5 Ways to Use Rat Tail Cords for DIY Projects

DIY projects are naturally fun. The process of putting things together is something that is both exciting and fulfilling. Somehow, when you go DIY and produce a really beautiful product, you feel like a god who has just created another world. Sure, no matter how tedious the creation process might be in some cases, the fun part still prevails.

Yet of course, before you ever come up with wonderful end products, you need to make some investments first. There is time, which is an important component because it basically allows you to devote certain moments to work on your project. Then, there is the equally important component—the materials.

Materials are essentially what we put together to create something. They are your building blocks and it is through them that you are able to execute whatever plans you have for our project. Moreover, you materials have effect on your project’s overall look and quality.

No wonder, people have fascination for materials that look beautiful and are of high quality at the same time. These are materials that give the promise of a successful project, something that can even be made better when done with utmost care and ample amount of time.

Rat tail cords are among these materials. Known for their beauty and versatility, rat tail cords have been among the most commonly-used materials for various kinds of DIY projects, even for weddings. These rat tail cords are thin and shiny, which make them look good on any DIY project. They are also elegant. No wonder, there are lots of DIY wedding projects for which rat tail cords are used.

Rat tail cords, particularly the ones made of satin, are available in different colors. You can choose from antique gold, apple green, aqua, black, brown, coral, fuchsia, hot pink, ivory, light blue, orange, pink, purple, red, royal blue, real, turquoise, white, wine, and yellow.

Apart from them, there are also satin rat tail twine. They are available in colors such as cool pink, carrot orange, eggplant purple, fuchsia, gold, hot pink, ivory, lavender, mint green, moss green, navy, orange, purple, royal blue, sea blue, sky blue, silver, spring yellow, teal, turquoise, white, and bright gold.

Indeed, you have many options when it comes to rat tail cords. Now, to inspire you, here are five ways to use rat tail cords:

Hanging Glass Terrarium
Hanging glass terrariums are amazing by nature. Just imagine having mini gardens that look cute inside those hanging glass orbs. They are sure attention grabbers, no doubt. Yet, you can spice it them up even more through the use of rat tail cords. There are lots of ways to do it.

First, you can use a portion of rat tail cord to serve as the string through which you are going to hang your glass terrarium. To ensure hanging orbs’ safety, using multiple strands of the cords intertwined together would help. Braiding is one good idea for it is not just durable, it is also very stylish. You can even use different colors of rat tail cords to add more charm to your project.

To make your project even more magical, you can make use of beads as additional embellishments. The beads will also give your project character and will take it to a whole new level. Feel free to choose from so many types of beads available in the market these days. You can also choose whatever color suits your project.

Table Centerpiece
The table centerpiece is also one of the most important aspects of a DIY wedding. First of all, a table centerpiece is not just capable of spicing up a wedding table, it can also help establish the mood and even lighten up people’s emotions during the emotionally-charged event. No wonder, people really pay attention to it. No matter how simple a wedding is, it is never complete without a table centerpiece.

Candles also have the ability to add charm to your table, most especially if they do look good even without the light. The thing is, you can make their bodies look even more beautiful and you can do it using rat tail cords. First, get rat tail cords of various colors. Make sure that they are enough to cover portions of your candles. Get huge candles, too. Get those which can last hours even when lit. Otherwise, you might just burn your decorations once the flame reaches the candle’s bottom part all of a sudden.

Start cutting a portion of a certain color or rat tail cords. Now, wrap the lower portion of the candle using the rat tail cord. Just wind it, until it covers a part of the candle. Use glue to stick the rat tail cord onto the surface of the candle.

When you are done, cut another portion of another color of rat tail cord. Wrap it around the candle, directly above where you stopped with the previous one. Repeat the same steps using different colors, preferably until you are done covering more than ¾ of the candle.

To add more character to your project, add some more embellishments such as beads and pears. Just glue them on the surface of the rat tail cords wrapped around the candle. You may follow a specific pattern to make your embellishments look more organized and neat.

If you are having your wedding invitations in a more old-fashioned way, then this one is really for you. Sure, papers may seem too plain at times but if you know how to spice them up, you can definitely transform them into a DIY project that is more magical.

First things first, finalize your wedding invitation. Make sure everything is properly typed and spelled. Check for grammatical errors. Double-check information as well. If you are including photos on them, make sure that they are not pixelated. Once you are already sure about it, have it printed. You can do this at home or if you want something of better quality, you may seek help from some print shops who have better printers.

Then, make sure that pages are separated from each other. If you are eyeing on smaller wedding invites, then there is this probability that you will have to cut those papers to fit your requirements. Just do whatever you have to. Now, prepare the cover page or the envelope which will serve as the official container of the pages. Otherwise, those pages will just fly and scatter everywhere when the wind blows.

When you are done, get your rolls of rat tail cords. Choose one color first and cut it while making sure its length is enough to serve as the belt of a complete set of your wedding invitation. Get another roll of rat tail cord, this time, of different color. Cut a portion that is of the same length as the first one. Do this for the third time, of course with another color.

Now, join the three together. Just do not forget to lock one end to ensure they will remain in their proper places. Then, start braiding. You may make use of beads, which can be incorporated with the braid. Once you are done braiding the entire length of the joined rat tail cords, lock the end by tying a knot.

There, you already have belt you can use for your wedding invites. This is now the time for you to put a complete set of your invites into a fancy envelope and use your rat tail cord belt to secure it.

Wedding giveaways, for sure, are one of the things people look forward to when attending weddings. They are not just simple freebies given by the couples; they are also often cute items that can remind us about the couple and their love story. No wonder, we treasure them.

Now, don’t you know that you can actually come up with giveaways using rat tail cords predominantly? Sure, these charming shiny rat tail cords of different colors can actually become your instant access to your DIY wedding’s success.

One of the coolest DIY wedding giveaway projects you can do using rat tail cords is the bag tag. First, come up with a design of your bag tag. It can contain your photo together as well as other information about your wedding. After you are done with the layout, have them printed. Go to a print shop that specializes in printing PVC cards. Make sure that there are holes on the central top part of each card. It is where you are going to enter the cord to complete your bag tag.

After that, get a roll of rat tail cord. One color will do. Then, cut a portion that is enough for your tags. Attach it to your bag tag through the hole on the upper part.

Gift Wrapping
When it comes to weddings, gifts should really be fab. Meaning to say, they do not just have to contain cool things for the couples; they should also be wrapped in a nice manner to match the fabulousness of the wedding itself.

Indeed, this is where the need for creative gift wrapping ideas come in. Instead of simply subscribing to the usual gift wrappers topped with ribbons, you should explore more unique ways to wrap gifts.
For wedding gifts, you can use burlap and rat tail cord. Use the burlap the bag for the gift. You can sew it by yourself or you can have it sewn in a tailoring shop. You are also free to add some embellishments like strips of ribbon and sequins.

Once your bag is done, put your gift inside it. Then, seal it using rat rail cord.