween-themed table ware. By doing so, your guests will surely appreciate your attention to details. Get matching plates, cups, saucers, utensils and even napkins. If you are hosting a zombies-themed party for example, then make sure that your table ware are all related to the theme. If you can, get cups in the shapes of skulls, forks that look like pitchforks and spoons shaped like spades. And while you are at it, they get Halloween-themed food and beverage as well. Your skull caps will go well with bloody red bloody marries.

Now that your eyes are opened to the countless ways you can decorate your home for the Halloween, it is time to try what you have learned.

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